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Comparision of the voice over actors who have been the voice of Lillia with sound clips and images.
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Lillia is the initial damsel in distress in the 2nd installment of the Ys Video game series. Lillia is a simple young lady whom is from the village of Rance in the land of Ys and she was the first person whom Adol met when he first arrived upon the land of Ys after the first game in the series. Lillia is a very sweet natured young lady whom lives with her elderly mother and is the first normal young girl whom Adol meets in the series. However Lillia does end up needing to be rescued such as needing medicine for a terrible sickness that she has (though her fate slightly differs from the game and the anime) and after she is saved from Adol she does have a crush on him.
Created by Pokejedservo on Jun 6 2011
Ys Book I and II (1990)
LilliaMea Martineau
Mea Martineau
Ys II: Castle in the Heavens (2003)
LilliaJulie Maddalena
Julie Maddalena


Today on the Ys Voice Compare section we have a little something for this cute redhead from the 2nd Ys game... LILLIA! We shall begin this with the TurboGrafx CD classic game Ys Book I & II in which Mea Martineau was the one who voiced Lillia here. Mea's voice does have a cute, friendly feel that has a great "Girl Next Door" kind of feel as I can of course say the same thing about her performance as well as it does have a nice youthful friendly feel. So in other words I must say that Mea's work as Lillia is another fine example of the voice work in Ys Book I & II and its a shame that she never really did any voice work after this game.

In the Media Blasters dub of the Ys II anime Julie Maddalena gets to take over the role here. (In which fans have complained that the dub referred her as Lillian instead of Lillia which seemed pretty petty to me I suppose I can understand the complaints about some of the other altered names but still.) Anyways throughout Julie's career as a voice actress she is a tad bit type cast at doing higher toned cute girl voices but at least in my opinion she does them pretty well and this is no exception. Julie was definitely successful in making Lillia sound adorable (but still age appropriate) as while Mea's voice for the role did have its fair share of cuteness but Julie's voice was even more so. Julia's performance for the role was also pretty well done as it also have a nice youthful friendly well that is needless to say very fitting for the role. Overall I am not sure who to go with here as while Julie may sound a bit cuter but both of these ladies did very well for the role here.



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Mea Martineau
Julie Maddalena