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Comparision of the voice over actors who have been the voice of Predaking with sound clips and images.
Franchise: Transformers

Predaking is a Decepticon Combiner (namely the Combiner form of the Predacons) in the Transformers series whom made his debut later on in the original Transformers series. In the original Transformers series Predaking was one of the various Combiners in the series but he was one of the biggest combiners in the franchise (and that unlike the other combiner Decepticon teams Predating had the most focused personality since all the Predacons share the love of the hunt). Over the years he has fought various other Autobot Combiners such as Superion and Fortress Maximus in the past. Predaking's skills can also highly differ depending on which continuity we are talking about since he was rather menacing in the G1 series but he normally gets defeated easily in Headmasters.
Created by Pokejedservo on Apr 2 2012
Special thanks to UltimateCharm for additional sound clips.
Transformers (1984)
PredakingBud Davis
Bud Davis
Transformers Headmasters (1987)
PredakingRick Thomas
Rick Thomas
Transformers: Prime (2010)
PredakingPeter Mensah
Peter Mensah


Today on the Transformers VC section we take a look at the combined form of the Predacons... PREDAKING! Let us begin...

Bud Davis- While I do think that Bud's voice for the role should be lower but other than that his voice and performance for the role does have a gruff and beastly feel to it which does work for the role pretty well. Its basically a fairly good performance from Bud and a decent example of the voice work in the show.

Rick Thomas- Rick's voice for the role was a bit generic but not too bad I suppose (but then again say what you will about the Omni dub of the show but the show itself had some problems. In other words yes Predaking did just get taken down by one shot and this wasn't the only time.) Anyways Rick's work on the role is somewhat decent here but while he has done better in the show he has done worst.

Peter Mensah- Peter's work on the role is a bit of mixed bag as Peter's performance is pretty good as it does suit how in this show Predaking is a dark warrior with plenty of existential issues pretty well. But while Peter's voice for the role is not bad but perhaps a bit too light for a monstrous force such as Predaking. So in other words while PEter's performance for the role is pretty well acted but the voice is okay and could've been better 

Overall none of these guys are all that perfect for the role but I will go with Bud Davis a bit more here.



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said at 6:14 PM on Sat Oct 21 2017
VC thoughts update

For me, it's a tie between Bud Davis and Peter Mensah.

Bud Davis has a nice beastly voice and some great acting in the role. I love how aggressive he sounded, which made Predaking quite the threat.

Peter Mensah also works well in the role. He sounds pretty savage and violent. One of the better TFP performances.

Rik Thomas... blegh.
8000 Saiyans
said at 5:02 PM on Sat Oct 21 2017
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Peter is the best, but Bud is also good.
said at 5:51 PM on Mon Jul 10 2017
1. Peter Mensah
2. Bud Davis
said at 8:32 PM on Sun Apr 24 2016
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1. Peter Mensah
2. Bud Davis
3. Rik Thomas
said at 3:33 AM on Sun Jan 31 2016
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Absolutely Peter. Predaking is my favorite character from Transformers Prime. And his voice is thrilling... I WILL TEAR YOU APART!
said at 11:50 AM on Sun Jan 10 2016
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Prime Predaking was just an epic character, he's a character who was the last of his kind (as well as first), he's noble and loyal to the people who treat him well and interestingly enough despite being one of the most dangerous and deadly characters in the series. He's one of the most sympathetic characters too. Peter Mensah has a nice deep (but not too deep) sounding voice who can sound young and naive and then go feral and aggressive in an instant. This is easily one of the best characters and performances in the show, it makes up for many of the shortcomings (not all) but many IMO.

Bud Davis has a pretty beastly sounding voice which is nice.

Rik Thomas....seriously stop drinking whenever you're recording...*sigh*

I'm voting for Peter Mensah. PETER MENSAH RISING!

