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It's All Good Man
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Nervous Pinkie
We Got A Three Way Looney Tunes Fright Fest
We Got A Three Way Looney Tunes Fright Fest
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Decepticons nearby a Factory Worker
Decepticons nearby a Factory Worker
"Skeletor in Deep Thought"
Created on Wed Oct 26 2011, 9 Comments, Add Comment
Skeletor in Deep Thought
Come up with a creative/funny line of dialogue for the image above and record it! Challenge yourself and try to inimate the characters voice :)


Upload your recording below and make sure your MP3 is less than 1 Megabyte in file size.
NOTE: Please make sure your recording is reasonably family friendly. Cursing and inappropriate/offensive submissions will not be approved.
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OptimusSolo (Admin)
said at 10:11 PM on Sun Jun 23 2013
@John Willow - That is one of the most clever sets of dialogue I have seen in the entire history of Voice This! AWESOME writing man!!
said at 3:28 PM on Mon Jun 11 2012
 1 Shout Out!
Ovarku hands down.
said at 8:02 PM on Sun May 6 2012
Wow... there's been a lot of really good ones added! You guys should all come to the forum and hang out! :D
said at 1:48 AM on Wed Feb 8 2012
I liked Ovarku's Skeletor more, but his wasn't as long as everyone else's, haha. TomStheVoice and Ovarku's cracked me up though, xD
Foxwolf (Admin)
said at 11:08 PM on Fri Jan 20 2012
@TomStheVoice hahaha, if your clip wasn't so funny I would've thought you recorded it purely for product placement ;)
OptimusSolo (Admin)
said at 1:01 AM on Tue Nov 8 2011
@Hendercrazy - The beginning of your Skeletor voice was really good man! I felt it dropped off a little bit later on but still a very good take on a pretty hard voice to master!
said at 1:11 AM on Tue Nov 8 2011
@OptimusSolo - Hey thanks! First ever attempt on the character. :) Definitely a hard voice to stay true with! :P
said at 3:22 AM on Tue Nov 8 2011
@Hendercrazy Hey that was a very good take on the character XD
said at 10:51 PM on Fri Nov 11 2011
@Sammyman - Thanks... was fun to do! :D
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