Bud Collyer

Bud Collyer

Date Of Birth: Jun 18, 1908
Birth Place: New York City, New York, USA
Date Of Death: Sept 8, 1969
Cause Of Death: Circulatory Ailment

Popularity: 3,867th All Time, 5,386th This Week

Trivia & Fun Facts:

Birth Name: Clayton Johnson Heermance Jr.

His desire to take some time off from the Superman radio show led to the creation of part of Superman lore: his vulnerability to kryptonite. For episodes in which Collyer did not appear, Superman was said to be held prisoner under a trap door with a piece of the deadly metal. This later became part of the comics continuity and an important part of all subsequent portrayals of the character.

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said at 9:27 PM on Sat Jun 30 2018
Bud was great as Superman in the Fleischer Superman Cartoon
8000 Saiyans
said at 7:53 AM on Mon Jun 18 2018
 1 Shout Out!
Happy birthday and R.I.P. Bud Collyer.

He was a good voice for Superman/Clark Kent.
said at 7:46 AM on Mon Jun 18 2018
 1 Shout Out!
Happy birthday and RIP, Mr. Collyer.
said at 2:29 PM on Thu Jun 18 2015
 1 Shout Out!
Happy birthday and RIP, Mr. Collyer.

You were a wonderful Superman/Clark Kent.
said at 2:05 PM on Thu Jun 18 2015
 4 Shout Outs!
Happy Birthday and RIP Bud Collyer!

The original voice for Superman!
said at 3:52 AM on Thu Nov 27 2014
 6 Shout Outs!
So he technically created Kryptonite...huh.

That's interesting, I didn't know that.
said at 10:31 AM on Thu Mar 26 2015
@Metabad Actually, that is a pretty common misconception.

Kryptonite was created simply for storytelling purposes.

However, when Collyer started to take some time off due to his extremely busy schedule (he literally had to run from one studio to another a lot more than any other coworker) gave the writers the idea to use Kryptonite and have either Batman or one of the supporting cast members in starring roles whenever Collyer was not available.
said at 10:33 AM on Thu Mar 26 2015
IT gave the writers. Forgot to add the "it".
said at 10:39 AM on Thu Mar 26 2015
@Starscreamsfan Ahh okay, that explains it. Thanks for telling me!
said at 7:11 AM on Sun Nov 24 2013
A classic Superman voice but he wasn't that good at it. RIP Bud.
said at 9:15 AM on Sun Nov 24 2013
@Ross123 From what I've heard he was much better in the radio show.
said at 10:31 AM on Mon Nov 25 2013
@PsychicVoiceSpy To be fair, I don't really know a lot about him as i've been busy hearing a lot about the voice actors we have today & they're upcoming projects. Now that you've told me about Bud having a radio show, I might look into that.
said at 8:50 AM on Tue Nov 26 2013
@Ross123 Yeah, he was the man who created Superman's voice and personality. Now I don't know why he was so underused in the Fleischer cartoons (Superman didn't even spoke in some shorts) but in the radio show, Collyer demonstrated his ability to sound different as Clark Kent and as Superman. Here's a link to the second episode of the Superman radio show (First appearance of Superman. The first episode was mainly focused on Krypton):

said at 3:28 PM on Tue Nov 26 2013
@Starscreamsfan Wow! Just wow! I didn't even think the old 40's radio show of Superman would be any good but turns out I enjoyed it. I thought it was pretty cool that he knew about the wolf story when he wasn't told it to his face. The weird part for me has to be the part when Jimmy comes up with his name Clark Kent. I think it was the fact that Jimmy's a kid coming up with a guy's alter ego.
said at 5:29 AM on Wed Nov 26 2014
@Ross123 Glad you enjoyed it. I really loved every performance in this show.

Bud Collyer and Michael Fitzmaurice were both great as Superman.

Rolly Bester and Helen Choat did great as Lois Lane, but Joan Alexander was the best in my opinion, because unlike her predecessors, her Lois was a lot more friendlier and relatable.

Julian Noa was great as both Perry White and the sinister boss of the Wolf, The Yellow Mask.

Jackie Kelk and Jack Grimes did an excellent job as Jimmy Olsen.

Ned Wever did a great job as Jor-El and The Wolf.

Agnes Moorehead (that's right, Endora was in Superman) gives a fantastic performance as Lara.

We also have Matt Crowley and Earl George as Inspector Henderson, and once again, both of them give a great performance.

George Lowther, Jackson Beck and Ross Martin were great narrators for the show.

The Atom Man, the most famous villain of the show, was performed to perfection by Mason Adams.

And last but not least, we have Matt Crowley, Stacy Harris and Gary Merrill as THE BATMAN!!! They all do a great job, especially Merrill. Robin was played by Ronald Liss and Alfred was voiced by Jackson Beck.

So yeah, I've heard a lot of the episodes, and they're extremely enjoyable. Great stories, outstanding performances and the first appearance of an icon in any type of media.
said at 11:39 AM on Fri Nov 28 2014
@Starscreamsfan I nearly forgot about this conversation and the radio show for a moment until you replied. It's been a year, man time flies.

I've been meaning to check out more episodes but never got round to it. Luckily, your reply reminded me.
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