Brandy Kopp

Brandy Kopp

Date Of Birth: May 25, 1982
Birth Place: Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada

Popularity: 1,630th All Time, 443rd This Week

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said at 9:11 AM on Fri May 25 2018
Happy birthday, Brandy Kopp!!!

I really enjoyed her as the Enchantress.
said at 6:56 AM on Fri May 25 2018
Happy Birthday Brandy Kopp!
said at 9:42 AM on Thu Mar 1 2018
She needs more voicework. Not only currently my fav voice for Enchanteess but a damn fine voice match for Ali Hillis`s Palutena
said at 7:31 PM on Thu Feb 15 2018
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Brandy great as Enchantress / June Moon and Palutena
said at 8:31 AM on Sat May 27 2017
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Oh, I didn't know it was her birthday a few days ago.

Happy Birthday, mi lady
said at 11:40 AM on Thu May 25 2017
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Happy Birthday Brandy Kopp!
said at 7:23 AM on Thu May 25 2017
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Happy Birthday Brandy Kopp.
said at 6:07 AM on Thu May 25 2017
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No one can hide from the light. Happy Birthday, Brandy Kopp!
said at 1:25 AM on Thu May 25 2017
Happy Birthday Palutena.
said at 9:14 AM on Tue Feb 28 2017
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Just based on her Palutena performance, I would love to see Brandy do more voice work. I'm interested to see what kind of vocal range and flexibility she has.

Also, on a somewhat irrelevant note, she's also quite the looker.
said at 10:57 AM on Mon Jun 30 2014
I find it interesting that Nintendo hired a Vancouver-based actress for a voice-acting role for a change (Well yeah, there's Richard Newman in Punch-Out, but they explicitly needed a Canadian for that character, I guess) when they could easily have settled for someone much closer in Seattle. Hopefully this opens up the possibility of them basing the whole voice-acting of a future game there. ;)
NCZ (Admin)
said at 11:07 AM on Mon Jun 30 2014
@CatsTuxedo Actually, she divides her time between BC and LA. Punch-Out!! was developed in Vancouver by Next Level Games, hence why Vancouver-based actors were used in that game.
said at 11:18 AM on Mon Jun 30 2014
@NCZ Huh, well that's news to me, because while she is based in LA from what I've read, pretty much all of her acting jobs have been based in BC. Guess that's where the assumption came from.
NCZ (Admin)
said at 11:23 AM on Mon Jun 30 2014
@CatsTuxedo Well, the interesting thing is that Punch-Out characters are going to be in Smash, so it is entirely possible that Nintendo are hiring BC talent. Not sure what the story is behind Brandy's casting (apart from the fact that she's Ali Hillis's best friend), so it is possible that she could have recorded her lines in Vancouver.
Music Meister (Moderator)
said at 6:56 AM on Mon Jun 30 2014
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I misread her name as K-pop
said at 11:26 PM on Sun Jun 29 2014
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This woman needs to do more voicework, she's great as Palutena!
said at 6:15 PM on Sat Jun 28 2014
So she's going to voice palutena in super smash bros. for wii u and 3ds then? (Although should be called Upclash and 3dskirmish but that's just me)

Um... Alright if that sounds fair i'll give it a listen to cause after all she sounds like ali's take (The one that voiced lightning in final fantasy 13-3: Lightning Returns).
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