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Comparision of the voice over actors who have been the voice of Megatron with sound clips and images.
Franchise: Transformers

Created by Foxwolf on Mar 30 2009
Special thanks to Pokejedservo, OptimusSolo, NCZ, TylerMirage for additional sound clips.
The Transformers
MegatronJeff Manning
Jeff Manning
Transformers (1984)
MegatronFrank Welker
Frank Welker
Transformers: Beast Wars (1996)
Megatron (G1)Garry Chalk
Garry Chalk
Transformers: Beast Wars (1996)
MegatronDavid Kaye
David Kaye
Transformers: Robots In Disguise (2001)
MegatronDaniel Riordan
Daniel Riordan
Transformers Energon (2004)
MegatronDavid Kaye
David Kaye
Transformers Energon (2004)
MegatronRichard Newman
Richard Newman
Transformers Cybertron (2005)
MegatronTrevor Devall
Trevor Devall
Transformers (2007)
MegatronHugo Weaving
Hugo Weaving
Transformers Animated (2007)
MegatronCorey Burton
Corey Burton
Transformers: Prime (2010)
MegatronFrank Welker
Frank Welker
Transformers: Cyber Missions (2010)
MegatronTony Gialluca
Tony Gialluca
Transformers: War For Cybertron (2010)
MegatronFred Tatasciore
Fred Tatasciore
Transformers: Combiner Wars (2016)
MegatronJason Marnocha
Jason Marnocha


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Lion's Edge
said at 5:27 PM on Thu May 17 2018
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In all honesty, my favourite Megatron (and iteration of Megatron) is... Jason "LordJazor" Marnocha himself. First thing's first, I LOVE his voice; it strikes me as a hybrid of both Frank Welker and Corey Burton, with a super distinctive growl and rasp. But, more so to the point, I LOVE the personality and unpredictability Jason brings to Megatron through his performance. The Machinima saga so far has been... lacking to put it mildly but Megatron singlehandedly is the best thing it has don and, for me, the best thing they've done with the character in a WHILE. You never know what side he is truly on or what his endgame is... and he just spends most of his time not giving a c*** about what's going on around him, able to alternate between bombastic ham and dry humour. He's the bridge between G1 and Prime that I feel the character needed to take.

My second favourite here would probably be Frank Welker... not for his G1 nor Prime takes, but for his Devastation performance. In G1, I always felt his Megatron was TOO OTT and screechy to the point that his presence felt lacking at times. In Prime, he DEFINITELY sounded more intimidating and authoritative, even adding a nice element of dry humour into the mix... but it was perhaps too calm and restrained at the same time. But then we have Devastation, wherein he bridged both of his previous takes: his aged, raspier voice and the slyer Prime iteration, and the bombastic, megalomanic G1-style characterization. That said, while I wish he got more emotive range, I do still enjoy Welker's Prime performance also.

In third place, I'mma give it a as a two-way tie to Corey Burton and David Kaye. Yesssss. Both NAIL their respective iterations and are the exemplars, to me, of the calculating and hammy Megatrons. Burton's colder, more calculating take was one of the most chilling and memorable performances in what was perhaps my favourite TF cartoon already, enriched by how distinctive Corey managed to make it from Brainiac or Soundwave; the lisp never too distracting and giving it a bit of a serpentine quality to enrich the gravel. David Kaye, on toe other hand, played Beast!Megatron with theatricality and sophistication; for a "beastly" iteration, I loved how BW Megatron always felt far more competent and cunning than G1!Megatron, and Kaye's performance was able to perfectly bridge that pompous, regal air with a cruel and ruthless undertone.

The other two stand outs, on this VC, are Fred Tatasciore and Richard Newman. Newman's take is scarily on-point when it comes to emulating David Kaye's Energon take and, while I do find it less distinct than the Beast!Megatron voice, I love the pride and cunning he gave this iteration of Megatron. Plus, his laugh was brilliant. Fred is... interesting. His Megatron is notably more brutal, having emphasised the former gladiator origin, and it's actually a pretty good bridge between David Kaye and Frank Welker. But I do wish he gave it a bit more of a gravel/growl. It feels a little... restrained for how I imagine Megatron during the Great War. If it just had that little bit more of an edge, I'd rank it higher. But still a great performance!

I don't particularly care much for the rest here. Daniel Riordan's take sounds rather bland and underwhelming (which is a shame as Alduin proves he CAN voice this sort of a character), Hugo Weaving always felt like he was phoning it in, Jeff Manning and Garry Chalk are both miscasts, Trevor Devall's take was just...UGH, and Tony Gialluca... I... mmm... it's kinda generic, but I do like the gravel it has?

Vote solidly goes to Jason Marnocha, followed by Frank in second place.

CASTING CALL: This is the most generic choice imaginable, but darn, it just is so perfect... Clancy Brown would be PHENOMENAL if given the chance. Time and time again, Clancy Brown has proven he has a natural talent for villains; if he adapted his Hades/Dark Dragon voice (which has a little more of a growl/snarl, even without the former's vocal effects, than his other villainous voices) and let him enrich it with the dry humour and charisma of Lex Luthor, he'd be right up there, if not THE best voice the character has had. Neil Kaplan, going off of his Madara and Zarkon, would also be amazing! Christopher Sabat, Steve Blum, Jason Douglas, Jamieson Price, Paul Dobson, James Marsters, Jonathan Adams, Keith David, Troy Baker, Scottie Ray and Rafael Ferrer (as his brother Miguel can sadly never get a chance) would also all make for good Megatron takes, I think. Travis Willingham would be PERFECT as Beast Megatron: his Gorilla Grodd in particular always reminded me of David Kaye's Megs.

And, if the franchise's Hollywood spin were rebooted, my big budget pick/ IDRIS ELBA. His Shere Khan in the Jungle Book reboot would be absolutely phenomenal as Megatron; able to command an entire room whether shouting o gently cooing, all accompanied by a subtle growl to retain that edge of savage unpredictability.
said at 4:01 PM on Sat May 26 2018
@Lion's Edge

When did Corey Burton voice Soundwave?
Lion's Edge
said at 4:40 PM on Sat May 26 2018
@aw4977273 ... shiiiii- SHOCKwave. I meant SHOCKwave. Sorry 'bout that; those two, in particular, I tend to sometimes accidentally mix up.
said at 9:47 PM on Mon May 28 2018
@Lion's Edge Neil Kaplan actually did already play Megatron, filling in for Daniel Riordan while he was on vacation in France, although it was only for two lines and even he can't remember which episode he was in.
said at 5:20 AM on Tue May 29 2018
@Lion's Edge

Credit where it's due though, Soundwave and Shockwave are (usually) much more loyal to Megatron than Starscream. I say usually because in Transformers Animated, Soundwave was independent and never joined Megatron's cause.

Shockwave on the other hand...
Lion's Edge
said at 7:12 AM on Tue May 29 2018
@Metabad Huh. Well, the more you know. Would still love to hear him get a shot at playing Megatron for, well, more than a brief stand-that... no one can actually pinpoint (will say, that does say, at the very least, he probably did good enough a job emulating Riordan that no one CAN tel).
said at 11:45 AM on Thu Mar 29 2018
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Garry Chalk does a great job and all, but his Megatron voice doesn't sound anything like Frank Welker. They should've gotten Jim Byrnes to voice him instead; His Inferno voice is uncannily similar to Frank Welker's Megatron.
said at 8:54 PM on Mon Jan 8 2018
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After some time, I think overall Corey Burton is still my personal favorite for Megatron. He ha the right amount of charm, intelligence, menacing, and coldness I'd like to hear from a Megatron. Also this Megatron is great too, probably him or IDW are my favorite. Hell, Burton fits well with IDW Megatron too.
8000 Saiyans
said at 7:23 PM on Mon Oct 16 2017
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Frank Welker is the best Megatron, but David Kaye, Corey Burton and Fred Tatasciore are also great.
said at 8:11 AM on Wed Oct 11 2017
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Who'd have thought that Chris Tergliafera would make a fantastic Megatron?
said at 2:14 PM on Thu Sep 14 2017
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1. Frank Welker
2. Hugo Weaving
3. Fred Tatasciore
4. Corey Burton
5. David Kaye
EPA Deane
said at 5:44 AM on Sat Jul 29 2017
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My Top 5 Favourite Megatron Voices

5. Richard Newman/Daniel Riordan
4. Corey Burton
3. Frank Welker (Prime/Devastion Performances> Original Performances)
2. Fred Tatasciore
1. David Kaye

Future VA Suggestions:

Jay Goede...... No Question about it.... I think a more Elegant and Vicious version of his MewTwo voice be a Great fit for Megatron.

