Campbell Lane

Campbell Lane

Team Ups - VAs Most Worked With

Over the course of Campbell Lane's voice acting career, he has worked with Scott McNeil the most times ... totalling 10 team ups / collaborations across various titles *.

* Numbers above and below reflect titles and credits on BTVA that VAs have both voiced a character or more in (excludes Additional Voices).

Voice Actors Worked With on BTVA: 137
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Scott McNeil10 times with
Scott McNeil
Garry Chalk8 times with
Garry Chalk
Venus Terzo7 times with
Venus Terzo
David Kaye7 times with
David Kaye
Pauline Newstone7 times with
Pauline Newstone
Don Brown6 times with
Don Brown
Ian James Corlett6 times with
Ian James Corlett
Richard Newman6 times with
Richard Newman
Michael Dobson5 times with
Michael Dobson
Doug Parker5 times with
Doug Parker
Alec Willows5 times with
Alec Willows
Jim Byrnes5 times with
Jim Byrnes
Kathleen Barr5 times with
Kathleen Barr
Blu Mankuma5 times with
Blu Mankuma
Dale Wilson4 times with
Dale Wilson
Colin Murdock4 times with
Colin Murdock
Paul Dobson4 times with
Paul Dobson
John Payne4 times with
John Payne
Saffron Henderson4 times with
Saffron Henderson
Michael Donovan4 times with
Michael Donovan
Andrea Libman3 times with
Andrea Libman
Elizabeth Carol Savenkoff3 times with
Elizabeth Carol Savenkoff
Cathy Weseluck3 times with
Cathy Weseluck
Christopher Judge3 times with
Christopher Judge
Mark Hildreth3 times with
Mark Hildreth
Brian Drummond3 times with
Brian Drummond
Terry Klassen3 times with
Terry Klassen
Lee Tockar3 times with
Lee Tockar
Nicole Oliver3 times with
Nicole Oliver
Janyse Jaud3 times with
Janyse Jaud
Peter Kelamis3 times with
Peter Kelamis
Matt Hill3 times with
Matt Hill
Tabitha St Germain3 times with
Tabitha St Germain
Gerard Plunkett2 times with
Gerard Plunkett
Long John Baldry2 times with
Long John Baldry
Alessandro Juliani2 times with
Alessandro Juliani
Ted Cole2 times with
Ted Cole
David Sobolov2 times with
David Sobolov
Ellen Kennedy2 times with
Ellen Kennedy
Jay Brazeau2 times with
Jay Brazeau
Kirby Morrow2 times with
Kirby Morrow
Mark Gibbon2 times with
Mark Gibbon
Phil Hayes2 times with
Phil Hayes
Gabe Khouth2 times with
Gabe Khouth
Christopher Gaze2 times with
Christopher Gaze
David A Kaye2 times with
David A Kaye
Lisa Ann Beley2 times with
Lisa Ann Beley
Alexandra Carter2 times with
Alexandra Carter
French Tickner2 times with
French Tickner
Michael Kopsa2 times with
Michael Kopsa
Ron Halder2 times with
Ron Halder
Kathy Morse2 times with
Kathy Morse
Andrew Francis2 times with
Andrew Francis
Jason Gray Stanford2 times with
Jason Gray Stanford
Brian Dobson2 times with
Brian Dobson
Mark Acheson2 times with
Mark Acheson
Brad Swaile2 times with
Brad Swaile
Chantal Strand2 times with
Chantal Strand
Trevor Devall2 times with
Trevor Devall
Tomm Wright1 time with
Tomm Wright
Norma Macmillan1 time with
Norma Macmillan
Shirley Millner1 time with
Shirley Millner
Len Carlson1 time with
Len Carlson
Marcy Goldberg1 time with
Marcy Goldberg
Mike Coleman1 time with
Mike Coleman
R David Stephens1 time with
R David Stephens
Moneca Stori1 time with
Moneca Stori
Randall Carpenter1 time with
Randall Carpenter
Levi Stubbs1 time with
Levi Stubbs
Anthony Holland1 time with
Anthony Holland
Maggie Blue OHara1 time with
Maggie Blue OHara
Eli Gabay1 time with
Eli Gabay
Christopher Gray1 time with
Christopher Gray
Patricia Drake1 time with
Patricia Drake
Wally Marsh1 time with
Wally Marsh
Robert O Smith1 time with
Robert O Smith
Lelani Marrell1 time with
Lelani Marrell
Megan Leitch1 time with
Megan Leitch
Daphne Goldrick1 time with
Daphne Goldrick
Francisco Trujillo1 time with
Francisco Trujillo
Don MacKay1 time with
Don MacKay
Sam Vincent1 time with
Sam Vincent
Lalainia Lindbjerg1 time with
Lalainia Lindbjerg
Rochelle Greenwood1 time with
Rochelle Greenwood
Cam Clarke1 time with
Cam Clarke
Sharon Alexander1 time with
Sharon Alexander
Mackenzie Gray1 time with
Mackenzie Gray
Alvin Sanders1 time with
Alvin Sanders
L Harvey Gold1 time with
L Harvey Gold
Michael Adamthwaite1 time with
Michael Adamthwaite
Erin Fitzgerald1 time with
Erin Fitzgerald
Janet Laine Green1 time with
Janet Laine Green
Iris Quinn1 time with
Iris Quinn
Tony Sampson1 time with
Tony Sampson
Tracy Eisner1 time with
Tracy Eisner
Meghan Carey Black1 time with
Meghan Carey Black
Susan Blu1 time with
Susan Blu
Alex Zahara1 time with
Alex Zahara
Charlton Heston1 time with
Charlton Heston
Neil Denis1 time with
Neil Denis

(The displayed list is limited to the Top 100 team ups)


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