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Comparision of the voice over actors who have been the voice of Skywarp with sound clips and images.

Created by Pokejedservo on Tue Jul 6 2010, 19 Comments, Add Comment
Transformers (1984)
SkywarpFrank Welker
Frank Welker
Transformers Animated (2007)
SkywarpTom Kenny
Tom Kenny
Transformers: War For Cybertron (2010)
SkywarpRichard Epcar
Richard Epcar


Alright folks here is another VC for another one of the Decepticon Seekers and this time its the other more Brutish seeker whom is none other than Skywarp.

Skywarp is one of the original 3 seekers in the original series and while he is not as prominently remembered as Starscream (or heck even Thundercracker is a bit more remembered) but his screen time was not too bad in the original series. Skywarp was voiced by current "Voice God" Frank Welker though as awesome as Frank Welker is this is only pretty good. Namely on how his Skywarp voice is just simply his Rumble voice only a bit lower but to be fair it does still fairly work with Skywarp's persona though as "Tough-mannered thug". Though in retrospection one of the better parts of Frank Welker's performance is when Skywarp mocks Starscream. But still while its not a bad performance its not one of Frank's most memorable on that show.

In Transformers Animated, Skywarp was one of the various Starscream clones in which they were all voiced by Tom Kenny (except for Slipstream voiced by Tara Strong whom is the sole female clone). All of the Starscream clones were given a certain personality aspect of Starscream and Skywarp got his cowardice. While its not all that great but to be fair Tom Kenny was basically told to "do your Starscream voice but make him sound incredibly timid" in which Tom did get the job done at least. Which to make a long story short this is another average performance from a good VA.

And last but not least is Richard Epcar in Transformers War for Cybertron, in which this Skywarp is more like his G1 counterpart which is fairly nice I suppose. Richard ends up doing one of his gruffer voices for Skywarp but while its not bad I would more picture it for someone like Thundercracker than Skywarp. (And yes I am aware that Thundercracker was depicted as a calm-speaking intellectual in that game but still.) However to be fair Richard's performance as Skywarp does fairly suit the persona at least so its alright but its not one of the better performances in that game.

Overall all of them were alright and I suppose I would go with Frank Welker the most but none of these 3 performances are exactly a highlight for their respective VAs.


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Mark Johnson
said at 1:34 PM on Tue Jul 14 2015
Frank Welker's Skywarp sounded EXACTLY the same as Rumble and Frenzy
Polyester Funk
said at 12:53 AM on Mon Apr 27 2015
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Frank Welker's Skywarp May have been inconsistent, but I like it best. I don't think that Richard Epcar fits him that well. He's certainly not bad and I like Richard in general, but I'm not quite feeling his Skywarp. Tom Kenny isn't bad either, but all of his Seekers just have the same voice so they're not personalized. I know that wasn't his decision.
said at 8:28 PM on Fri Apr 3 2015
I hope Richard Epcar reprises his role in Transformers RID. I'd love to hear him bantering with with the other decepticons like Steeljaw.
Mark Johnson
said at 6:34 PM on Wed Apr 1 2015
1. Richard Epcar
2. Frank Welker
3. Tom Kenny
said at 7:29 AM on Fri Feb 27 2015
1) Frank Welker
2) Richard Epcar
3) Tom Kenny
said at 2:04 AM on Sat Feb 14 2015
Richard- Wai hello robo Dong Zhuo
said at 11:37 AM on Thu Jan 23 2014
Epcar: his grizzly voice just nails it
Welker: Sounds like your average henchemen but still pretty good being the original
Kenny: Pretty good but his voice dosen't fit. Sounds like he would make a better Starscream
Dr. No
said at 10:31 AM on Wed Nov 13 2013
They're all very different. But I have to say that I liked Richard Epcar the best!
said at 2:27 PM on Sat Oct 19 2013
I didn't know Richard Epcar was a voice for Skywarp. And man does he really sound like Myotismon. That's really convincing, doesn't anyone think so?
DreamMaster08X (Moderator)
said at 7:35 PM on Mon Sep 30 2013
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I'm sorry, but I feel that Epcar's rendition isn't fitting for Skywarp. It just seems much too generic and brutish for the character. My vote's on Welker.
said at 1:06 PM on Wed Sep 25 2013
I wonder of Troy Baker would make a good Skywarp?
said at 11:09 PM on Sun Jul 22 2012
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Frank Welker.
said at 7:41 AM on Sun Apr 29 2012
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"Us? Against Megatron? ARE YOU INSANE?!" Although Kenny's Skywarp is literally a Starscream clone, in my opinion he's the most fun to listen to and Kenny gives him, as he does with the other clones, a lot of personality, if one aspect of it.
said at 3:07 PM on Fri Apr 20 2012
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All three are pretty good (even if Tom Kenny's was literally a Starscream clone in Animated), but for Skywarp, I'm gonna go with Richard Epcar.
said at 2:39 PM on Thu Jun 30 2011
I'm Voting for Kenny. If he voices Skywarp again he should do it with Numbuh 30c's voice in him.
NCZ (Admin)
said at 1:48 PM on Tue Jul 6 2010
It's funny; this was a comparison I was going to make!

Anyway, I'm going with Frank Welker, even though his Skywarp voice was pretty inconsistent. (Sometimes, it sounded a lot like Megatron.)

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