Voice This!

What is Voice This? Basically, it's the voice acting fans equivalent of Caption This. So here at BTVA, you take an image, and come up with a creative and/or funny line of dialogue you could imagine the character(s) in question might say. BUT, rather than type it, you can voice it by recording an MP3 audio clip.

So plug in your microphones, put on your creative hat and hit record!! A fun little feature for all those beginner voice actors, and for anyone else who wants to give it a try.

For a challenge, try to imitate the voice of the character you are recording :)
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What you think of BTVA Voice This?
Fun and interactive. I'll be back.
Interesting but I'm not going to participate.
I'm not into voice acting but I'll try it.
No ones gonna submit a recording to this.
Optimus Gets It In Da Face
  1. Optimus Gets It In Da Face
    23 user submissions
  2. Wolverine We Give You The Clones
    15 user submissions
  3. Brock Dazed Again By Love With On-Lookers
    14 user submissions
  4. Dancing With The Stars Batman Joker Style
    13 user submissions
  5. Cobra Commander stuck in goo.
    10 user submissions
  6. Sonic & Shadow
    9 user submissions
  7. Ryuk Apple Snacking
    9 user submissions
  8. Ultimate Uber Super Saiyan Face Off
    8 user submissions
  9. Spidey And Venom Join The Thanksgiving Parade
    8 user submissions
  10. Megatron Takes Aim On Starscream
    7 user submissions