Alison Matthews

Alison Matthews

Team Ups - VAs Most Worked With

Over the course of Alison Matthews's voice acting career, she has worked with Nicole Bouma the most times ... totalling 7 team ups / collaborations across various titles *.

* Numbers above and below reflect titles and credits on BTVA that VAs have both voiced a character or more in (excludes Additional Voices).

Voice Actors Worked With on BTVA: 132
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Michael Kopsa7 times with
Michael Kopsa
Nicole Bouma7 times with
Nicole Bouma
Alistair Abell7 times with
Alistair Abell
Andrew Toth7 times with
Andrew Toth
Brian Drummond6 times with
Brian Drummond
Cathy Weseluck5 times with
Cathy Weseluck
Michael Dobson5 times with
Michael Dobson
Reece Thompson5 times with
Reece Thompson
Richard Ian Cox5 times with
Richard Ian Cox
Jocelyne Loewen5 times with
Jocelyne Loewen
Don Brown5 times with
Don Brown
Tabitha St Germain5 times with
Tabitha St Germain
Brian Dobson5 times with
Brian Dobson
Anna Cummer5 times with
Anna Cummer
French Tickner4 times with
French Tickner
John Novak4 times with
John Novak
Adam Henderson4 times with
Adam Henderson
Ron Halder4 times with
Ron Halder
Saffron Henderson4 times with
Saffron Henderson
Nicole Leroux4 times with
Nicole Leroux
John Murphy4 times with
John Murphy
Trevor Devall4 times with
Trevor Devall
Mark Gibbon4 times with
Mark Gibbon
Paul Dobson4 times with
Paul Dobson
Richard Newman4 times with
Richard Newman
Lee Tockar3 times with
Lee Tockar
Sylvia Zaradic3 times with
Sylvia Zaradic
Ted Cole3 times with
Ted Cole
David Kaye3 times with
David Kaye
John Payne3 times with
John Payne
Mark Oliver3 times with
Mark Oliver
Jason Simpson3 times with
Jason Simpson
Clay St Thomas3 times with
Clay St Thomas
Alec Willows3 times with
Alec Willows
Ross Douglas3 times with
Ross Douglas
Danny McKinnon3 times with
Danny McKinnon
Janyse Jaud3 times with
Janyse Jaud
Kelly Metzger3 times with
Kelly Metzger
Brad Swaile2 times with
Brad Swaile
Kathy Morse2 times with
Kathy Morse
Scott Logie2 times with
Scott Logie
Patricia Drake2 times with
Patricia Drake
Ellen Kennedy2 times with
Ellen Kennedy
Sam Vincent2 times with
Sam Vincent
Rebecca Shoichet2 times with
Rebecca Shoichet
Andrew Francis2 times with
Andrew Francis
Maryke Hendrikse2 times with
Maryke Hendrikse
Russell Roberts2 times with
Russell Roberts
Andrew Kavadas2 times with
Andrew Kavadas
Colin Murdock2 times with
Colin Murdock
Russell Wait2 times with
Russell Wait
Robert O Smith2 times with
Robert O Smith
Peter New2 times with
Peter New
Jillian Michaels2 times with
Jillian Michaels
Doug Abrahams2 times with
Doug Abrahams
Brittney Irvin2 times with
Brittney Irvin
Scott McNeil2 times with
Scott McNeil
Mike Coleman2 times with
Mike Coleman
Dale Wilson2 times with
Dale Wilson
Dave Pettitt2 times with
Dave Pettitt
Aidan Drummond2 times with
Aidan Drummond
Michael Donovan1 time with
Michael Donovan
Brittney Wilson1 time with
Brittney Wilson
Eli Gabay1 time with
Eli Gabay
Tony Sampson1 time with
Tony Sampson
Hiro Kanagawa1 time with
Hiro Kanagawa
William Samples1 time with
William Samples
Maggie Blue OHara1 time with
Maggie Blue OHara
Lalainia Lindbjerg1 time with
Lalainia Lindbjerg
Katie Chapman1 time with
Katie Chapman
Jerry Rector1 time with
Jerry Rector
Alexandra Carter1 time with
Alexandra Carter
Stevie Vallance1 time with
Stevie Vallance
Britt McKillip1 time with
Britt McKillip
Michael Adamthwaite1 time with
Michael Adamthwaite
Howard Siegel1 time with
Howard Siegel
Pauline Newstone1 time with
Pauline Newstone
Trish Pattenden1 time with
Trish Pattenden
Matt Smith1 time with
Matt Smith
Dhirendra1 time with
Kirby Morrow1 time with
Kirby Morrow
Darren Pleavin1 time with
Darren Pleavin
Teryl Rothery1 time with
Teryl Rothery
Sarah Hauser1 time with
Sarah Hauser
Alaina Burnett1 time with
Alaina Burnett
Vincent Tong1 time with
Vincent Tong
Mackenzie Gray1 time with
Mackenzie Gray
Shawn Macdonald1 time with
Shawn Macdonald
Patti Allan1 time with
Patti Allan
Ward Perry1 time with
Ward Perry
Nicholas Holmes1 time with
Nicholas Holmes
Kathleen Barr1 time with
Kathleen Barr
Alex Zahara1 time with
Alex Zahara
Candice Moore1 time with
Candice Moore
Pam Hyatt1 time with
Pam Hyatt
Tegan Moss1 time with
Tegan Moss
Philip A Pacaud1 time with
Philip A Pacaud
Chantal Strand1 time with
Chantal Strand
Tony Alcantar1 time with
Tony Alcantar
Brenna O'Brien1 time with
Brenna O'Brien

(The displayed list is limited to the Top 100 team ups)


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