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Bryce Papenbrook

Date Of Birth: Feb 24, 1986
Birth Place: West Hills, California, USA

Popularity: 7th All Time, 11th This Week

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said at 8:42 PM on Sun Apr 15 2018
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Bryce being Kamui in Fire Emblem Echoes really surprised me. He's usually known for his younger kid hero voice or other energetic/hot-headed roles but Kamui is a role he was almost unrecognizable in. The voice itself is pretty deep and very distinctive from Bryce's other roles (arguably one of deepest voices) but his acting in the role is also really good, he gets the carefree and easygoing aspect of Kamui down well. His scream in one particular scene was also pretty great. I'm hoping he gets to branch out more from his usual typecast in the future because his Kamui was definitely great and a nice deviation from such typecast, and a pretty unique character in his arsenal, he should definitely have more opportunities to play different kinds of characters like that.
said at 10:13 PM on Sun Feb 25 2018
Happy Belated Birthday Bryce!! ^__^
said at 3:15 PM on Sat Feb 24 2018
Happy Birthday Bryce Papenbrook! I've been getting into Danganronpa lately, and his roles there are pretty great IMO. In particular I love his Makoto, he just nails that naive, hopeful personality of his. And I'm looking forward to hearing his Nagito as well, definitely a more intriguing character then the Heroes he usually plays.

His Raven, Henry, Zidane, Red, and Theodore are also great.
said at 5:55 PM on Sat Feb 24 2018
@HylianBelmont Oh his Nagito is great. It's easily his best role and tied for Henry for his most insane character. I don't see why so many people hate him in the part TBH since he nails it to a T.
said at 11:22 AM on Mon Feb 26 2018
@Soul-dragon I'm looking forward to hearing it. Mainly because it's such a contrast from Makoto's character, haha
said at 1:38 PM on Sat Feb 24 2018
Happy birthday, Bryce!
said at 10:00 AM on Sat Feb 24 2018
HBD Bryce Papenbrook!

My favorite role he's done is easily Nagito. You can clearly see how the insane the character is just by his laugh alone and how his sanity is slipping in regular conversations. His Eren, Kirito, Henry (Awakening) and Raven are pretty well done as well (I especially loved his screams as Eren).
said at 8:33 AM on Sat Feb 24 2018
Happy Birthday, Adrien!
said at 6:50 PM on Mon Jan 22 2018
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Am I the only one who would like to see him play more creeps? I honestly think it suits him more than the hero archetype.
said at 5:12 AM on Sat Feb 24 2018
@Soul-dragon I'd like to see that too.

I mean I honestly prefer Johnny Yong Bosch in his villain roles a lot more than his hero roles most of the time.
said at 7:17 PM on Mon Nov 6 2017
Bryce is one talented voice actor he great as Makoto Naegi, Theodore, Nagito Komaeda, Chooki Mason / Lydendor, Meliodas, Kaname Isaki, Hanabusa Aido, Clay Sizemore, Kennosuke Tokisada Ouma, Eugene Sevenstark, Kaito, Akira Fudo / Devilman, Masaomi kida, Red, Starz Charlie Blood, Adrian Eren Jaegar, Kirito, and Rin Okumura
said at 9:06 PM on Mon Oct 23 2017
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Really solid voice actor. Always bring in energy in his roles. Looking forward for more in the future :D
said at 7:33 AM on Mon Oct 23 2017
Bryce Papenbrook is really good at shouting as hotheads, as noted in performances as Rin and Eren. Nagito, however, is probably my most favorite performance from him. I've never heard try a sinister character prior to DR2.
said at 7:53 AM on Thu Nov 9 2017
@MizukaS He was Henry in Fire Emblem so I guess that counts as well.
said at 9:42 AM on Thu Nov 9 2017
I've noticed a couple of Bryce fans say that his Nagito kinda sounds like his portrayal of Henry. Guess I gotta check it out, then.
said at 10:53 AM on Thu Nov 9 2017
@MizukaS You definitely should. However I recommend looking at his take in Awakening. It's way more solid in Awakening because (in Heroes) he had to pitch a lot more in order to differentiate the character from the three other characters he voiced for the game.
said at 3:15 PM on Mon Jun 19 2017
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My top ten Bryce Papenbrook roles
1. Nagito Komeada (Danganropna)
2.Eren Yeager (Attack On Titan)
3. Rin Okumra (Blue Exorcist)
4. Henry (Fire Emblem Awakening)
5. Adrien/ Chat Noir (Miraculous Ladybug)
6. Red (Pokemon Origins)
7. Kamui (Fire Emblem)
8. Makoto Naegi (Danganropna)
9. Melodias (The Seven Deadly Sins)
10. Raven (Fire Emblem)
said at 5:47 PM on Thu Mar 9 2017
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I feel like his voice is best fit for not all too serious characters, which is probably why Adrien and Henry are his favorite roles of mine. That being said, he wasn't bad as Makoto from Danganrompa either.
said at 12:35 PM on Fri Jun 16 2017
@VoiceOfLife002 I LOVED him in Danganronpa!
said at 12:52 AM on Mon Mar 6 2017
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It's really cool that he's in Horizon Zero Dawn. I hope this opens the door for him to be apart of more triple A games because he's definitely ready for it.
said at 10:58 AM on Sun Feb 26 2017
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Happy Belated B-Day Bryce Papenbrook!