I also believe that Billy Zane would be solid as the Leader of the Decepticons, using a Deeper and more pompous version of his Ansem, Seeker of Darknes voice....... (Honestly I'm surprised that Michael Bay did not cast Zane as Megatron.....)

I also recommend Gideon Emery, Mark Strong, Simon Templeman and Anthony LaPaglia.
Pat Rex 11
said at 5:57 AM on Mon May 8 2017
 4 Shout Outs!
I like Burton, Tatasciore and Weaving's takes (despite poor writing for the latter) Welker's the best. You can't beat the classic... unless it's his Prime voice in which case it curbstomps the classic one.
said at 4:04 PM on Sat May 26 2018
@Pat Rex 11

Prime Megatron in general probably beats out G1 Megatron because he has that image of someone you definitely don't want to get on the wrong side of (Yes, I'm looking at you Starscream...)
said at 6:18 PM on Sat Apr 1 2017
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Frank Welker is awesome his take in G1 was classic but sounded more menacing in Prime he is the voice of Megatron to me

David kaye gotta love his performance in Beast Wars and that why he second

Third I'll say Jason Macmocha he sounded really good in the clip
said at 4:12 PM on Sat Mar 4 2017
Is it strange that I prefer Welker in G1 over Prime?

He sounds too dry and forced for my liking, if a little bland too.

(For some reason, I liked his video game takes more than Prime).
said at 4:14 PM on Sat Mar 4 2017
Okay, he's better than I gave him credit for in Prime, but I still think something is just a tad off, no offense to the amazing Frank Welker intended.
Shaun Ince
said at 5:25 PM on Sat Mar 4 2017
@GreenGoblin75 That's not that strange to be completely honest. Personally Welker in the most recent Transformers game is a combination of his Prime & G1 takes on the character. Which I feel sounds the best to me.
said at 7:11 AM on Sat Jan 7 2017
Trevor devail (like others have noted.) does sound pretty deep, but I still think he's a pretty good stand in for Kaye.
said at 6:51 PM on Sun Jan 1 2017
@Zillah I can hear the difference now, thanks for pointing that out.
said at 3:30 PM on Sun Jan 1 2017
Corey is just using his shockwave voice.
said at 3:40 PM on Sun Jan 1 2017
@Voiceactorfan1 It doesn't really sound much like his Shockwave voice though tbh.
TylerMirage (Admin)
said at 5:16 PM on Sun Jan 1 2017
@Voiceactorfan1 Except for the part where the two voices are clearly different.
said at 8:01 AM on Mon Jan 2 2017
@TylerMirage yeah, I can hear the difference between his two voices now, I regret posting that comment.
said at 9:52 AM on Fri Dec 23 2016
 3 Shout Outs!
Frank welker's voice sounded MUCH more fitting in prime.
Shaun Ince
said at 10:38 AM on Thu Dec 22 2016
 5 Shout Outs!
Jason Marnocha sounds very similar to Frank's G1 voice for Megatron. I'm impressed. One of the better casting choices from Combiner Wars.
said at 9:46 AM on Thu Dec 22 2016
@Nightmare Crusher too bad, I didn't think Garry chalk was that good.
said at 9:35 AM on Thu Dec 22 2016
Why wasn't Frank welker available for the G1
Megatron in beast wars?
Nightmare Crusher
said at 9:39 AM on Thu Dec 22 2016
@Voiceactorfan1 They tried, he was just busy and they didn't offer him enough money to fit in with his schedule.
said at 8:29 PM on Mon Jan 15 2018
@Nightmare Crusher And let's be fair, Beast Wars was recorded in Canada and I'm pretty sure Welker, along with the rest of the G1 cast, is/was LA based. It'd have been too expensive to fly him out for a 20 second cameo, as cool as that would have been.
NCZ (Admin)
said at 9:28 PM on Mon Jan 15 2018

They were actually covered there. The story was one of Beast War's producers offered to go to Frank Welker's house personally and tape record his lines there.
said at 6:35 PM on Thu Dec 8 2016
@TylerMirage yeah I can see where I went wrong.
said at 5:48 PM on Thu Dec 8 2016
I like how Corey added a lisp.
TylerMirage (Admin)
said at 6:28 PM on Thu Dec 8 2016
@Voiceactorfan1 I wouldn't say "lisp" so much as "hiss".
said at 6:55 PM on Mon Nov 28 2016
Frank 1
Hugo 2
Jeff 3
said at 3:10 PM on Sun Oct 16 2016
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Updated VC thoughts

Okay, in all seriousness, I've never been a big Megatron fan. The G1 incarnation was tons of fun, and the BW/BM version and the 2001 RiD version were pretty enjoyable as well, but most of the time, he is a pretty bland character IMO.

With that out of the way, I must say that I like Frank Welker's G1 performance the most. I mean, he made Megatron a pretty enjoyable villain yet could also be quite a threat to the heroes. However, I really find his performance in TFP to be exceedingly bland and boring. It literally puts me to sleep. But his G1 take is pretty enjoyable and I love it whenever I hear it, despite not liking the character that much.

Fred Tatasciore is pretty awesome, I must say. Of all the darker versions, I think his performance is the most enjoyable (along with David Kaye's BM Megs). He manages to add some bombastic sound into the role at times.

David Kaye is next. Boy, BW Megatron is such an enjoyable villain, and Kaye really seems to be having tons of fun in the role. Whether it be the hammy, flamboyant BW version or the dark yet still quite hammy BM version, he really nailed it.

Garry Chalk does a pretty nice impression of Frank Welker. I wish I could hear more, 'cause he does have some potential.

Daniel Riordan is just so enjoyably crazy and over-the-top that it brings a smile to my face. I still enjoy his overbearing take even to this day.

I also enjoyed Richard Newman, Trevor Devall and Jason Marnocha in the role.

Hugo Weaving, Corey Burton, Tony Gialluca and Jeff Manning are pretty bland and forgettable. Weaving and Gialluca are too monstrous, Manning is extremely forgettable and Burton is uncharacteristically boring and he makes Megatron sound quite frail, unfortunately.
said at 11:57 AM on Sun Oct 16 2016
 3 Shout Outs!
Okay, I've had a change of thought, surprising right?

Anyway, my new favorite is Fred Tatasciore. I feel he has all the qualities I want in Megatron. He has the booming, hammy nature of Welker, the deepness of Kaye, the chilling nature of Burton, and the growl of Weaving.

On to the new addition, I don't really like Marnocha's take. His gruff and rasp is WAY too over the top and I can't really take him seriously.
said at 9:32 AM on Sun Oct 16 2016
 3 Shout Outs!
I really like Jason's take. I'd even put him in my top 6. I'm not sure where exactly, but he's one of my top picks. Also that "transform and roll out" was pretty funny.
said at 11:12 AM on Sat Oct 1 2016
I'm always kinda torn between three of these performances: Frank Welker for his two performances (awesomely OTT and hammy in G1 while whispery and threatening in Prime), Fred Tatasciore for his awesome deep, intelligent version, and David Kaye for his hammy, classy aristocratic Megatron.

But then I saw this:

David Kaye's Beast Machines Megatron is amazing. It's just so deep and threatening that it almost causes goosebumps. The intensity of his performance just gives me chills.

