Team Ups - VAs Most Worked With

Over the course of Analy's voice acting career, they have worked with Maggie Vera the most times ... totalling 5 team ups / collaborations across various titles *.

* Numbers above and below reflect titles and credits on BTVA that VAs have both voiced a character or more in (excludes Additional Voices).

Voice Actors Worked With on BTVA: 89
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Maggie Vera5 times with
Maggie Vera
Angela Aloy4 times with
Angela Aloy
Yamil Atala3 times with
Yamil Atala
Ruben Trujillo3 times with
Ruben Trujillo
Marta Barbara3 times with
Marta Barbara
Demian Bichir3 times with
Demian Bichir
Hector Lee3 times with
Hector Lee
Vicente Gil3 times with
Vicente Gil
Raul Carballeda3 times with
Raul Carballeda
Angel De Gracia3 times with
Angel De Gracia
Miguel Angel Ghigliazza2 times with
Miguel Angel Ghigliazza
Carlos Kaniowsky2 times with
Carlos Kaniowsky
Armando Gama2 times with
Armando Gama
Jorge Santos2 times with
Jorge Santos
Oscar Mas2 times with
Oscar Mas
Xavier Ribera-Vall2 times with
Xavier Ribera-Vall
Raul Aldana2 times with
Raul Aldana
Jesus Barrero2 times with
Jesus Barrero
Arturo Casanova2 times with
Arturo Casanova
Alberto Mieza2 times with
Alberto Mieza
Miguel Morant2 times with
Miguel Morant
Joaquin Munoz2 times with
Joaquin Munoz
Josema Yuste2 times with
Josema Yuste
Matilde Conesa2 times with
Matilde Conesa
Rafael de Penagos2 times with
Rafael de Penagos
Gabriel Pingarron2 times with
Gabriel Pingarron
Mario Filio2 times with
Mario Filio
Ricardo Lezama2 times with
Ricardo Lezama
Tito Resendiz2 times with
Tito Resendiz
Nancy MacKenzie2 times with
Nancy MacKenzie
Eugenio Derbez2 times with
Eugenio Derbez
Pablo Perea1 time with
Pablo Perea
Raul Llorens1 time with
Raul Llorens
Benjamin Rivera1 time with
Benjamin Rivera
Jose Sanchez Mota1 time with
Jose Sanchez Mota
Maria Caneda1 time with
Maria Caneda
Eva Diez1 time with
Eva Diez
Mayra Rojas1 time with
Mayra Rojas
Cristian Castro1 time with
Cristian Castro
Eduard Lluis Muntada1 time with
Eduard Lluis Muntada
Sebastian Llapur1 time with
Sebastian Llapur
Alejandro Mayen1 time with
Alejandro Mayen
Jose Joel1 time with
Jose Joel
Patricia Martinez1 time with
Patricia Martinez
Irasema Terrazas1 time with
Irasema Terrazas
Maria de Jesus Teran1 time with
Maria de Jesus Teran
Gloria Roig1 time with
Gloria Roig
Eduard Farelo1 time with
Eduard Farelo
Mar Roca1 time with
Mar Roca
Juan Manuel Escamilla1 time with
Juan Manuel Escamilla
Xavi Fernandez1 time with
Xavi Fernandez
Rafael Blasquez1 time with
Rafael Blasquez
Luis Miguel Marmolejo1 time with
Luis Miguel Marmolejo
Celia Vergara1 time with
Celia Vergara
Maria del Puy1 time with
Maria del Puy
Gonzalo Duran1 time with
Gonzalo Duran
Adel Hakki1 time with
Adel Hakki
Alfredo Cernuda1 time with
Alfredo Cernuda
Juan Miguel Valdivieso1 time with
Juan Miguel Valdivieso
Jose Lavat1 time with
Jose Lavat
Arturo Mercado1 time with
Arturo Mercado
Pepa Castro1 time with
Pepa Castro
Dulce Guerrero1 time with
Dulce Guerrero
Alfonso Valles1 time with
Alfonso Valles
Jorge Garcia1 time with
Jorge Garcia
Herman Lopez1 time with
Herman Lopez
Moises Palacios1 time with
Moises Palacios
Juan Fernandez1 time with
Juan Fernandez
Gerardo Reyero1 time with
Gerardo Reyero
Sergio Gutierrez Coto1 time with
Sergio Gutierrez Coto
German Fabregat1 time with
German Fabregat
David Robles1 time with
David Robles
Octavio Rojas1 time with
Octavio Rojas
Maria Carmen Alarcon1 time with
Maria Carmen Alarcon
Maria Santander1 time with
Maria Santander
Ernesto Aura1 time with
Ernesto Aura
Rebeca Manriquez1 time with
Rebeca Manriquez
Rocio Garcel1 time with
Rocio Garcel
Rubén Moya1 time with
Rubén Moya
Eduardo Bosch1 time with
Eduardo Bosch
Gaby Cardenas1 time with
Gaby Cardenas
Joaquin Diaz1 time with
Joaquin Diaz
Liza Willert1 time with
Liza Willert
Esteban Siller1 time with
Esteban Siller
Natalia Sosa1 time with
Natalia Sosa
Sergio Zamora1 time with
Sergio Zamora
Constantino Romero1 time with
Constantino Romero
Marta Martorell1 time with
Marta Martorell
Jesus Colin1 time with
Jesus Colin


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