My top 20 Bryce Papenbrook va roles:

1. Meliodas (The Seven Deadly Sins)
2. Clay Sizemore (Soul Eater NOT!)
3. Staz Charlie Blood (Blood Lad)
4. Masaomi Kida (Durarara!!)
5. Adrien/Cat Noir (Miraculous Ladybug)
6. Ukeleleman (Space Dandy)
7. Caesar Anthonio Zeppeli (Jojo's Bizarre Adventure)
8. Isami Fujiwara (Noein)
9. Jack Russell (Radiata Stories)
10. Valya (First Squad)
11. Kennosuke (Kuromukuro)
12. Kappa and Ryota Neko (Nura)
13. Kaito (Ajin)
14. Issachar (Shin Megami Tensei IV)
15. Olivier (Lord Marksman and Vanadis)
16. Eugene Sevenstark (Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron Blooded Orphans)
17. Marugori (One Punch Man)
18. Federico Caruso (God Eater)
19. Kanata Kujo (Exit Archive)
20. Makoto Naegi (Danganropa)
said at 8:29 PM on Sat Feb 25 2017
Happy (belated) birthday Bryce Papenbrook!!!
said at 1:18 PM on Fri Feb 24 2017
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Happy Birthday Bryce Papenbrook!

My top 10 favourite roles from him are:

1.) Rin Okumura (Blue Exorcist)
2.) Adrien/Cat Noir (Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug and Cat Noir)
3.) Masaomi Kida (Durarara!!)
4.) Meliodas (The Seven Deadly Sins)
5.) Staz Charlie Blood (Blood Lad)
6.) Shiro Emiya (Fate/Stay Night: Unlimited Blade Works)
7.) Red (Pokemon Origins)
8.) Clay Sizemore (Soul Eater NOT!)
9.) Ukeleleman (Space Dandy)
10.) Vash (Young) (Trigun)
said at 5:12 AM on Sat Feb 24 2018
I'm looking forward to seeing his inevitable performance as Shirou Emiya in the Fate/Stay Night: Heaven's Feel movie when that finally gets dubbed.

Happy Birthday Bryce Papenbrook!
said at 12:13 PM on Fri Feb 24 2017
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Happy Birthday Bryce Papenbrook!

My favourite role of his is Henry from Fire Emblem Awakening. He absolutely nailed the Grimleal dark mage, giving him a playful and insane sounding voice. And while I wasn't too big on his performance in Heroes. He definitely made up for it with his performance as Raven IMO!

I also love his work as Buck, Red, Zidane, and Theodore!
said at 11:38 AM on Fri Feb 24 2017
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If I die in the game... I die for real. Happy Birthday, Bryce Papenbrook! Admittedly his voice is rather limited, but what he lacks in being able to get a lot of opportunities to show off his range, he makes up for via the sheer amount of energy the guy can bring to his roles. Definitely a passionate figure in the field, and his ardor is a big part of why I essentially like him.