For now, I vote David Kaye.
said at 9:55 AM on Sun Sep 18 2016
 3 Shout Outs!
Corey Burton sounds the most chilling and menacing wiyhout sounding like he's about to lose his temper like Frank Welker portrays him. That's another thing I LOVED about Animated Megatron.
said at 10:13 AM on Sun Sep 18 2016
@GaryTheNeutral *without
said at 5:20 AM on Fri Aug 26 2016
David Kaye also wins on V2. In V2 he sounds like a Transformer should.
said at 5:18 AM on Fri Aug 26 2016
Mixvibez for the winner. Welker V2 although he plays a rubbish looking graphics version wins the battle of the Welker's accents I think.
said at 9:33 AM on Sat Aug 20 2016
 4 Shout Outs!
I wish Fred Tatasciore would play Megatron more often.
said at 10:21 AM on Sat Jun 18 2016
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Neil Kaplan did play megatron in one episode of RID01
said at 1:36 PM on Sat Jun 18 2016
@THETOUCH2012 Do you think you could share a clip? Or tell what episode?
said at 3:32 AM on Sun Jun 19 2016
@Zillah I asked Neil he said he never made a note of it but it was a stand in voice
said at 1:30 PM on Sat May 14 2016
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1. Frank Welker
2. David Kaye
3. Corey Burton
4. Fred Tatasciore
5. Hugo Weaving
(Dare I call it a 4 way tie for 2nd between #'s 2 and 5)
6. Richard Newman
7. Tony Gialluca
8. Daniel Riordan
9. Garry Chalk
10. Trevor Devall
11. Jeff Manning
said at 7:51 PM on Fri May 6 2016
 2 Shout Outs!
Man this was a hard one... I was so close with going ol Frank on this one... But I'm going to give it to my favorite VA ever Corey Burton.

I was originally going to go with Welker's Prime Portrayal but as I started trying to think of the reasons why I liked it, it stared describing why I liked Burton's so much. TFA Megatron really gave a strong presence, a calm but very cold and powerful vibe that would not tolerate foolishness or backstabbers... In fact he is one of the few versions that did not take any of Starscream's shenanigans (Insert montage of everytime Megatron shot Starscream to oblivion xD)

Something too that i liked about Corey's preformance was that his Megatron never needed to go super bombastic or hammy to make himself have a presence which pretty cool... Also because its the trait that defines my second favorite Megatron David Kaye xD

Good lord he hams it up with his Megatron performances (whether it be Beast Wars or the Unicron Trilogy) but man it makes his portrayal so much fun xD Like its that type of villain portrayal where just get to let loose and just do what ever and have a ball while doing it... Whats more is that ironically I can still take him seriously as a villain. I guess why that is comes down to the fact while it is quite hammy its the type that feels very confident and very much egotistical, perfect fit for a villain who wants to rule over everything xD

For third place it's a tie for Frank and ol Hulk Smashing Fred Tatasciore. Both are good at playing the strong villain leader and are still great memorable performances... I Do find it funny I put Fred and Frank in the same spot since the portrayals I'm choose from them are suppose to be part of the same continuity... For some reason xD
said at 2:58 PM on Sun Apr 10 2016
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Top 5:

1. David Kaye
2. Frank Welker
3. Fred Tatasciore
4. Hugo Weaving
5. Richard Newman
said at 9:19 PM on Sat Mar 26 2016
 3 Shout Outs!
1. Frank Welker (G1 Movie>Prime>G1 show>ROTF game/Beginnings>07 game)
2. Fred Tatasciore
3. David Kaye (Beast Machines/Energon>Beast Wars)
4. Corey Burton
5. Hugo Weaving
6. Richard Newman
7. Daniel Riordan
8. Tony Gialluca
9. Trevor Devall
10. Garry Chalk
11. Jeff Manning
said at 5:18 PM on Thu Apr 14 2016
Oh man, I forgot how much I liked David Kaye in Cybertron as a kid, I'm seriously considering changing my vote.
said at 8:29 PM on Sun Apr 24 2016
Actually, I think I'll change it to Fred Tatasciore.
said at 1:43 PM on Sat May 14 2016
Screw it. Frank Welker is king.
said at 2:32 PM on Sat Jan 30 2016
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Gotta go with the legendary and classic Frank Welker, though David Kaye is second best in my book.
said at 1:10 PM on Sat Jan 30 2016
 4 Shout Outs!
Everybody costantly say that G1 Megatron is clumsy and funny... they all forget how VICIOUS and THREATENING G1 Megatron can actually be and sound... given the right rated. G1 was a cartoon kid.. so he had to be clumsy and funny. But then it came the movie: and we had a goddamn Megatron that proclaim with both irony and delight of his own cruelty SUCH HEROIC NO SENSE before blowing the head out of Ironhide that was at his feet.

Frank Welker have always been the best Megatron... but yes. His PRIME voice is far better. Megatron in Transformers Prime is pure badassery. TP Megatron do not run. TP Megatron do not cry for retreat. TP Megatron do not even fear death at all. TP Megatron is not afraid of challange a god in his realm. If TP Megatron is starting to loose.. THEN HE GOES BERSERK AND FIGHT EVEN HARDER! TP Megatron is not even afraid to confess to Predaking (Predaking. The mightiest and biggest Cybertronian of the whole TP series) that he is the one responsable for the death of his comrades. TP Megatron is not deceived by Starscream and he does not given second chances. And do you remember the part when he actually give Cylas hope that he could become a Decepticon... ONLY TO CONDAMN HIM AT VIVISECTION WITH A SMILE ON HIS FACE? TP Megatron is evil incarnated.. or he is? No he isn't. TP Megatron is not a cliché character. He is no stereotype. He actually have a motivation for becoming evil (he was born and raise a slave and wishing for all Cyvertronians no class division) and he actually renounce to his devotion to oppression after he learn the true meaning of it.

No contest: Frank Welker is the best Megatron.

And if the other actors would try to denie it... this is what is likely to happen:

Frank Weller: Performance? This is Bad Comedy.
Other Megatron voices: Megatron?? Is that you??
Frank Weller: Here's a Hint. (*shoot*)
Frank Weller: Will anyone else attempt to fill MY shoes??
said at 12:52 PM on Tue Jan 5 2016
 3 Shout Outs!
Ok, this one was a tough decision and just changed back to David Kaye, who was my original vote before changing to Frank for G1 and Prime.

Well Frank is how I picture Megatron sounding most of the time, it took a while to get used to it, and heard David for a while, but while I enjoy Frank, David was my introduction to Megatron, and is my favorite, I like both Beast Era and UT, but as Autovolt pointed he can go from threatening to hilarious like a majority of the Beast Wars villains, and was a great threatening villain in Beast Machines, while in UT, his booming voice still sound out but sometimes the performance wasn't as effective.

So sticking with David Kaye on this one, yesss.
said at 6:48 AM on Sun Jan 3 2016
 5 Shout Outs!

I think it's obvious who my favourite Megatron is as well as his voice. Beast Wars Megatron voiced by David Kaye. Oh YEEEEEEESSSSSS! David Kaye was the Megatron voice I grew up with during the UT and re-runs of Beast Wars. Megatron is usually one of my top favourite characters because of David's performance. BW Megatron is one of my favourite villains ever, he strikes a perfect balance of being a deliciously evil and comical villain. One minute he's trying to erase you and your ancestors from history, the next he's playing in a bath with his rubber ducky. How can you not love a villain like him? I loved how in Beast Machines, he plays a more malevolent Megatron, a Megatron who actually won and now rules Cybertron with an iron fist. I love how much deeper and hatefilled he sounds. His UT Megatron performances aren't as great but I still love it. I sort of like how his voice got a bit lighter. It's awesome that each different incarnation and rendition of Megatron he does, he sounds different with the role. Not many VA's who reprise numerous times do that. David Kaye gets my vote.

Corey Burton is a really close second, now that's a voice that can send shivers down my spine. I love TFA Megatron, he's my second favourite incarnation. He's more cold and calculating but I loved that. They really made this Megatron a force to be reckoned with. My only complaint is that this Megatron is more or less an endgame boss, an awesome one mind you but I feel like he could have had a bit more depth, I kind of wanted to now how this Megatron became who he is and why? It probably wouldn't be as far off from the once miner turned gladiator then champion of civil rights to a tyrannical warlord but still. I sometimes hear this voice for IDW Megatron.

