Ultimate Uber Super Saiyan Face Off
Ultimate Uber Super Saiyan Face Off
Soul Eater
Soul Eater
Orochimaru - Something Bads Gonna Happen
Orochimaru - Something Bads Gonna Happen
Mustang Wants You
Mustang Wants You
Yugi and Anzu/Tea having a little summer fun.
Yugi and Anzu/Tea having a little summer fun.
"Alex Armstrong and Maes Hughes in Mini-Skirts"
In this little gag pic from Fullmetal Alchemist one of Mustang's most infamous comedic moments is his vow of tiny mini-skirts in the Military. And while we do see Riza like this, we also see Alex Louis Armstrong and Maes Hughes dressed that way as well. Needless to say there is a reason why Roy Mustang specified "female officers" of course.
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Alex Armstrong and Maes Hughes in Mini-Skirts
Come up with a creative/funny line of dialogue for the image above and record it! Challenge yourself and try to inimate the characters voice :)


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said at 11:48 PM on Fri Nov 30 2012
Amazingly I pulled a Roy(even though I'm a girl), but I couldn't do what I wanted for Ed since I couldn't get anywhere close to his voice..I wanted him to say "Oh, my sweet virgin eyes!"...
said at 9:12 PM on Thu Nov 21 2013
Joke - http://vocaroo.com/i/s1pAF7kP67rZ
Check it x'DD
said at 5:25 PM on Wed Sep 26 2012
Hahaha! These were all really good! I liked Refichan's impersonation of Hawkeye--it was pretty convincing!
Ranmarotto made a good impression of Ed freaking out, too. ^^
said at 1:25 PM on Tue Jun 12 2012
XD Ranmarotto
said at 11:40 AM on Sat May 19 2012
Just submitted my own. Hope it satisfies, though I think I could have come up with a better line for Ed.
said at 7:12 PM on Thu Sep 8 2011
pokejedservo rocked xD
i wish someone wud make riza say something O.O
said at 3:10 AM on Tue May 10 2011

said at 2:26 PM on Thu May 24 2012
@SalaComMander Why thank you, thank you very much
said at 10:29 AM on Tue Jul 6 2010
Heh heh thank you
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