The Dick Smallberries performances I've enjoyed so far are Henry, Ukeleleman, Rin Okumura, Marugori, Kappa, Adrien Agreste/Cat Noir, Zidane Tribal, Theodore, Nagito Komaeda, Masaomi Kida, Staz Charlie Blood, Inky, Basara Kurofuchi (Kurochi), and Jack.
said at 4:18 AM on Fri Feb 24 2017
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Happy birthday, Bryce! I'm still awed by the fact that he's technically been in the industry for over two decades at his age. Despite the announcement being a over a year old, I only found out about Jinnrise recently, and am looking forward to it- it should be interesting hearing him in a relay project alongside Yuri Lowenthal and the great James Arnold Taylor.
said at 4:19 AM on Fri Feb 24 2017
@nikipotamus *prelay
said at 2:02 AM on Fri Feb 24 2017
Happy Birthday, Bryce!
*insert Henry's "Yay, blood!" sound clip from Fire Emblem: Awakening here*
said at 3:23 PM on Sun Jan 29 2017
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I loved Papenbrook as Kirito in Sword Art Online! He was actually the first anime voice actor name that I really noticed and remembered. I don't know why his name stuck out, but it did. I actually got the opportunity to meet him at the Dallas Fan Expo last year, and he seemed excited to sign my 'dragon poop'!
said at 12:18 PM on Thu Dec 29 2016
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He was great in kuromukuro
said at 8:00 PM on Wed Jan 11 2017
@kb24lol I have to disagree. While I've enjoyed many of his performances in the past, in kuromukuro it felt as he was trying too hard. I don't like comparing subs to dubs but in this case I believe the Japanese VA for kennosuke was superior. Bryce just didn't seem able to reach the right timbre to benefit his character. That and half the time it sounded as if he had something caught in his throat.
said at 4:36 PM on Sat Nov 26 2016
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Congrats on 100 Roles Bryce. Here's hoping there's more to come.
said at 4:10 PM on Fri Oct 28 2016
I enjoyed his take on Eren Yeager. But man, I only watched one dubbed episode of SAO and did not like his Kirito. The Japanese actor laps him so hard.
said at 6:19 PM on Fri Oct 28 2016
@Vocalracer14 I just don't care for his take on Kazuto Kirigaya, nor the Seiyuu.

For me, i'd settle his take on Zidane than anything else, though Rin might be his solid role.
said at 7:18 AM on Tue Oct 25 2016
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Him and Erik Kimerer are the Yuki Kaji's of Anime dubbing.
said at 8:20 PM on Fri Oct 7 2016
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While I can understand why some, if not a lot of people dislike Bryce as an actor, at the same time he does have his moments in the spotlight; particularly as Eren. Even then the dude does have potential for a certain role, and even potential to broaden his range or work from whatever range he has.
said at 11:37 PM on Fri Oct 7 2016
@Troodon2 Pretty cool to see him narrate the opening for Star Wars Rebels season 2.

They're getting a LOT of VA's from dubs, like Robbie, Mary McGlynn, Liam O'Brien, & I guess Steve but that's kind of different. & now Bryce.
Shaun Ince
said at 7:29 PM on Fri Oct 14 2016
@huzaifa_ahmed Blum has been voice acting in cartoons for years.
said at 8:36 PM on Fri Oct 14 2016
@Shaun Ince He's got great connections with animation directors for years, but I think that big-time crossovers with dubs & animation are exceedingly rare due to the money, & so Steve is still a notable exception.
said at 6:45 PM on Fri Oct 7 2016
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He really could use some tips from Dee Baker in how to broaden your range. Both have quite limited voices, but I do think that Bryce could benefit from performing beyond just his voice, the way that DBB does.

Besides that, I really dug his casting as chibi Theodore in the Persona spinoff. I love Junichi Suwabe (& Travis!) performing for the adult version, & I know that Suwabe also did the chibi Theodore, but frankly I preferred the dub choice as a more inspired version.

It really is a great emulation of Travis's take, taken in an interesting direction & it's one of Bryce's best roles.
said at 2:26 PM on Mon Aug 29 2016
Does he do voice acting with Funimation the most? or rather with Viz Media, Aniplex, or Netflix, he has a wide array of characters he voices, be it in one of those.
said at 2:39 PM on Mon Aug 29 2016
@TDarioF96 he lives in LA so mostly Viz & Aniplex, but does do some work for Funimation every now and then.
said at 12:27 PM on Thu Sep 8 2016
@TDarioF96 Netflix also records in LA. Most character VO, period, is done in LA, it's just that FUNi & ADV/Sentai have the unique circumstance of: 1. Forming in Texas. &
2. Texas being very cheap, allowing them to be even cheaper than non-union LA dubs.

However, anime dubs pay terribly almost *everywhere* (aside from Vancouver of course), so it's fairly easy to make business connections between different areas (just harder to fly everyone between regions), so...

..a FEW dubbing studios in LA (namely New Generation Pictures, who dubbed Hellsing & recent Street Fighter games) have begun to tap into the Texas dubbing pool - which is rather a breath of fresh air.