The legendary Frank Welker is third. While I prefer a more classy sounding Megatron, Frank is really fun in the role, most of the time. In G1 he was great with his diabolical evil plans and losing his cool however and sadly I feel Frank can no longer do that voice he did in G1. Go and see his work in the 07 and ROTF Movie games. He sounds like a dying old man and when I heard he'd be coming back for Transformers Prime I was dreading how he'd sound like until I heard it. He goes for something more cold and calculating voice much like Corey Burton's rendition but raspier and even a little bit insane sounding. He fits this version well. I also really love how he sounded in AOE as Galvatron. A perfect balance to the lower and raspier Prime Megatron voice with the angry shouty G1 version, it's awesome. I'm glad Frank had another chance with the role. He turned out to be better than I imagined.

Then there's Fred Tatasciore. A really surprising choice to Megatron but he really pulls him off really well. He fits a more brutal and aggressive gladiatorial Megatron. Though I kind of prefer him in the DOTM game where he does an amazing impression of Hugo Weaving's Megatron, in fact I kind of prefer him over Hugo Weaving, who I honestly don't care for as Megatron, I don't know I just can hear how he phoned it in, I know he wasn't fond of the role and I'm not surprised as Bay movies Megatron is a friggin joke. Honestly I'm glad we have "Galvatron" now.

I also really love Richard Newman's rendition. Holy Crap he's really spot on to David Kaye's take. Though it's a shame he didn't fill in again for the Cybertron episode Fallen. Trevor Devall's take is just so forced and unnatural in its pitch and sound. I'm convinced the only reason Newman didn't do Megatron there was because he was doing Vector Prime and Megatron and Vector Prime share some scenes so it might have been awkward sounding considering how similar their voices are. I really want Richard to take another stab as Megatron again.

I don't really like Daniel Riordan's Megatron, ironically enough if he used his Alduin voice from Skyrim he'd do a solid on Hugo Weaving Megatron impression.

Garry Chalk sounds too light and frail as G1 Megatron, Jeff Manning doesn't fit Megatron and Tony Gialluca is generic but I sort of like the rumble in his voice.

BONUS: I've always wanted to see Clancy Brown do Megatron, I know it's uninspired since he's the voice of so many villains but it's one of the most epic sounding villain voices ever, I could see him doing something like his Destro, which would be somewhat similar to Corey Burton's TFA version but a bit more rumbling like Fred Tatasciore. I'd also love to see Miguel Ferrer have a stab too, and if FUNimation does Transformers Jason Douglas doing a variation of his King Cold would be boss
said at 1:10 AM on Tue Mar 29 2016
@Autovolt Listening to Frank Welker, I was imagining Mike Pollock playing Megatron.
Shaun Ince
said at 8:10 PM on Wed Jul 13 2016
@Autovolt Personally I feel Fred's the perfect middle ground between Welker & Kaye's takes on Megatron. It's regal, menacing & at times pretty hammy. It's why I have a hard time deciding whether or not I prefer Fred more than I do Frank or David.
said at 3:29 AM on Wed Nov 18 2015
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said at 7:52 AM on Wed Oct 7 2015
 1 Shout Out!
1) Frank Welker: His original take is just perfect. His Prime take isn't bad, but I always felt that it could fit someone like the Fallen or SG Optimus a lot more than Megatron. In fact, when I think of Megatron, I think the complete opposite of Optimus Prime: A ruthless, power mad leader who always shouts orders to his soldiers instead of giving them calmly like Optimus does, and he loses his temper pretty easily. The original take just encompasses that perfectly whereas the Prime take just feels like a villainous Prime, although it's still a solid performance, but I think his original take had the proper intensity and energy that is needed for the character.

2) David Kaye: YEEEEEESSSSSSSS!!!! His BW take is just a lot of fun and it's really a blast to listen too. His Beast Machines take is also equally good, while also adding a more threatening sound to it. His Unicron Trilogy trilogy take wasn't as awesome as the previous two, but it was still pretty good.

3) Garry Chalk: Despite the limited material, I really liked his take. Has a lot of potential and I really would like it if he reprised the role.

4) Daniel Riordan: His Megatron is just a lot of fun. He sounds so insane and demanding, and he also seems to be having a ball in the role. Another pretty great performance.

5) Fred Tatasciore: A pretty fitting performance. Tatasciore nails the arrogance of the character really well. He also manages to have fun in the role. A pretty memorable take on the character.

6) Trevor Devall: A pretty unique take on Kaye's Megatron, Devall does a pretty good job in stepping in for Kaye, even if it's easy to tell the difference between the two. He sounds fittingly arrogant and deceitful.

7) Richard Newman: Impressive. I couldn't even tell that it wasn't Kaye in the first place. Both actors have very similar sounding voices, so using Newman to replace Kaye for that episode really paid off. Like Chalk, I just wish Newman could reprise the role.

8) Hugo Weaving: Even though his version of Megatron was pretty much used as a second banana to other characters (The Fallen and Sentinel Prime), Weaving really delivered a good performance despite that fact. He nails the arrogance and the ruthlessness.

9) Corey Burton: Decent, but he sounds kinda light and he's lacking in energy at times.

10) Jeff Manning: Serviceable, but his delivery is pretty stiff.

11) Tony Gialluca: Extremely forgettable.
said at 3:28 PM on Sun Sep 6 2015
 1 Shout Out!
Welker- not threatening enough
Weaving- too threatening
Tatascioree- juuuuuust right
said at 10:22 PM on Mon Oct 5 2015
@lnytune1 - Welker from the original series or Prime?
Shaun Ince
said at 7:23 PM on Mon Aug 24 2015
 3 Shout Outs!
1. Fred Tatasciore/ Welker (Prime)
2. Corey Burton
3. David Kaye
4. Richard Newman.
Shaun Ince
said at 7:21 PM on Mon Aug 24 2015
 4 Shout Outs!
Fred Tatasciore strikes the balance of regal & authoritative. And that is reflected in almost every bit of dialogue that Megatron has in the game.
said at 9:28 PM on Fri May 1 2015
Hugo And Corey But Hugo Edges Out More So....
said at 3:51 PM on Fri Apr 3 2015
 2 Shout Outs!
I think my personal favorite is Fred Tatasciore. I think it strikes a great balance between the raspyness of both of Frank Welker's performances and the cocky deepness and poshness of David Kaye, the Megatron I grew up with on TF Armada.

Honestly, while I really do like Frank Welker's Prime performance, and his 80's original performance is classic as well (especially during his fight with Optimus in The Movie), the raspyness of it always makes him come across as a little TOO old. I always think that Megatron and Optimus should be around the same age, yet in the 80s, Megatron sounded much older. It's much better in Prime though.

David Kaye is the one I grew up with, and his completely different angle on how Megatron should sound (dignified and relatively deep, rather than high and raspy like a stereotypical 80's cartoon villain) is great.

Hugo's a little too...on the nose to take that seriously. It's interesting, giving him a super-deep, growly voice, but ultimately it's a little too demonic. He's supposed to be a power-hungry general and dictator, not Satan.

I'm actually a big fan of Corey Burton's interpretation, it sounds very cold and calculating, very machine-like, as opposed to the usual vengeful rage that Megatron exhibits. The calm, cold confidence of Braniac is a refreshing take on the character.

All the rest of them? Pretty much just sound-alikes and relatively bad interpretations. Nothing special, no need to talk about them specifically.
Mark Johnson
said at 7:34 PM on Sat Mar 28 2015
 1 Shout Out!
1. Hugo Weaving
2. Frank Welker (TF Prime)
3. David Kaye (Unicron Trilogy)
4. Richard Newman
5. David Kaye (Beast Wars AND Beast Machines)
6. Frank Welker (1986 series)
7. Fred Tatascoire
8. Gary Chalk
9. Trevor Devall
10. Daniel Riordan
11. Corey Burton
12. Jeff Manning
13. Tony Gialluca
said at 9:58 AM on Fri Mar 20 2015
 1 Shout Out!
1) Frank Welker
2) David Kaye
3) Fred Tatascoire
4) Hugo Weaving
5) Corey Burton
said at 10:32 PM on Mon Mar 9 2015
 5 Shout Outs!
1. Frank Welker
2. Corey Burton
3. Fred Tatasciore
4. Hugo Weaving
5. David Kaye
6. Tony Gialluca
7. Richard Newman
8. Garry Chalk
9. Daniel Riordan
10. Trevor Devall
11. Jeff Manning
said at 3:13 PM on Thu Mar 19 2015
@Zillah I Agree!
said at 6:50 AM on Tue Feb 17 2015
 2 Shout Outs!
By the way, does anyone else think Daniel Riordan should have another go as Megatron? Perhaps using a variation of the voice he used for Alduin World-Eater in Skyrim?
said at 7:57 AM on Sat Feb 7 2015
 1 Shout Out!
can't decide between David Kaye and Frank Welker
said at 7:23 AM on Sat Nov 1 2014
I thought they used voice synthesizers for Transformers and merged them with the voices, wow i was wrong. Must have been that other show... the one that tried to copy Transformers.
TylerMirage (Admin)
said at 9:06 AM on Sat Nov 1 2014
@Gatch Certain shows do enhance the performances (some more than others) with a slight metallic echo.

