Alesia Glidewell

Alesia Glidewell

Date Of Birth: Dec 8, 1978
Birth Place: Honolulu, Hawaii, United States

Popularity: 812th All Time, 1,348th This Week

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said at 8:21 PM on Tue Feb 20 2018
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Alesia great as Carmelita Fox, Zero Suit Samus, and Krystal
said at 5:13 AM on Fri Dec 8 2017
Happy Birthday Alesia Glidewell!
said at 10:32 AM on Thu Dec 8 2016
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Happy Birthday Alesia Glidewell! She was awesome as Samus.
said at 10:05 AM on Thu Dec 8 2016
Hbd samus aran
said at 5:19 AM on Thu Dec 8 2016
Happy Birthday, Alesia Glidewell aka Zero Suit Samus, Neyla, and Krystal!
said at 1:49 PM on Tue Dec 8 2015
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Happy Birthday Alesia Glidewell!

She has such a really and attractive voice as Samus and Krystal.

I definitely wish she'd become the official voice for Samus in an actual Metroid game someday. I think she shows some real promise in the role.

also she is stunning if I do say so myself.
said at 8:03 AM on Tue Feb 23 2016

Agreed 100%

According to her in a Podcast she moved to LA and she said she isn't really voice acting anymore but if a new Metroid is made (One can dream) she said she'd take the role in a heartbeat so there is hope! :D

Also, yeah she is quite attractive.

It'd be cool if she became more prominent and did Animation and Anime and other stuff.
said at 9:44 AM on Thu Dec 8 2016
@Bluzziku I hope someday Alesia gets back into voice acting again.

She just has a lovely attractive voice, that I could stand to hear more from.
facundo guerra 4
said at 3:30 PM on Wed Jul 9 2014
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She would make an awesome Shiva
said at 2:45 PM on Fri Jun 13 2014
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One of the coolest Nintendo Voice actresses, bar none.
said at 7:32 PM on Sat Dec 8 2012
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Happy birthday, Alesia.

I'm sure many would agree that Chell (model acting) and Samus are her best roles. But that's just me.
said at 12:10 AM on Sat Dec 8 2012
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Happy birthday Carmelita!

*gets zapped by the shock pistol*
said at 7:42 PM on Tue Apr 17 2012
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Too bad she didn't actually provide Chell's voice. She only modeled for Chell.
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