* Namco Bandai, for their recent Tales dubs, wanted "new people" for Zestiria, so Patrick Seitz brought over his pals from Texas.
said at 1:02 PM on Sat Aug 20 2016
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I don't know why, but I have this sixth sense that he's going to voice Sabo in One Piece.
said at 4:06 PM on Sat Aug 20 2016
@itsmedeadpool That'd be amazing if he was voicing Sabo
said at 2:24 PM on Mon Aug 29 2016
@itsmedeadpool That be so cool!
said at 10:51 AM on Fri Sep 9 2016

I apologize for disagreeing with you, but I actually have more of a hunch towards JYB playing Sabo rather than I would for Bryce. Just my opinion.
said at 12:03 PM on Mon Jan 9 2017
@itsmedeadpool Vic Mignogna is going to play Sabo. This past weekend at SacAnime Vic said he has a new role on One Piece coming and Bryce is sitting next to me waiting to board the plane and said he doesn't have anything planned with One Piece (true he could be lying due to NDA but usually they just say I can't talk about it plus why would Vic say he has a role coming up and Bryce say he doesn't?
said at 8:55 PM on Thu Jan 12 2017
@Leradomi Yeah the closest Bryce has been in One Piece so far was doing some walla work for one of the Impel Down episodes and that was probably when he came to Funimation to record on another project at the time and happened to be around to help out with recording a bit for One Piece. It'd be cool if he landed a sweet role sometime in One Piece with all the characters they have. Guess it's a wait and see kind of thing until we get more confirmation
said at 1:08 PM on Tue Aug 2 2016
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Congratulations on reprising Makoto Naegi and Nagito Komaeda in Danganronpa 3 : Future and Despair Arc !
said at 10:22 PM on Wed Jul 27 2016
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I never thought his heroic MC voice was that solid and to be honest do not see why he has ascended this site's popularity so quickly, but I think he does a great angry teen voice (Rin and Eren) and like Johnny Yong Bosch I like him better for his psycho roles (Henry). I really hope he plays Nagito again in Danganronpa 3 though, and see a long career out of this guy for sure.
said at 7:28 PM on Thu Jul 28 2016
@FUNiman And he does! That fills me with much hope.
said at 12:45 AM on Fri Jul 29 2016
@FUNiman Ok. No offense. But I really dislike his Kirito and Melodias. I feel his Kirito did not have as much power as the seiyuu. I also feel his Melodias was annoying as the high pitch voice seemed a bit forced to me. Don't get me wrong, I don't hate this guy. (I download videos of his panels because of his personality and he is a blast to be with.) But when all said and done, I just don't like his Kirito or Melodias.

However, despite that negative stuff, I said; I have nothing but the exact opposite for his Rin Okumura and Masaomi Kida. They both sound natural, his acting for both is very good.
said at 7:34 AM on Thu Sep 8 2016
@4xNicholas I haven't hrd Bryce in a lead role for a while. Maybe aniplex realized they overused him lol.
said at 7:48 AM on Thu Sep 8 2016
@DeathGod46 Ya ive noticed that also. But hes gonna be back in those roles with Attack on titan next season, Blue exorcist, and seven deadly sins when all those second seasons get dubbed in 2017. Maybe even the next fate stay night show also.
Roy Mustang
said at 5:23 PM on Tue Sep 20 2016
@4xNicholas sorry to disagree with you but I think he did a great job on Kirito.
said at 4:39 AM on Wed Sep 21 2016
@Roy Mustang Hey man. No problem, you like what you like, I like what I like. Lets just be grateful, Bryce is here doing some Voice Acting. Naturally, there are things we like and some we don't. We can at least establish that Bryce is an awesome person, great personality, fun to be with.
said at 4:09 PM on Fri Oct 28 2016
@Roy Mustang I thought it was a pretty bad performance.
said at 10:39 PM on Sat Jul 16 2016
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I find it hilarious that they got him to voice Marugori in OPM considering he's Eren from AOT. Nice to see him change up his voice in that role as well, Really hope to see more vocal range out of him in the near future.
said at 5:04 PM on Fri Jun 10 2016
 1 Shout Out!
I love the voice he did for Makoto and Tiz
said at 3:09 PM on Thu Jul 28 2016
@clankfandom100 Tiz is one of my favourite roles as well. I love that he came back to voice Tiz in the sequel Bravely Second and I found myself enjoying that game a lot more compared to when I played Bravely Default. Gameplay is still the same, but I enjoyed the voice acting more and I found there was more funny moments between the characters. Overall it felt like the cast had a little more freedom in recording their lines and according to Bryce it looked like that was true
said at 2:46 PM on Mon Jun 6 2016
When is he gonna do a voice in fairy tail? I thought he would be Jackal, but its Ricco F which Im perfectly fine with, but they gotta have him playing a big character.
said at 8:05 PM on Tue Jun 21 2016
@kb24lol Maybe in the new arc he might play someone either out of Alvarez or Avatar. Personally I think he would be well suited for Neinhart
said at 9:41 PM on Sun Jul 3 2016
@Akita Sorry for late reply, and ya definetly out of Alvarez or Avatar cuz I dont think he should play Mard Geer, wonder who'll get him. I never watched the sub for tartarous so I dont know what his sub voice sounds like but Id go with Vic Mignogna If I was gonna go with anyone.
said at 7:38 AM on Sat May 14 2016
I do not like his Kirito, Meliodas and Kaname. But he makes up for it with his portrayal of Rin cuz to me, that is a performance that surpasses Usui Takumi.
Joel the Pokekid
said at 6:05 PM on Tue Apr 26 2016
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I think Bryce would fit an animated version of me!
said at 4:38 AM on Sun Apr 17 2016
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Meeting Bryce at Melbourne Supanova over the last two days was awesome!
said at 8:36 PM on Fri Feb 26 2016
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Happy Belated Birthday, Bryce Papenbrook.

