Kermit and Fozzie go for a Drive
Kermit and Fozzie go for a Drive
A TMNT Gathering
A TMNT Gathering
Waldorf and Statler at the Computer
Waldorf and Statler at the Computer
Optimus Gets It In Da Face
Optimus Gets It In Da Face
Chewbacca bonds with C3P0
Chewbacca bonds with C3P0
"Chipettes taking Charge"
Created on Wed Dec 14 2011, 8 Comments, Add Comment
Chipettes taking Charge
Come up with a creative/funny line of dialogue for the image above and record it! Challenge yourself and try to inimate the characters voice :)


Upload your recording below and make sure your MP3 is less than 1 Megabyte in file size.
NOTE: Please make sure your recording is reasonably family friendly. Cursing and inappropriate/offensive submissions will not be approved.
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said at 6:11 PM on Mon Aug 12 2013
@withfate I really like your submission! I just have one question though : did you do this voice yourself or did you use a modulator? Thank you very much for your time :)
said at 10:40 PM on Tue Dec 17 2013
@blacklaceRose13 it was awhile ago so my memory on this is quite hazy but I think I had done it like how they did it for the movie, like saying each line slower than normal, pronouncing each word clearly and then speeding it up a little so it sounds like they are talking at a normal pace also I had to pich my regular voice a bit higher(I can do that without the use of a program) for the younger chipette
said at 1:08 PM on Mon May 21 2012
XD OMG that was so cute @withfate
Foxwolf (Admin)
said at 3:53 PM on Thu Feb 9 2012
@withfate great chipmunk-voice recording. this is why the live action movies didn't need to hire celebrities to do the voices. As long as you have great actors, they're all gonna sound the same!
OptimusSolo (Admin)
said at 12:13 PM on Fri Feb 10 2012
@Foxwolf I agree to a point - but I do love Matthew Gray Gubler in the live action films!
Foxwolf (Admin)
said at 4:37 PM on Wed Feb 15 2012
@OptimusSolo as a huge fan of Criminal Minds, I always thought it was a great fit for Gubler to play Simon.
OptimusSolo (Admin)
said at 12:21 AM on Fri Feb 17 2012
@Foxwolf As a huge fan of Criminal Minds as well, I couldn't agree more!! :)
said at 4:22 AM on Thu Jun 1 2017
@Foxwolf But Jesse McCartney who voices Theodore *is* a celebrity.
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