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said at 3:05 PM on Sun Feb 25 2018
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It's only a matter of time before she gets a role in Fire Emblem Heroes...
said at 3:27 PM on Sun Feb 25 2018

Which characters would she most likely play?
said at 6:50 AM on Mon Feb 26 2018
@MHUltimate2013DW I'm guessing Louise or Guinivere.
said at 8:30 PM on Tue Dec 26 2017
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Abby is one talented newcomer she great as Veronica Liones, Julieta Juris, Maya Frey, Windblade, and Machi
said at 12:11 PM on Sun Dec 18 2016
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Enjoying her work as Machi!
said at 10:45 AM on Sun Aug 28 2016
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Excited to hear her as Maya. Hopefully she becomes a regular in the scene!
said at 9:48 AM on Tue Jan 24 2017
@Unknownsage13 alright a few months later and by now she has also appeared in Hunter x Hunter, Mob Psycho 100, Tales of Berseria and probably a couple other things. I'm really impressed with her range!

Also i'd imagine we'll be hearing about the physical release of Ace Attorney cour 1 in a couple months. And fingers crossed Funimation get/got (not sure if they've recorded yet) her back as Maya.
said at 10:27 AM on Sat Jul 23 2016
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So she's been cast as Windblade in the Transformers: Combiners Wars Machinima series.

Based off of what I've heard of her take on the fan built bot she is a good fit for the role. Even though I have my gripes about the characters "edgy" depiction here.

Just last week I've heard her for the first time in The Seven Deadly Sins as Veronica Liones, and she left a good impression on me there.

also I'm sure she'll do well as Maya Fey as well.

Definitely another new talent whose beginning to rise up. I can't wait to see what other new roles she gets next.
said at 4:53 AM on Mon Dec 19 2016
So she's voicing Machi in Hunter X Hunter.

I haven't heard her take yet but I can totally see it working.

I'm glad she's getting more work.
said at 2:00 AM on Tue Jul 5 2016
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Really like what I've heard of her Maya so far. Looking forward to hearing her full performance in the game!
said at 8:50 PM on Sat Jul 2 2016
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Congratulations on being the voice of Maya Fey!
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