Wow, to think he is 30 even though he sounds like he is still in his teens.

Anyways, congratulations on becoming a father for the first time ever. :-)
said at 3:44 PM on Fri Feb 26 2016
I know it's two days late, but I would like to wish Bryce a Happy 30th Birthday.

He does a good job voicing Meliodas (Seven Deadly Sins), Rin Okumura (Blue Exoricist), Charlie Blood (Blood Lad), Adrien Agreste / Cat Noir (Miraculous Ladybug), Masaomi Kida (Durarara!!), Kaname Isaki (A Lull in the Sea), among many others. Congrats on becoming a father to your first child with his wife.
Omega Shadowx6
said at 8:44 PM on Wed Feb 24 2016
Happy birthday Bryce Papenbrook, One of my new favorite voice actor.
Shirou Emiya (Fate/Stay Night UBW)
Red (Pokemon Origins)
Meliodas (Seven deadly sins)
Asbel Lhant (Tales of Grace F)
Kirito (Sword Art Online)
Rin Okumura (Blue Exoricist)
Eren Jaegar (Attack on Titan)
Masaomi Kida (Durarara!!)
Makoto Naegi (Dangan Ronpa
Charlie Blood (Blood Lad)
said at 4:49 PM on Wed Feb 24 2016
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Happy Birthday Bryce Papenbrook!
said at 4:48 PM on Wed Feb 24 2016
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Happy Birthday Bryce! Here's to all your years of kickin' ass and for all your future years of kickin' ass in the voice-over industry.
said at 10:48 AM on Wed Feb 24 2016
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Happy Birthday Bryce Papenbrook! 30 & Going Big! Link Start!
said at 7:20 AM on Wed Feb 24 2016
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Happy Birthday Bryce. My first anime was Sword Art and when I finished it I wanted to check out more anime but didn't know any. So I looked up your credits and soon discovered a lot of great shows from Attack on Titan to my all time favorite Durarara. I also loved you as Makoto Naegi, Rin Okumura, Clay, Shirou Emiya, Nagito Komeda, Kaname Isaki, Staz, and Meliodas.
said at 6:18 AM on Wed Feb 24 2016
Happy Birthday Guan.
said at 3:42 AM on Wed Feb 24 2016
Happy birthday, Bryce.
Joel the Pokekid
said at 10:06 PM on Wed Dec 23 2015
 3 Shout Outs!
His voice is always a good choice for an MC.
said at 11:52 PM on Sat Dec 12 2015
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I'm really glad his Cat Noir even though it's not in the list!
said at 9:37 PM on Wed Jan 13 2016
@ambarnarutofrek1 He does an amazing job. I never expected him to be Adrien/Chat Noir so the news surprised me.
said at 9:53 AM on Thu Nov 5 2015
 4 Shout Outs!
So Bryce does american animation to? Sweet.
naruto reiss uzumaki
said at 12:57 AM on Fri Oct 30 2015
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SAO maister
said at 4:19 AM on Fri Oct 23 2015
 7 Shout Outs!
he has become one of the greats just like his dad who inspired him when he was 8
said at 4:34 AM on Wed Sep 16 2015
 10 Shout Outs!
Congratulations Bryce, on your new baby girl!!!
said at 6:17 AM on Mon Sep 14 2015
 13 Shout Outs!
He really does get way too much flak. He's an excellent VA as Kirito, Masaomi, Rin, Eren, Staz Caesar and more. I wish the best for him, his Wife and their Daughter. He's a very sweet and nice guy too.
said at 8:32 PM on Thu Oct 22 2015
@BioZero216 He is a very talented man, he seemed to be in one too many MC role and sounding kinda similar for almost every role though which I find is a shame as some of his other roles at least sounded a bit different from time to time and he is versatile like his Masaomi Kida could emote very well
said at 5:52 AM on Fri Oct 23 2015
@HienFan Honestly, I don't care if he reuses the same voice. As long as it fits the character and he puts emotion into it, that is all that matters, IMO.
said at 6:21 AM on Fri Oct 23 2015
@BioZero216 Did his Rin Okumura ever get any better? This clip sounds like he's always angry and I have not seen the dub but I didn't like him as Kirito at all, seems kinda jarring next to his original voice
said at 6:26 AM on Fri Oct 23 2015
@HienFan I'd say yes, especially during the climax. Rin is an angry character, but it's considered Bryce's best role and Bryce himself said that he related to Rin most of all of his characters.
said at 5:06 PM on Tue Nov 24 2015
@HienFan Whoa there, don't diss his Kirito voice, sure he sounds kind of off at first, but by the second season he definitely improves.
Shaun Ince
said at 10:29 PM on Wed Jan 13 2016
@BioZero216 I know i might sound like a broken record repeating this again, but I'm going to do this again so that everyone understands. Just because you don't mind the fact that Bryce is used regularly, doesn't mean everyone else is going to feel the same way.
Shaun Ince
said at 1:48 PM on Sun Jul 17 2016
@Shaun Ince To add on to this, Bryce's VA work which mostly consists of dubbing anime, which doesn't give him many opportunies to pull off different voices aka, show off his range. Also considering the fact that he's hugely typcasted as the young male hero doesn't help either. That's not really a bad thing but it's the main reason as to why ALOT if his characters all sound the same.
said at 4:51 PM on Tue Sep 8 2015
 7 Shout Outs!
I must congratulate Bryce and his wife for them becoming parents.
said at 4:37 PM on Mon Jul 20 2015
 2 Shout Outs!
Trace... On!
said at 7:02 PM on Thu Jul 2 2015
Holy crap! I thought he would be good for Shirou, but I didn't think my prediction would come true. I know he'll do awesome as the character
kisa tiger
said at 6:31 PM on Thu Jul 2 2015
I loved his roles in rune factory 4 and Bravely Default
said at 6:54 PM on Sun Jun 28 2015
 1 Shout Out!
Kirito: Had such a relaxing voice that I never got tired of hearing.

