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Comparision of the voice over actors who have been the voice of Luta Gemma with sound clips and images.
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Luta is one of the protagonists from the Ys series whom appeared in the first installment of the Ys Video game series. Luta was once a traveling Minstrel but ever since the forces of evil have attacked his homeland of Esteria he tries to aid Adol Christin whom he recognizes as the "Brave Soul". Luta is a descendant of one of the Priests from Ys ages ago, Adol meets Luta later on in the 1st two games and Luta aids Adol with information and plot important items. Due to the inconsistent nature of the translations in the English releases of Ys productions Luta has also been called the likes of Luthor and Ruta and has had more than one look as well. 
Created by Pokejedservo on Jun 7 2011
Ys Book I and II (1990)
Luta GemmaBruce Lanoil
Bruce Lanoil
Ys I: Ancient Books of Ys (2002)
Luta GemmaKirk Thornton
Kirk Thornton


Today on the Ys Voice Compare section we have a little something for this minstrel... LUTA GEMMA! We shall first go over the TurboGrafx CD classic game Ys Book I & II in which he was voiced by Bruce Lanoil. I will have a confession to make when I first found Luta when I was playing Ys Book I & II on the Nintendo Wii's Virtual Console I thought "Oh I heard that Dan Gilvezan was in this game's voice cast so that must be his role because he sure sounds like Bumblebee" but apparently that was not the case. In fact to be honest the only reason why I am believing the idea that Bruce is voicing Luta is because the end credits for the game said so (fortunately the TGCD game Ys Book I & II had full English VA credits). But still anyways despite the casting confusion here Bruce's voice for the role certainly did work for the role as it did have a nice calm youthful feel to it pretty well. Bruce's performance was also rather good as it due suit a young traveler whom while knowing that he was in the wrong place at the wrong time he does try to remain calm about the situation. So to make a long story short Bruce's work as Luta was another example of how good the voice work was in the game.

In the Media Blasters dub of the anime based off of the first Ys game (and second) Luta Gemma was voiced by Kirk Thornton. While Kirk's voice for the role does sound a bit older (but to be fair Luta does look a bit older in the anime, not by a lot of course but still) however Kirk's voice for the role certainly does work. While I admit I found Kirk's work as Darm in the 2nd Ys anime to be okay but not as good as Alan Oppenheimer's work in Ys Book I & II, Kirk does a considerably better job as Luta. Say what you will about Media Blasters that they used a bit of Engrish by calling Luta as Ruta but Kirk's voice and performance for the role felt very natural for the role. Kirk's performance as Luta can go from being a calm easy going guy to someone whom is trying to find out the mysteries about what is going on in his homeland of Esteria here and is a fine example of the voice work in Media Blasters' dub of the Ys anime. Overall I liked both of these guys' work as they both did well in the role of Luta Gemma.



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Bruce Lanoil
Kirk Thornton