Albert Augier

Albert Augier


Team Ups - VAs Most Worked With

Over the course of Albert Augier's voice acting career, they have worked with Francis Lax the most times ... totalling 4 team ups / collaborations across various titles *.

* Numbers above and below reflect titles and credits on BTVA that VAs have both voiced a character or more in (excludes Additional Voices).

Voice Actors Worked With on BTVA: 62
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Francis Lax4 times with
Francis Lax
Roger Carel3 times with
Roger Carel
Henry Djanik2 times with
Henry Djanik
Philippe Dumat2 times with
Philippe Dumat
Michele Andre2 times with
Michele Andre
Georges Atlas2 times with
Georges Atlas
Jean-Henri Chambois2 times with
Jean-Henri Chambois
Claude Bertrand2 times with
Claude Bertrand
Gerard Hernandez2 times with
Gerard Hernandez
Guy Pierauld2 times with
Guy Pierauld
Alain Zouvi1 time with
Alain Zouvi
Gisele Preville1 time with
Gisele Preville
Aurelia Bruno1 time with
Aurelia Bruno
Jacques Dynam1 time with
Jacques Dynam
Jean Martinelli1 time with
Jean Martinelli
Claire Guibert1 time with
Claire Guibert
Jose Germain1 time with
Jose Germain
Daniel Beretta1 time with
Daniel Beretta
Patricia Legrand1 time with
Patricia Legrand
Serge Lhorca1 time with
Serge Lhorca
Severine Morisot1 time with
Severine Morisot
Alfred Pasquali1 time with
Alfred Pasquali
Christophe Bruno1 time with
Christophe Bruno
Hubert Gagnon1 time with
Hubert Gagnon
Paula Dehelly1 time with
Paula Dehelly
Celine Monsarrat1 time with
Celine Monsarrat
Henriette Marion1 time with
Henriette Marion
Jacques Balutin1 time with
Jacques Balutin
Victoria Germain1 time with
Victoria Germain
Denise Grey1 time with
Denise Grey
Mark Lesser1 time with
Mark Lesser
Gerard Surugue1 time with
Gerard Surugue
Marie Francey1 time with
Marie Francey
Bernard Tiphaine1 time with
Bernard Tiphaine
Jacques Marin1 time with
Jacques Marin
Claude Rollet1 time with
Claude Rollet
Jacques Ciron1 time with
Jacques Ciron
Vladimir Vinitzvi1 time with
Vladimir Vinitzvi
Patrick Guillemin1 time with
Patrick Guillemin
Lita Recio1 time with
Lita Recio
Michelle Bardollet1 time with
Michelle Bardollet
Jacques Hilling1 time with
Jacques Hilling
Pierre Tornade1 time with
Pierre Tornade
Huguette Morins1 time with
Huguette Morins
Andre Valmy1 time with
Andre Valmy
Fabrice Bruno1 time with
Fabrice Bruno
Patrick Prejean1 time with
Patrick Prejean
Paule Emanuele1 time with
Paule Emanuele
Michel Mella1 time with
Michel Mella
Eleonore Hirt1 time with
Eleonore Hirt
Benoît Allemane1 time with
Benoît Allemane
Pierre Vassiliu1 time with
Pierre Vassiliu
Pierre Leproux1 time with
Pierre Leproux
Dominique Paturel1 time with
Dominique Paturel
Vanina Vinitzvi1 time with
Vanina Vinitzvi
Guy Nadon1 time with
Guy Nadon
Teddy Bilis1 time with
Teddy Bilis
Jean Stout1 time with
Jean Stout
Marie Claire Marty1 time with
Marie Claire Marty
Colette Ripert1 time with
Colette Ripert
Beatrice Bruno1 time with
Beatrice Bruno
Evelyne Selena1 time with
Evelyne Selena


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