Eren: Brought the intensity up to 100.

Masaomi: Super fun & Super serious.

Rin: Super charismatic and hilarious his voice just fitted the character so well.

Red: He convinced me it was a ten year old talking instead of a 30 year old.


Clay: Brought the same amount of fun from Masaomi and Rin.

I know he will bring the same amount of fun and emotion with all of his roles in the future.
said at 11:39 PM on Sun Jun 28 2015
@TheAdapter forgot to mention his performance as Staz almost made me die of laughter
said at 9:54 AM on Sun Jun 28 2015
I really like this VA and all, especially with Kirito, Rin, Zidane, Guan Ping, and Henry, but I just don't think he fits as well with Makoto Naegi.
said at 7:36 AM on Sat Jun 20 2015
Anyone else think that if Seraph of the end gets a dub Bryce should play Yūichirō Hyakuya?
said at 7:53 AM on Sat Jun 20 2015
@Nkg96 It is halfway dubbed now, but I do agree Bryce would've been an interesting Yuichiro.

Yuichiro is instead played by Micah Solusod.
said at 11:05 AM on Wed Jun 10 2015
He's going to do the voice of Naegi. This should be interesting.
said at 1:46 PM on Fri May 1 2015
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I'm happy he came back as Kirito but that femito voice is funny lol
said at 9:12 AM on Fri May 1 2015
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My Top 10 Favorite Roles of Bryce Papenbrook

1) Rin Okumura (Blue Exorcist)
2) Kazuto"Kirito"Kirigaya (Sword Art Online)
3) Eren Jager (Attack on Titan)
4) Red (Pokémon Origins)
5) Masaomi Kida (Durarara!!)
6) Staz Charlie Blood (Blood Lad)
7) Chooki Mason/Lydendor (Tenkai Knights)
8) Himoru Tabata (Kekkaishi)
9) Inky (Pac-Man & The Ghostly Adventures)
10) Muku (Young) (Naruto:Blood Prison)
said at 6:58 PM on Wed Jun 10 2015
@Travaughn13 I totally agree with your top three. I would do 'em in that order.
said at 3:21 PM on Sat Apr 4 2015
Yay, He's voicing Makoto in the anime version.
said at 4:50 PM on Tue Feb 24 2015
Bryyyyyyyyyyyce!!! Happy Birthday!!
said at 3:25 PM on Tue Feb 24 2015
Happy b-day Bryce Papenbrook, the late Bob Papenbrook's son&voice of Masaomi,Rin,Red,Kirito,Chooki,Eeren Jaegar,Henry,Guan,Asbel,Zidane,Nagito&Makoto.
said at 2:38 PM on Tue Feb 24 2015
Happy Birthday Bryce! It feels amazing sharing a birthday with you!
said at 1:36 PM on Tue Feb 24 2015
Happy birthday, Bryce.

