Brian Vouglas

Brian Vouglas

Team Ups - VAs Most Worked With

Over the course of Brian Vouglas's voice acting career, he has worked with Donna Mae Wong the most times ... totalling 4 team ups / collaborations across various titles *.

* Numbers above and below reflect titles and credits on BTVA that VAs have both voiced a character or more in (excludes Additional Voices).

Voice Actors Worked With on BTVA: 65
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Donna Mae Wong4 times with
Donna Mae Wong
David Babich3 times with
David Babich
J.S. Gilbert2 times with
J.S. Gilbert
Mo Mellady2 times with
Mo Mellady
Lucy Kee2 times with
Lucy Kee
Phillip Mayall2 times with
Phillip Mayall
Majel Barrett1 time with
Majel Barrett
Michael J. West1 time with
Michael J. West
Cynthia Marcucci1 time with
Cynthia Marcucci
Nancy Cole1 time with
Nancy Cole
Michael Dorn1 time with
Michael Dorn
Jessica Heidt1 time with
Jessica Heidt
Ken Silverberg1 time with
Ken Silverberg
Jon Russel1 time with
Jon Russel
Gina DeVettori1 time with
Gina DeVettori
Tom Silberkleit1 time with
Tom Silberkleit
Connie Hall1 time with
Connie Hall
Michael G. Davis1 time with
Michael G. Davis
Jeanne Sophia1 time with
Jeanne Sophia
Brent Spiner1 time with
Brent Spiner
John Butterfield1 time with
John Butterfield
LeVar Burton1 time with
LeVar Burton
Edward McCloud1 time with
Edward McCloud
Michelle Gazepis1 time with
Michelle Gazepis
Colin Hussey1 time with
Colin Hussey
Ernie Fosselius1 time with
Ernie Fosselius
Paul Silverman1 time with
Paul Silverman
Grant Wachspress1 time with
Grant Wachspress
Timothy Enos1 time with
Timothy Enos
Deborah Sale Butler1 time with
Deborah Sale Butler
Michael Mancuso1 time with
Michael Mancuso
Madeleine Wild1 time with
Madeleine Wild
Phil Keller1 time with
Phil Keller
Kana Koinuma1 time with
Kana Koinuma
Paul Mogg1 time with
Paul Mogg
Marina Sirtis1 time with
Marina Sirtis
Monty DiPietro1 time with
Monty DiPietro
Sally Dana1 time with
Sally Dana
Blake Shurtz1 time with
Blake Shurtz
Erik Bergmann1 time with
Erik Bergmann
David Booth1 time with
David Booth
Andy Valvur1 time with
Andy Valvur
David McGrath1 time with
David McGrath
Amanda Carrett1 time with
Amanda Carrett
Patrick Stewart1 time with
Patrick Stewart
Mike Marx1 time with
Mike Marx
Doug Boyd1 time with
Doug Boyd
Bill Kraus1 time with
Bill Kraus
J White1 time with
J White
Suzy Berger1 time with
Suzy Berger
Jimmy Freeman1 time with
Jimmy Freeman
Sean Owens1 time with
Sean Owens
Jonathan Frakes1 time with
Jonathan Frakes
RuthAnn Morizumi1 time with
RuthAnn Morizumi
Zoe Galvez1 time with
Zoe Galvez
Wally Fields1 time with
Wally Fields
Rob Jacobsen1 time with
Rob Jacobsen
Gates McFadden1 time with
Gates McFadden
Roy Blumenfeld1 time with
Roy Blumenfeld
Marie Shell1 time with
Marie Shell
Linda Clements1 time with
Linda Clements
Roger Jackson1 time with
Roger Jackson
Awele Makeba1 time with
Awele Makeba
Terry McGovern1 time with
Terry McGovern
Erol Otus1 time with
Erol Otus


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