And obviously there are characters whose voices are HEAVILY enhanced.
said at 5:57 AM on Fri Oct 24 2014
 2 Shout Outs!
Frank Welker - Okay, his G1 performance may be a bit outdated now, but its just so entertaining to listen to imo. However, its his TFP performance that really sells me.

David Kaye - Different yet still an awesome take on the tyrannical decepticon (or in this case, predacon) leader.

Daniel Riordan - Ehhhh, not bad, but I kinda feel like it would fit another decepticon better. Sounds a bit too high pitched for Megs imo.

Corey Burton - Great. The more I listen to his voice the more it reminds me of his Brainiac (except not quite as monotone), which works extremely well for the character.

Hugo Weaving - Despite not having much knowledge of the franchise, he still managed to give an excellent performance for Megatron, sounds quite menacing.

Trevor Devall - Too deep, and kinda boring.

Garry Chalk - Sounds okay, but that radio-ish effect is a hindrance.

Jeff Manning - His voice sounds too breathy and his delivery is really awkward.

Fred Tatasciore - He does a great job in both the Cybertron games and the DOTM game as well.

Tony Gialluca - Decent Hugo Weaving impression, not much else to be said though.

Richard Newman - A good stand in for Kaye, but I think it sounds a bit too much like Rhinox, which gets kinda distracting.
said at 9:50 PM on Mon Oct 27 2014
@Zillah Garry Chalk's radio effect is because his voice was playing over an old recording in that episode.
said at 9:57 PM on Mon Oct 27 2014
@Metabad I already knew that though
said at 10:01 PM on Mon Oct 27 2014
@Zillah Oh okay.
Shaun Ince
said at 4:54 PM on Thu Oct 23 2014
My top 3

1. Frank Welker
2. Fred Tatasciore
3. David Kaye
said at 12:31 PM on Sun Sep 21 2014
David Kaye and Frank Welker are the two Best Megatron voices. Both sound like very demanding villains, especially David.

Corey Burton sounds a lot like his Shockwave. Still good, nonetheless.

Fred Tatasciore sounds a bit like Frank here, which automatically makes him OK here.

Richard Newman may have had a brief run, but he tried his best to sound like David's voice.

Hugo Weaving was good too, considering the fact that he wasn't too enthusiastic about it.

Daniel Riordan... don't know, I'm not sure I like it. Nor almost any RID voice, for that matter.

Didn't like Jeff Manning's performance
said at 2:40 PM on Sun Sep 21 2014
@IamOptimusPrime2020 I dunno. I thought the RiD performances were quite good (especially Sky-Byte).

Richard Newman is quite possibly my favorite Canadian performer and he does great as Megatron. In fact, if you want someone that sounds like Kaye, Newman is the perfect choice (I didn't even know it was Newman in the first place).

So yeah, I think Welker, Kaye, Tatasciore, Newman and Riordan did great as Megatron.
said at 3:22 PM on Sun Sep 21 2014
@Starscreamsfan I didn't know it was Newman either. Anyway, as for Riordan, whatever works for you.
Ka Yan
said at 8:00 PM on Fri Sep 12 2014
 1 Shout Out!
Frank Welker,Transformers: Prime (2010) is the best.
said at 12:05 AM on Wed Jul 9 2014
Can't pick a favorite
said at 5:34 AM on Thu Jul 3 2014
Frank Welker takes this one, but Hugo Weaving, Fred Tatasciore and David Kaye (YEEESSS) all did a pretty good job.
said at 6:07 PM on Wed Jul 2 2014
David did a real good job with referring to some of Megatron's older quotes; particularly "I would have waited....." And "Why throw away....."
said at 4:58 PM on Wed Jul 2 2014
 1 Shout Out!
Frank Welker - Whether he's screaming in G1 or more reserved in Prime, he always does a great job; sounding very authoritative and sinister... But given that this is Frank Welker we're talking about, being great kinda goes without saying.

David Kaye - With a sense of intelligence and menace, he delivers a delightfully hammy performance. YESSSSSSSS...!

Garry Chalk - A decent stand-in for Frank Welker; he didn't have much material to work with, but he seemed to understand the character pretty well.

Daniel Riordan - It's an adequate voice for Megatron; it sounds evil and raspy. Like with most of the voices in this series, I don't really have any complaints, but it's not particularly memorable either.

Jeff Manning - Pretty bad.

Richard Newman - A great stand-in for Kaye; I could barely tell that it was a different actor.

Trevor Devall - A, um... not-so-great stand-in for Kaye. His acting is fine, though.

Hugo Weaving - Despite Hugo having no knowledge of the franchise and his voice acting being literally phoned-in, it's still a great performance, for a more monstrous version of Megatron.

Corey Burton - He does a good job as a more calculating version of the character.

Fred Tatasciore - Even though I could often hear his Hulk voice slip in during the game, I still think he did a good job as a G1-esque Megatron.

Tony Gialluca - Once again repeating my comment on the Optimus page; he's fine. He's a decent stand-in.
said at 12:36 AM on Thu Jun 5 2014
1) Frank Welker
2) Fred Tatasciore
3) Hugo Weaving
4) Corey Burton
5) David Kaye
6) Tony Gialluca
7) Richard Newman
8) Garry Chalk
9) Trevor Devall
10) Daniel Riordan
11) Jeff Manning
said at 10:34 PM on Mon May 12 2014
David Kaye is just as awesome in his own way but he shouldn't be included since as far as I know Predacon Megatron is a completely separate character.
said at 5:10 PM on Thu May 29 2014
@Ringworm128 True but he also played Megatron in Armada, Energon, and Cybertron
said at 10:28 PM on Sat Apr 19 2014
Frank Welkers voice is just dripping with arrogance. And the old sounding raspy voice with his commanding tone sounds really sinister. Prime let's him do a great, more subdued performance. So yeah, I vote Welker, both G1 and Prime.
said at 5:46 PM on Thu Feb 13 2014
 5 Shout Outs!
@PsychicVoiceSpy That is essentially the same outlook with me. As you might've seen in my earlier comment, I wasn't too fond of Kaye's performance. But like you, when I watched some episodes of Beast Wars, my opinion drastically changed. He's still very threatening in spite of his hammy delivery (which, the more I see it, is what makes him unique from other reincarnations), and can provide great power and trickery along with it. He jumps up there with Corey and Frank for me now, and I already love those two a great deal.

With that said, my vote still sticks with Frank from Prime, because IMHO, there is an underlying layer of depth within his performance that brings a lot more to the character than may seem. Though the dialogue and actions play a big part in it as well, it's Welker's performance that helps to bring a lot to Megatron where his characteristics can be brought out not just by exposition, but mainly by emotional charge. Megatron is a ruthless leader that has no boundaries and knows when to step in and bring in potential enemies and when to step into full gear at the right time, and it is very intriguing how whenever I've watched the character onscreen, even when I miss the dialogue, his capacity can bring out what he says. His background, along with Welker's portrayal, is the main reason why he is my choice.