Great as Henry, Guan Ping, Kirito, Makoto Naegi, Staz, Maxi, Rin and Eren Jaeger.
Jared Delgado
said at 11:44 AM on Tue Feb 24 2015
Happy Birthday, Bryce! Stay strong!
said at 11:44 AM on Tue Feb 24 2015
Happy birthday Kirito
said at 9:54 AM on Tue Feb 24 2015
 1 Shout Out!
Happy Birthday Bryce Papenbrook!

Fantastic and yet marvelous job as Eren Jaeger, Kirito, Red, Rin Okumura Makoto Naegi, Asbel and Staz.
said at 7:20 AM on Tue Feb 24 2015
 3 Shout Outs!
Happy Birthday Bryce Papenbrook!

He's Cool as Masaomi Kida, Staz Charlie Blood and Rin Okumura.
said at 3:07 AM on Fri Dec 5 2014
 1 Shout Out!
I also met Bryce at supernova, it was so great! I got him & Trina to sign my AOT collections!
said at 10:09 PM on Tue Sep 9 2014
He's one of those guys whom you can tell got better after every character he played. My PERSONAL favorite is Jack (first anime i've seen and he was so funny). Had some backlashes here and there but overall he's a solid VA.
said at 7:49 PM on Fri Jul 18 2014
this guy is my favorite in dynasty warriors series as guan ping heck he did great job as rin and kitoro really proud of this guy really he is
Matthew Robinson
said at 5:54 PM on Fri Jul 18 2014
I think he should voice Blake Ash in Dragonar Academy, Kenji Kazama in D-Frag!, and whenever they get around to dubbing the Fairy Tail OVAs he should be the FUNimation voice of Haru Glory.
said at 3:31 PM on Tue Jul 29 2014
@Matthew Robinson That sounds like a cool idea. However, I am still holding out hope that Yuri Lowenthal would voice Haru in the Fairy Tail x Rave OVA (if he does want to do it)
said at 1:40 PM on Tue Oct 17 2017
@Matthew Robinson Yuri Lowenthal actually played Haru Glory in the Rave Master English Dub back in 2004.
Matthew Robinson
said at 5:50 PM on Fri Jul 18 2014
I guess I was right. About Attack on Titan being the beginning of him doing parts for FUNimation.
said at 3:02 PM on Mon May 19 2014
 1 Shout Out!
At least JYB and Yuri Lowenthal still have Tenkai Knights
Heartfilia Mage 721
said at 4:53 PM on Sat May 17 2014
He's pretty much replacing JYB and Yuri Lowenthal at this point.
said at 9:36 PM on Wed Nov 26 2014
@Heartfilia Mage 721
How is he replacing Johnny and Yuri
said at 4:35 AM on Tue May 6 2014
 1 Shout Out!
Top 10 Bryce Papenbrook roles:
1.Rin Okumura(Bryce Papenbrook)
2.Kirito(Sword Art Online)
4.Eren Jaegar(Attack on Titan)
5.Chooki(Tenkai Knights)
6.Makoto Naegi and Nagito Komaeda(Danganronpa)
7.Henry(Fire Emblem Awakening)
8.Zidane Tribal(Final Fantasy)
9.Asbel Lhant(Tales of Graces)
10.Masaomi Kida(Durarara!!)
said at 5:15 PM on Thu Apr 3 2014
There's an interview on Anime News Network with Bryce Papenbrook discussing his involvement on Attack on Titan.
said at 8:19 PM on Sun Mar 30 2014
 1 Shout Out!
This guy is on a roll!!! :D
said at 11:08 PM on Sat Mar 22 2014
 1 Shout Out!
All Right Your playing Eren... HELL YES!!!
Congrats and I wish the best of luck to you as well!
Matthew Robinson
said at 7:40 PM on Sat Mar 22 2014
I never expected them to cast him as Eren! That is awesome!!! This is probably the beginning of him working in other FUNimation anime.
said at 4:53 PM on Sat Mar 22 2014
 2 Shout Outs!
One of the hottest properties in Anime voice acting lands among the most coveted characters in the hottest property for 2014. Bryce Papenbrook, I salute you. Papenbrook's training in Blue Exorcist, Sword Art Online, Call of Duty: Ghosts and various JRPG's will help prepare his tonsils the battle that is...Eren Jaeger.
Heartfilia Mage 721
said at 2:17 PM on Sat Mar 22 2014
Bryce is Eren!!!!! OMG!!!! Can't wait to hear him!
said at 5:41 PM on Wed Feb 26 2014
 3 Shout Outs!
I want this guy to be Eren Jaegar in AOT!
said at 4:59 PM on Mon Mar 10 2014
woah...that would be awesome
said at 3:40 PM on Sat Mar 22 2014
@trueblades115 your wish came true XD
said at 1:40 AM on Sun Mar 23 2014
@agentokaku007 hooooooooly mother of Lord Aizen I never thought I'd be right about it xD, that made me so happy when I saw he is Eren!
Heartfilia Mage 721
said at 8:23 PM on Mon Feb 24 2014
Happy Birthday! Loved you as Rin, Zidane, Henry, Kirito and Masaomi.
said at 7:26 PM on Mon Feb 24 2014
Happy Birthday Bryce Papenbrook nice job Pokemon Origins Trainer Red
said at 5:54 PM on Mon Feb 24 2014
Happy birthday, Bryce!
said at 3:54 PM on Mon Feb 24 2014
Happy Birthday! It's funny because we're born on the same day!
said at 2:49 PM on Mon Feb 24 2014
 1 Shout Out!
Happy Birthday Bryce Papenbrook I enjoy your work as Red, Rin Okumura, Kirito, Henry, Asbel Lhant, Masomi Kida, Kappa & Makoto Naegi. Plus your voice rocks!
said at 2:46 PM on Mon Feb 24 2014
Happy Birthday Bryce Papenbrook.
You brought spirit into your roles in Dangan Ronpa, Blue Exorcist, Pokemon Origins, Sword Art Online, Bravely Default, and many more to come.
said at 6:05 AM on Fri Feb 14 2014
He was awesome as Makoto Naegi.
said at 10:14 AM on Sat Feb 1 2014
I can't wait to hear him as Makoto Naegi.
said at 5:49 PM on Tue Feb 4 2014
@TrueMyriad Go Butters!
said at 6:40 PM on Thu Feb 27 2014
@scottdevine48 What?
said at 4:40 PM on Sat May 31 2014
@SmartyBoyboy I said Go Butters.
Heartfilia Mage 721
said at 7:07 PM on Mon Jan 20 2014
I first discovered Bryce as Zidane but I've became more interested in him when he got cast as Rin. He's come a long way since I found out he's been in some embarrassing animes in the past.
said at 8:39 AM on Sat Nov 30 2013
 3 Shout Outs!
My top 5 of Bryce Papenbrook's roles:
1.Rin Okumura
3.Zidane Tribal
4.Asbel Lhant
5.Guang Ping
said at 8:18 AM on Sat Jan 25 2014
Here is my new and official top 5:
1.Rin Okumura(Blue Exorcist series)
2.Kirito(Sword Art Online)
3.Tiz(Bravely Default)
4.Red(Pokemon Origins)
5.all of the others(their all so awesome, I couldn't decide)
said at 3:46 PM on Wed Nov 27 2013
 5 Shout Outs!
He has to be a nominee for best male voice actor for Anime this year. Perhaps the winner and deserves it too.
said at 10:17 AM on Sun Dec 1 2013
Just for 2 big roles? I don't think so, though he'll probably be nominated for male lead for one of them.

