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Comparision of the voice over actors who have been the voice of Chester Stoddart with sound clips and images.
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Chester Stoddart is one of the antagonists from the the Ys game series namely the 3rd game Wanderers of Ys. Chester Stoddart is a White Knight whom serves the not-so good King (or Count) McGuire whom seems to frequently crosses paths with Adol and antagonizes him in different ways. However before Chester went evil he was an old childhood friend of Adol's good buddy Dogi and has a younger sister by the name of Elena. Though despite how evil Chester has become he still does care for his younger sister Elena.
Created by Pokejedservo on May 18 2011
Ys III Wanderers from Ys (1991)
Chester StoddartDerek Stephen Prince
Derek Stephen Prince
Ys III Wanderers from Ys (1991)
Chester StoddartBrian Pardus
Brian Pardus


Today on the Ys Voice Compare section we take a look at one of the antagonists of the 3rd game of the series Wanderers of Ys... CHESTER STODDART! We shall begin this with the Turbo Grafx CD version of the game in which he was voiced by Brian Pardus. Unlike its TG CD predecessor Ys Book I & II the English voice acting in Ys III has well to be blunt reviled and the voice work for Chester is one of the most prominent reasons why and sadly I can understand why. Granted there are performances in the TG CD version of the game that are not that bad but sadly Brian Pardus' work is not one of them. (Oh yes and while there are those who would at least deem Brian's work as "So Bad Its Good" I must admit I am not one of them.)  While I suppose Brian apparently tried to make Chester sound elegant but it kind of came off as oddly effeminate and really awkward as well. Brian's performance also came off rather awkward as well however there were occasional moments where he was getting better (but not by much). So to make a long story short sadly Brian Pardus' performance as Chester is one of the weaker performances in that game.

Well over a decade later there was a remake of the 3rd Ys game that was released for the PSP in which Derek Stephen Prince was the one to take over the role here. I will say this much on how Derek's performance is a vast improvement here as it is much more fitting for the role here. Derek's voice for the role actually does sound rather elegant for the role as his voice and performance for the role does have a rather "young nobleman" feel. Oh yes and Derek's performance can come off as rather sinister as well for the not so good White Knight from Redmont so in other words Derek's performance as Chester is a fine example of his work and of the voice work from the PSP version of the game. Overall while there are a lot of Voice Compares I have done where my answers have either been ties or rather uncertain this is not one of them as Derek is easily the clear winner here. 



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said at 12:02 AM on Mon Jun 22 2015
Brian sounds so weird
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Brian Pardus
Derek Stephen Prince