But when people say they choose Kaye as Megatron, now I seen exactly why.
said at 8:17 PM on Thu Feb 13 2014
@DreamMaster08X I agree with you on how Frank's latest performance in Prime brings a certain level of emotional character depth to him that wasn't there before, and that's a real plus. That said, Kaye provides a certain playfulness to his Megatron. It's the kind of voice that has an air of confidence and intelligence that makes him sound as if he's playing mind games with his enemies, and enjoying it. Not only that, but when listening to his performance in The Agenda Part 3 and other scenes throughout Beast Wars, he shows the same level of grandeur, ambition, and tireless determination to accomplish his goals to the point where he becomes frightening, just as Frank. And from what I've heard from Beast Machines, he is perfectly capable of portraying the terrifying monster side of Megatron as well.

I do like how Frank's Prime performance has an underlying depth to it and I totally appreciate that, but from the angle of which actor has the ability of establishing Megatron as the oppressive, unrelenting threat that he is, Kaye does it just as well, or perhaps better. And that's why choosing my favorite is going to be a challenge to say the least. There are so many different factors to consider when judging each performance in their entirety that I've decided that this is my favorite voice compare, even though I haven't even come to my own conclusion on it. :)
said at 2:22 PM on Fri Feb 14 2014
@PsychicVoiceSpy Even in Beast Machines he wasn't without the humor. The writers slipped in the occasional yesss.
said at 12:56 PM on Thu Feb 13 2014
 1 Shout Out!
It too me a while to hear Frank in the comics, I just used Kaye's Unicron Trilogy voice in my head, it was just so intimidating and ruthless, then Prime came along and changed all that. Frank's Prime performance wins, though Kaye is a close second Yesss. Corey, Hugo, Fred, and Daniel, are great as their respective versions, but are no match for Kaye's superiority Noooo.
said at 3:28 PM on Thu Feb 13 2014
@pete Man, I voted for Frank a while back, but once I saw Beast Wars all the way through and some of his scenes from Beast Machines, I have NEVER been this torn on a voice-compare, ever. They are both so incredibly magnificent and perfect as Megatron in their own ways that it's a challenge to decide. I've never felt that way when considering a voice-compare before, but that's just a testament to their talent!
said at 5:07 PM on Thu Feb 13 2014
@PsychicVoiceSpy I know right! Been re watching Beast Wars and even completed Beast Machines recently. I almost came on here and switched back to David, but decided not to. Scorponok is the same way, I like Don and Colin but changed to Colin after thinking it over. Optimus is the same way. Torn between Peter and Garry.
said at 5:09 PM on Thu Feb 13 2014
@pete I'll put Richard Newman at 6, sounds a bit Rhinoxish, but that also makes it a bit Tankorsh as well. It's sinister enough, and isn't just a David impression and is quite different from his version.
Polyester Funk
said at 12:12 AM on Tue Dec 24 2013
 1 Shout Out!
Frank Welker's Prime voice is great. He sounds like his origin version, yet more menacing.

David Kaye and Corey Burton are very good too. Fred Tatasciore is pretty good and Hugo Weaving was good for the movie version.
said at 2:49 PM on Fri Dec 20 2013
To think Predacons Rising makes Megatron a good guy in the end. That's a first. I say it would be a better idea if Megatron was completely dead with Unicron being destroyed. Anyone got any comments about that?
TylerMirage (Admin)
said at 3:36 PM on Fri Dec 20 2013
@Legacyman Probably a discussion best placed in the Predacons Rising discussion forum. ;)
said at 5:23 AM on Tue Nov 12 2013
Frank Welker- This is the worst clip I've ever heard. Frank actually sounds nothing like this in either series... he's AWESOME!!!!

Fred Tatasciore- Sounds epicly evil without any effects!

Hugo Weaving/ Tony Gialluca- both sound evil, but it's with tons of effects.

The rest are just too terrible to mention.
said at 10:25 AM on Tue Nov 12 2013
@lnytune1 Even Corey Burton?
said at 11:14 AM on Tue Nov 12 2013
@VctrBnsn Well... he was okay......
said at 5:54 PM on Thu Nov 14 2013
@lnytune1 and David Kaye?
said at 6:10 PM on Thu Nov 14 2013
@Metabad Little bit too smooth. Just sayin'.
said at 6:21 PM on Thu Nov 14 2013
@lnytune1 Well it does really work for that version of Megatron at least since that is what they were going for.
said at 6:25 PM on Thu Nov 14 2013
@Metabad I've gotta admit is sounds intimidating....... and if that's what they were going for, I like it.
Music Meister (Moderator)
said at 6:47 PM on Thu Nov 14 2013
@lnytune1 And Daniel Riordan?
said at 9:04 PM on Fri Nov 22 2013
@Music Meister DANG there are a lot of replies to my comment!!!
said at 11:09 AM on Sat Oct 19 2013
Frank does better at "Prime" than the original series so i'll go for him.

Hugo does good at Megatron in the films while Fred also has a good voice.

David to me sounds too calm for Megatron's voice.

Corey, Richard & Trevor did ok at the voice I think.

Tony sounds like the angry version of Cookie Monster.

Garry is way too light while Daniel sounds crazy.

Jeff is really not that great.
said at 11:16 AM on Thu Nov 14 2013
@Ross123 Angry version of cookie monster!!! HA!
said at 12:48 PM on Thu Feb 13 2014
@Ross123 You meand David as a whole or just his Beast Wars version? That was a more comedic version, and his Armada and Energon was more threatening.
said at 9:44 AM on Fri Feb 14 2014
@pete I don't watch Transformers a lot. I've seen some of the cartoons, all 3 films (soon to be 4) & played Revenge of the Fallen video game. I'll watch Armada and Energon at some point then since you I'm being a bit unfair to David, maybe we should request a different clip then.
said at 1:48 PM on Fri Feb 14 2014
@Ross123 Don't worry about it, I just was curious which version you meant, though he's less comedic in Armada and Energon.
said at 2:34 PM on Fri Feb 14 2014
@pete But I'll still consider watching them though since I'd like to hear that performance & expand on Transformers media as I've heard a lot of good stuff about it.
said at 2:40 PM on Fri Feb 14 2014
@Ross123 It seems you were going to because of what I said. I can get a bit fan boyish if I watch too much f something that I like.
said at 2:58 PM on Fri Feb 14 2014
@pete Ah don't worry about it, I get that fan boyish side of me too. It happens a lot.
said at 2:10 PM on Mon Oct 7 2013
 7 Shout Outs!
1. David Kaye - The smoothest, most elegant and deliciously evil sounding Megatron. He struck a great balance of dry humor and sophistication mixed with genuine menace. Yesssss!
2. Corey Burton - A chilling rendition. Even without the echo, the voice itself is perfect for this villain.
3. Frank Welker - Mainly his Prime performance. His original was a bit campy, but he actually sounds threatening and cool in Prime.
4. Hugo Weaving and Tony Gialluca - They both sound the same, and equally fitting.
5. Richard Newman - He's recycling his Phaeton performance, but that works for Megatron. It's a bit similar to David Kaye, whom he's filling in for, just not quite as good.
6. Fred Tatasciore - Decent but a bit generic too.
7. Jeff Manning - His voice is forgettable and he really overacted the delivery.
8. Trevor Duvall - Too deep!
9. Gary Chalk - Too light!
10. Daniel Riordan - LOL no. You are not menacing, you just sound like an overacting ninny!
said at 5:30 PM on Tue Sep 10 2013
 1 Shout Out!
David Kaye is my favorite Megatron voice. I didn't know about Transformers until I first knew about Beast Wars. The Megatron from Beast Wars inspires me to make up a villain with the same personality trait. It doesn't count as plagirism if I make up a character based on the Beast Wars Megatron, does it?
said at 12:49 PM on Thu Feb 13 2014
@Legacyman No, using characters as inspiration for others isn't ripping them off.
said at 7:48 PM on Wed Aug 28 2013
Welker is one of my favorite VAs, and this is the main reason of why: Megatron. He gives such a handful of terror and tyranny that it's almost criminal (which is fitting for the character). I like the G1 voice, and I LOVED his take on TFP. Perfect acting.

If Frank were to announce that he'd retired from the role, I think the most logical succesor is Tatasciore. At first, I was iffy about his performance in Fall of Cybertron, but then quickly grew attached to it.

Burton is the only other actor of the bunch to really make Megatron absolutely terrifying. It's a much different performance, but it was certainly for the better.

