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Shuma Gorath, Come On Down
Shuma Gorath, Come On Down
Sephiroth Wants A Hug
Sephiroth Wants A Hug
Check, Check, Check It Out
Check, Check, Check It Out
Batman And Harley Chat It Out
Batman And Harley Chat It Out
Ryu + Iron Fist = Even More Pain
Ryu + Iron Fist = Even More Pain
"Richter Belmont holding Young Maria Renard"
From the Turbo Grafx 16 CD game "Castlevania Rondo of Blood"
Created on Tue Oct 26 2010, 1 Comments, Add Comment
Richter Belmont holding Young Maria Renard
Come up with a creative/funny line of dialogue for the image above and record it! Challenge yourself and try to inimate the characters voice :)


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said at 9:59 PM on Sun May 27 2012
my acting 2 years ago sucked!
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