I don't think he's Male VA of the Year material but he certainly has been doing well for himself.

He's come a long way from his rock-bottom days in Arvintel dubs. Aniplex USA/Bang Zoom definitely changed his anime career for the better.
said at 11:14 AM on Sun Dec 1 2013

Having 2 big roles from popular shows that have been released this year, another anime title broadcasted on Cartoon Network which is popularity in toy sales, blowing your voice out for Call of Duty: Ghosts, invited to many conventions throughout the year.

If 2 big roles can do that for a person, then I can say "well done to you sir".
said at 5:07 PM on Sun Oct 20 2013
Rin Okumura!!!
said at 2:50 AM on Mon Aug 12 2013
 1 Shout Out!
said at 4:42 PM on Tue Aug 6 2013
He's having a very impressive 2013. Influx of convention appearances this year. Like to see this guy in motion capture/performance capture roles. I don't know he has on camera experience, but if he were to blend his martial arts background with on camera stunts, he would be a good Power Ranger. Imagine a future Devil May Cry game with performance captures from Reuben Langdon, Daniel Southworth and Johnny Yong Bosch, reprising their roles and throw Bryce Papenbrook in the mix as a new character. As Dante would say "This party's getting crazy! Let's rock!"
said at 12:15 PM on Thu May 15 2014
@akersaotome I remember he posted a picture of him doing some facial-capture work. I think he posted it early this year, can't remember when exactly. But I agree it would be totally cool for him to do motion-capture work/performance capture roles. Strong possibility for him I'd say
said at 3:06 PM on Tue May 20 2014

It would be very cool if Bryce did land motion capture work and having the likes of Reuben Langdon and Daniel Southworth to help him out. I know he doesn't have theatre or on-camera acting experience; however, that didn't do Troy Baker any harm with his non theatre, small on camera acting experience.
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