Weaving also did exceptionally well, considering the material (I'm not really a fan of the live-action trilogy). While he was more loud and bombastic, he still managed it well.

And I'm afraid to say that I think Kaye's version is okay. It's still by all means good, but to be honest, he sounds more like a pedophiliac than a tyrant. No disrespect to Kaye, but it's just my cup of tea.
said at 7:46 AM on Thu Aug 29 2013
@DreamMaster08X whoops, I meant NOT my cup of tea. Still a good performance, though.
TylerMirage (Admin)
said at 5:35 PM on Tue Aug 27 2013
 3 Shout Outs!
This is a toughie for sure. Most of these Megatron's are completely different portrayals. G1 Megatron is a typical hammy '80's villain. BW/BM Megatron is a charismatic leader. Bayformers Megatron is a sheer brute. Animated Megatron is cold, cruel and calculating terrorist leader. They're just all so different, it makes choosing a favourite voice more like choosing a favourite PORTRAYAL.

David Kaye is my top pick, with Corey, Fred, Frank and then Hugo rounding it off.
said at 2:39 PM on Wed Aug 7 2013
 2 Shout Outs!
Out of all the Megatron voices, my top 2 are Frank Welker and David Kaye. While Welker makes Megatron sound like a terrifying warlord like Megatron truly is, Kaye is the perfect choice for Megatron in a future show for how he portrayed him in Beast Wars.
said at 10:11 AM on Wed Jul 17 2013
 9 Shout Outs!
I gotta love how Fred Tatasciore does a better job at a Hugo Weaving-ish approach to Megatron than Hugo himself, even without effects. :D
virtual revenger
said at 1:50 AM on Wed Jul 10 2013
Welker makes Megatron sound evil.
said at 9:33 AM on Fri Jul 5 2013
 3 Shout Outs!
1) Frank Welker - The classic and the guy who's voice just screams "MEGATRON!" to me. His work in Prime is beyond awesome and going back to G1, it's just very legendary and memorable.

2) Fred Tatasciore - A very good substitute for Megatron's voice. He did very well in the portrayal in both of High Moon's video games. This guy is just like, the greatest impersonator in my opinion. Just look at how much he sounds like Tony Todd as Dreadwing in the Prime video game!

3) Corey Burton - He really nailed it by putting so much emotion and effort into the role, and throwing himself into Megatron's character. Animated Megatron will always remain as one of my favourite Megatron incarnations because of Corey and how he made Megs very serious and ruthless. He just sends chills throughout my body. I love his line: "Decepticons, transform and RISE UP!"! Being a 'Con supporter, that really makes me shiver with excitement!

4) Hugo Weaving - Even though he is the very first Megatron voice I heard, I have to admit he's not by top choice and not as memorable as Frank, but he still did an excellent job portraying the Decepticon leader. He was very menacing and deep-voiced, something you would expect from Bayformer Megatron. He fits the role in the live-action continuity. It's a real shame he never cared for doing the role. Celebrities... :D Regardless, Bayformer Megs is one of my all time favourite incarnations!

5) David Kaye - Specifically his Beast Wars performance. His interpretation of Megatron definitely sported the calculating and determined aspects of the character. While not being the best, he certainly did well.
said at 12:17 AM on Sun Jun 9 2013
Welker is my favorite, the Prime version to be exact. Burton, Kaye, and Tatasciore are great as well.
Tyler Reznik
said at 8:29 PM on Sun May 19 2013
 3 Shout Outs!
I'd like Hugo Weaving's Megatron better if he hadn't just phoned in his performance. Frank Welker, David Kaye, and Fred Tatasciore are all outstanding.
said at 3:04 PM on Mon May 20 2013
@Tyler Reznik I hear you on Hugo Weaving. He was freaking agent Smith, he's no stranger to villainous characters. -_- There are a lot of celebrities that actually try and do good voice work, but some of them just can't be asked to give a crap.
said at 10:36 PM on Fri Jul 19 2013
@PsychicVoiceSpy He knew it was for Michael Bay, what did you expect? XD
said at 12:14 PM on Sat Jul 20 2013
@Aussieroth I shouldn't have been so quick to jab at Hugo Weaving, after all, he apparently didn't know anything about it and they didn't tell him much either. Michael Bay is the one at fault for Megatron's unsatisfactory role in his films. Hugo could have done better, or Frank could have come back, but oh well. It's a shame too, because if Bay actually cared more about the essence of Transformers and put a little more effort into his story, he could have made the movies fantastic.

This guy has money people could never even dream of in his hands and if he wanted to, he could make good movies. He knows how to make them, he just kinda fails to try. It's a real shame.
TylerMirage (Admin)
said at 6:00 PM on Tue Aug 27 2013
@PsychicVoiceSpy Also, I'm quite interested in hearing what you consider "the essence of Transformers". :)

Personally, Bayformers is exactly what you'd get if you summed up three decades of transforming robot toys, commercials and TV shows into a trilogy of summer blockbuster movies. EXACTLY what you'd get, warts and all. Transformers is not some piece of holy grail literature. Transformers is not something that Shakespeare himself wishes he created. It is not something that will be examined as the backbone of entertainment or anything relevant. (And this is coming from a huge Transformers fan.) It is a franchise created around the idea of alien robots punching each other in the face in order to sell toys on the shelves. THAT is Transformers. And that is Bayformers. Whether we like it or not, Transformers is first and foremost a commercialized brand meant to move product. It is a product, meant to be marketed to the masses, appeal to as many as possible and employ thousands of people. Now, don't get me wrong. It CAN be more than that. It HAS been more than that. Just because it's a 25+ year toyline doesn't mean it can't have great creative influence and be well received. The Beast Era, TFA, the modern run of comics have all proven that Transformers can definitely be not only entertaining, but ALSO well made and more than just a toy commercial. Great characters, moving stories. But those are the exceptions, rather than the rule. There are dozens of things that sum up Transformers as a whole, and ALL of those things are present in the live-action films. Bayformers *is* Transformers, through-and-through. Anything and everything that might be considered "the core" of Transformers is in those movies. Some people may not like the movies, and that's completely fine. There are many, many, MANY reasons why someone might not like it, and they're entitled to that. Gosh, there's plenty of things that *I* don't care for in the movies, but I still like them overall. But to say that Bay's movies are anything OTHER than an accurate live-action interpretation of what Transformers is all about is erroneous.

Maybe we’re not concerned that Bayformers is "a disgrace to the franchise" - maybe we’re upset that Bayformers is essentially the franchise in a nutshell, an accurate representation of it. We don't hate it because it's "bad", we hate it because it's "true".
said at 12:38 PM on Wed Aug 28 2013
@TylerMirage I guess my idea of the essence of Transformers is this: They are sentient robots with (mostly) very human personalities who used to live on a planet together in peace before differences came between them (speaking from my experience with just a touch of G1, over half of Beast Wars, and most of Prime) and war broke out. They may be a race of robots that have this gimmicky ability to turn into sweet looking rides, planes, war machines and so forth to sell toys, but much of Transformers media has done what they can to make each one feel human to an extent. They had memorable (sometimes even three-dimensional and fleshed out) or at least likable personalities.

With Bayformers, the only character I really remember something about is Optimus. I'm not saying Transformers is deep, fine art, but I think Michael Bay really ignored the Autobot/Decepticons' personalities and their individual worth to the story far too much for me to really get much out of them.

So, when I say that he missed the "essence" of Transformers, what I was trying to say is that he glossed over the heart and charm of the bot characters to the point that it felt lazy. I doubt giving the characters a little more heart and charm would ruin the flow of the action and spectacle, it would just make it something that more people could enjoy. I just wish that he would come to understand that and give more heart to the characters.
TylerMirage (Admin)
said at 4:24 PM on Thu Aug 29 2013
@PsychicVoiceSpy *mic drop*

I know hyperlinking it won't work, but hopefully just copying and pasting the link will.

