Annie Potts

Annie Potts

Team Ups - VAs Most Worked With

Over the course of Annie Potts's voice acting career, they have worked with Wallace Shawn the most times ... totalling 10 team ups / collaborations across various titles *.

* Numbers above and below reflect titles and credits on BTVA that VAs have both voiced a character or more in (excludes Additional Voices).

Voice Actors Worked With on BTVA: 440
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Wallace Shawn10 times with
Wallace Shawn
R Lee Ermey9 times with
R Lee Ermey
John Ratzenberger9 times with
John Ratzenberger
Tim Allen8 times with
Tim Allen
Jim Hanks8 times with
Jim Hanks
Jeff Pidgeon7 times with
Jeff Pidgeon
Don Rickles7 times with
Don Rickles
Phil LaMarr6 times with
Phil LaMarr
Joan Cusack5 times with
Joan Cusack
John Morris4 times with
John Morris
Patrick Fraley4 times with
Patrick Fraley
Jeff Bennett4 times with
Jeff Bennett
Frank Welker4 times with
Frank Welker
Jim Varney4 times with
Jim Varney
Kathryn Cressida4 times with
Kathryn Cressida
Earl Boen3 times with
Earl Boen
Stephen Stanton3 times with
Stephen Stanton
Andrew Stanton3 times with
Andrew Stanton
Jack Angel3 times with
Jack Angel
Tress MacNeille3 times with
Tress MacNeille
Joe Ranft3 times with
Joe Ranft
Dee Bradley Baker3 times with
Dee Bradley Baker
Tom Hanks3 times with
Tom Hanks
Laurie Metcalf3 times with
Laurie Metcalf
Tom Kenny3 times with
Tom Kenny
Jeff Garlin3 times with
Jeff Garlin
Kristen Schaal3 times with
Kristen Schaal
Jim Cummings3 times with
Jim Cummings
Joe Alaskey2 times with
Joe Alaskey
Fred Tatasciore2 times with
Fred Tatasciore
Jennifer Hale2 times with
Jennifer Hale
Lori Alan2 times with
Lori Alan
Brian Cummings2 times with
Brian Cummings
Timothy Dalton2 times with
Timothy Dalton
Michael J. Gough2 times with
Michael J. Gough
Bonnie Hunt2 times with
Bonnie Hunt
Flea2 times with
Rob Paulsen2 times with
Rob Paulsen
James Arnold Taylor2 times with
James Arnold Taylor
John Kassir2 times with
John Kassir
Corey Burton2 times with
Corey Burton
Russi Taylor2 times with
Russi Taylor
Penn Jillette2 times with
Penn Jillette
Blake Clark2 times with
Blake Clark
Keegan-Michael Key2 times with
Keegan-Michael Key
Bill Farmer2 times with
Bill Farmer
Charlie Adler2 times with
Charlie Adler
Ally Maki2 times with
Ally Maki
Bob Bergen2 times with
Bob Bergen
Estelle Harris2 times with
Estelle Harris
Kevin Conroy2 times with
Kevin Conroy
Emily Davis2 times with
Emily Davis
Erik von Detten2 times with
Erik von Detten
Billy West2 times with
Billy West
James Patrick Stuart2 times with
James Patrick Stuart
Tony Hale2 times with
Tony Hale
Jess Harnell2 times with
Jess Harnell
Greg Burson2 times with
Greg Burson
Dave Foley2 times with
Dave Foley
Cree Summer2 times with
Cree Summer
Mary Kay Bergman2 times with
Mary Kay Bergman
Bob Joles1 time with
Bob Joles
Tony Anselmo1 time with
Tony Anselmo
Ned Beatty1 time with
Ned Beatty
Stephanie D'Abruzzo1 time with
Stephanie D'Abruzzo
Jocelyn Blue1 time with
Jocelyn Blue
Jerry Seinfeld1 time with
Jerry Seinfeld
Redmond O'Neal1 time with
Redmond O'Neal
Melissa Villasenor1 time with
Melissa Villasenor
Lauren Tom1 time with
Lauren Tom
Kelly McCarthy1 time with
Kelly McCarthy
Andy Dick1 time with
Andy Dick
Rico Topazio1 time with
Rico Topazio
Mike MacRae1 time with
Mike MacRae
Ernie Hudson1 time with
Ernie Hudson
April Winchell1 time with
April Winchell
Tino Insana1 time with
Tino Insana
Emily Hahn1 time with
Emily Hahn
Carmen Twilie1 time with
Carmen Twilie
Nancy Linari1 time with
Nancy Linari
Hilary Duff1 time with
Hilary Duff
Michael Jeter1 time with
Michael Jeter
Michael Keenan1 time with
Michael Keenan
John DiMaggio1 time with
John DiMaggio
Garth Jennings1 time with
Garth Jennings
Vincent Rodriguez III1 time with
Vincent Rodriguez III
Cathy Cavadini1 time with
Cathy Cavadini
Scott Innes1 time with
Scott Innes
Danny Mann1 time with
Danny Mann
Christy Carlson Romano1 time with
Christy Carlson Romano
Jessica Walter1 time with
Jessica Walter
Angela Lee1 time with
Angela Lee
Bobby Holliday1 time with
Bobby Holliday
Harold Ramis1 time with
Harold Ramis
Squire Fridell1 time with
Squire Fridell
Allison Joy Langer1 time with
Allison Joy Langer
Kimiko Glenn1 time with
Kimiko Glenn
Mel Blanc1 time with
Mel Blanc
Gary Owens1 time with
Gary Owens
Betty White1 time with
Betty White

(The displayed list is limited to the Top 100 team ups)


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