BONUS: I'd like to see TC Carson have a stab at Predaking, Peter Mensah's Predaking sometimes sounded like his Kratos from God of War when he yelled and I think it'd be a cool approach for Predaking to be the Transformers equivalent of Kratos. David Oyelowo's Agent Kallus also reminds me of a younger Peter Mensah and I'm sure he'd fit really nicely too.
said at 3:56 PM on Tue Sep 24 2013
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I loved Peter Mensah's performance. It really showed the true, intelligent nature of the Predacon instead of some mindless animal. The elegant voice used fits this greatly, and is far more interesting than some generic, deep, monstrous voice that some people seem to have preferred.
said at 6:42 AM on Tue Sep 24 2013
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Peter is a strange choice. Yet.. I like it. The performance worked. He was smooth yet monstrous. You could tell that he was huge and mighty, yet regal and intelligent.
Nightmare Crusher
said at 1:14 PM on Mon Sep 23 2013
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Honestly, none of them really do it for me. Bud is too forced, Rick sounds as ridiculous as always, and Peter is okay, just okay. His acting is just okay, nothing spectacular, but nothing awful. His voice is an okay fit, but a bit lacking. I guess I'll just settle on Peter for now.
said at 12:37 PM on Mon Sep 23 2013
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Peter's good for the way he's depicted but he needed dialogue in his dragon form. Keith David and KMR are just two of many actors who could pull that off. Another reason we should have had a 26 episode season.
NCZ (Admin)
said at 10:40 AM on Mon Sep 23 2013
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Peter Mensah's not perfect (too noble and not beastly enough for my liking) but he's the better of the three.
said at 12:33 PM on Mon Sep 23 2013
@NCZ I thought Keith David would fit or even KMR with his Keith impression if he growled a bit in his dragon form. His problem is he didn't talk unless he was in robot form and never spoke in beast mode which would have been cool. Another reason we should have had a 26 episode season.
TylerMirage (Admin)
said at 7:58 AM on Mon Sep 23 2013
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Definitely going to vote for Peter.

Personally, I *do* feel that Peter fits Predaking - at least *this* Predaking. Peter's voice almost adds a sense of naivety and innocence to the role, which is really what's at the core of his character. It's not just a deep, threatening voice. It's a deep, threatening voice with that underlying sense of "Who am I?" WHY am I?" A great voice, great delivery.
said at 12:21 PM on Wed Oct 16 2013
@TylerMirage My thoughts EXACTLY. Plus, I always figured that since he was descended from an ancient species, his speech would be less developed than the current average Transformer. And I thought Mensah NAILED that characteristic down to the inner core.

I wish more people would get that, but I still understand their opinions nonetheless.
said at 6:54 AM on Mon Sep 23 2013
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Not to take away from the other actors, who both did fine jobs, but Peter's delivery blew me away. I hope he gets more voice acting gigs in the future. I know i would cast him.
said at 3:29 AM on Mon Sep 23 2013
I prefer dragon Predaking over combiner Predaking.

That being said, I reckon Peter did a good voice for the character he plays as, despite Predaking having quite a small role in the Prime series.
said at 1:11 AM on Mon Sep 23 2013
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I prefer Bud Davis.

Peter Mensah has a good performance. However, I don't feel it fits Predaking. I would like for him to voice Fortress Maximus though.
Music Meister (Moderator)
said at 8:57 PM on Sun Sep 22 2013
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I didn't think Peter was all that great. His performance was really good but for a giant robot that changes to a dragon I didn't get as deep and growly voice I would expect. You know something monstrous yet somewhat regal
said at 12:30 PM on Mon Sep 23 2013
@Music Meister I thought Keith David would fit or even KMR with his Keith impression if he growled a bit.
said at 12:30 PM on Mon Sep 23 2013
@Music Meister In his dragon form I mean.
said at 8:15 PM on Sun Sep 22 2013
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Peter does an amazingly threatening job, but I feel it doesn't fit Predaking all that much. Honestly I feel Kevin Grevioux would've made a fantastic predaking in Prime. But Mensah is still amazing so I'll go with him.
said at 8:12 PM on Sun Sep 22 2013
peter mensah sounds amazing he has my vote
said at 8:12 PM on Sun Sep 22 2013
Well, I hate to keep voting for TFP with every compare, but here, it's inevitable. Mensah's Predaking is just so unique, untrained, and threatening, which is absolutely perfect for the role.

No doubt he'll get even more votes when 'Predacon Rising' premieres.
said at 12:37 PM on Mon Sep 23 2013
@DreamMaster08X It was actually leaked/released early/put online illegally so it's already out.
TylerMirage (Admin)
said at 8:06 PM on Sun Sep 22 2013
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We might as well rename this voice compare to "PETER MENSAH RISING".
said at 9:00 PM on Sun Sep 22 2013
@TylerMirage If it makes you feel any better, the foremost reason the Prime actor will be getting ahead this particular instance is because the other choices don't have as much material to judge. But who knows... maybe another actor will come along with just as much material as Mensah and blow everyone else out of the water ;)
TylerMirage (Admin)
said at 8:01 AM on Mon Sep 23 2013
@CatsTuxedo Oh yeah, I wasn't saying that in a "teh other actors are teh suck!"-way. I know some might vote for him simply because he's from TFP, but others will probably have other legitimate reasons, such as the ones you listed.

Again, for the record, my comment wasn't supposed to be a "TFP is the best!" or "TFP is the worst!" scenario.
said at 12:32 PM on Mon Sep 23 2013
@TylerMirage Mensah Prime would fit too.
said at 2:45 PM on Mon Sep 23 2013
said at 8:05 PM on Sun Sep 22 2013
Gonna go with Peter Mensah.
said at 8:02 PM on Sun Sep 22 2013
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