I had spent over four years on TFW2005, and I have never come across an answer so intelligently, politely and most of all CORRECTLY put. Never. Not once. I...I honestly can't even come back with a response to that, because you are right. Bravo, good sir. Bravo.
said at 5:25 PM on Thu Aug 29 2013
@TylerMirage Wow. Thanks! Man, and I was in a rush when I wrote that comment too, there was a little more I wanted to add but I forgot... still, thanks!
said at 6:13 PM on Sat May 18 2013
 9 Shout Outs!
Frank Welker's Prime voice is simply awesome. It's too bad he wasn't cast in the films. Back in forth between Frank and Peter would make them a lot more enjoyable.
TylerMirage (Admin)
said at 8:35 PM on Tue Aug 27 2013
@PsychicVoiceSpy Yeah, it's a shame that TFP is the only time other than G1 that they've got to banter back and forth as their respective characters in the same room. :( Recording that way just gives the performances that extra pi-zazz.
said at 12:13 PM on Wed Aug 28 2013
@TylerMirage Well, hopefully after Prime they get another chance to while they've still got it!
said at 1:24 PM on Fri May 10 2013
 1 Shout Out!
My Rankings of Megs:

1. Welker (Prime)
2. Kaye (Beast Wars/Energon)
3. Weaving
4. Tatasciore
5. Burton
6. Welker (G1)
7. Newman
8. Riordan

Everyone else xD
said at 4:00 PM on Fri May 3 2013
 2 Shout Outs!
Fred tatasciore needs to vo megs alot more then he does
said at 6:34 AM on Wed May 8 2013
@mastershock99 He seriously deserves more votes.
said at 10:44 PM on Sun Mar 31 2013
 1 Shout Out!
Hugo is way better
Frank is good, he brings the classic megatron into our generation
Fred is also good
david is kind of ok but the rest not so much
Scattorshot Prime
said at 6:11 PM on Tue Mar 26 2013
 2 Shout Outs!
1: Corey Burton
2: Fred Tatasciore
3: Frank Welker
4: Hugo Weaving
5: David Kaye
said at 6:34 PM on Mon Apr 22 2013
@Scattorshot Prime I voted for Corey all the way! He emotes without showing clear emotion, and yet throws himself completely into the role, showing that this Megatron means business.
said at 6:10 PM on Fri Mar 22 2013
 2 Shout Outs!
I vote for Hugo, uh oh i can see fanboys with pitchforks & torches approaching my house.
said at 8:05 AM on Sat Mar 23 2013
@jonhardwick Even though I usually despise celebrities being used as voice actors, Hugo Weaving was actually quite good! In fact, I rated him third behind Frank Welker & David Kaye.
said at 10:54 AM on Thu Mar 28 2013
@MilanTheVillain01 Too bad Weaving didnt care too much for the role
said at 5:04 PM on Sun Feb 24 2013
 4 Shout Outs!
Frank Welker - I'm afraid if I don't vote for him, he may track me down and kill me. Nah, just kidding. He's my fav, but mostly for Prime version.
David Kaye - A little corny for me.
Daniel Riordan - Corny too, but a lot more entertaining. Almost sounds like John DiMaggio.
Corey Burton - Man, he's awesome.
Hugo Weaving - A good performance, too bad he never cared for doing it. That's what happens when you get a celebrity instead of a VA.
Fred Tatasciore - He's awesome too.

The others are either meh, forgettable, or downright laughable.
said at 5:10 AM on Tue Feb 12 2013
 1 Shout Out!
# 1 - Frank Welker (Prime version).
# 2 - David Kaye (Beast Wars version)
# 3 - Hugo Weaving
# 4 - Corey Burton.
# 5 - Fred Tatasciore.
# 6 - David Kaye (Energon version).
# 7 - Richard Newman.
# 8 - Frank Welker (G1 version).
# 9 - Garry Chalk.
said at 11:53 AM on Tue Jan 22 2013
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As one who is not a diehard fan of Transformers, the first Megatron I heard was Hugo Weaving. He was fine enough, but his performance was not very memorable.
For me, the best is Corey Burton. That cold, calculating voice, and his characterisation which REALLY gives meaning to the word 'Decepticon'.
said at 10:09 PM on Sun Jan 20 2013
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frank welker's performance as megatron in tf prime is awesome. fred tatasciore is a very close second for me.
said at 9:48 PM on Thu Jan 17 2013
Let me start out by saying, Frank Welker is a voice over god and nobody can ever replace him. Especially in Transformers Prime.

However, I was born in 1990, and I will always hold a special place in my heart for David Kaye. And after playing Fall of Cybertron, Fred Tatasciore is a a perfect casting choice for Megatron.
said at 9:39 AM on Fri Dec 28 2012
Just out of curiosity, before TFP premiered, was Frank Welker still leading the poll?
NCZ (Admin)
said at 9:43 AM on Fri Dec 28 2012
@TheVengeanceKnight Yes.
said at 6:17 AM on Thu Dec 27 2012
 2 Shout Outs!
I'd go for Corey Burton on this one; he is one badass Megatron!
said at 12:42 AM on Sat Dec 15 2012
As I said below Richard goofs and started to slip into Rhinox halfway through and does it completely by the end. He nails the laugh though.
Music Meister (Moderator)
said at 5:52 PM on Fri Dec 14 2012
 2 Shout Outs!
Wow that's a good David Kaye impression. Wonder why David wasn't avaiable
TylerMirage (Admin)
said at 3:44 PM on Fri Dec 14 2012
Richard Newman's Energon portrayal has been added. He does a pretty good impression of David's Megatron, even if you can faintly hear M. Bison in there. ;)
NCZ (Admin)
said at 3:50 PM on Fri Dec 14 2012
@TylerMirage I guess that makes him... Megatron Bison?
said at 12:41 AM on Sat Dec 15 2012
@TylerMirage He goofs started to slip into Rhinox halfway through and does it completely by the end. He nails the laugh though.
TylerMirage (Admin)
said at 1:25 AM on Sat Dec 15 2012
said at 1:45 PM on Sun Nov 4 2012
 1 Shout Out!
Frank Welker is the best Megatron especially in Prime. Fred Tatasciore is good too.
said at 4:46 PM on Tue Sep 11 2012
 2 Shout Outs!
Frank Welker is definitely the best, but Fred Tatasciore is pretty good at this character too.
said at 2:10 AM on Mon Sep 3 2012
 3 Shout Outs!
1: Frank Welker the one and only Megatron.

just a shame he didn't get to voice the character in the live action movie...
Harvester of Sorrow
said at 9:15 AM on Fri Aug 31 2012
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My favorite Megatron has to be Corey Burton. Frank Welker was awesome and David Kaye was almost perfect but Burton nailed the role so well. Animated Megatron has to be the best version of the character as well.
said at 8:40 AM on Mon Aug 20 2012
 3 Shout Outs!
Feel free to edit my comment as usual since I can't figure out the spacing in these things.

Sorry, Frank, I love ya, but it all comes down to David Kaye in Beast Wars and Corey Burton.

Next to Scott McNeil's four characters, Kaye is absolutely my favorite performer in BW, although the whole cast is great. His deep, cultured voice lends itself well to slimy manipulating, snarky comments, and hammy egotism. He is clearly having an absolute blast in the role, all the time. Even in the early episodes, he's terrific; I particularly love his delivery on "Well, well... look who's BACK!" at the end of the episode where Terrosaur briefly takes command.

In regards to Beast Machines, I do think he shifted his performance rather nicely, even if I'm not totally thrilled with the direction they took Megatron's character in.

Corey, meanwhile, is one scary SOB in Animated. This Megatron doesn't mess around, and Corey's chillingly awesome work cements that impression immediately. He is cold, ruthless, and absolutely convinced that his might makes him right: "Decepticons, transform and RISE UP!" I also love that he gets to play the sly manipulator with Isaac Sumdac, some deadpan humor on occasion ("Yes... *delight* is written all over your face"), and even starts to crack a little at the very end: "Destroy anything that's not ME!" All his characters are great in Animated, but Megatron and Ratchet are easily his best.
Dark Kuja
said at 11:09 PM on Wed Aug 1 2012
 3 Shout Outs!
I think My favorites are Hugo Weaving, Corey Burton, Fred Tatasciore and Frank Welker's Prime voice.

They all have different takes on the character, but they hit the key traits of any good Megatron: Direct, Ambitious, Powerful, Vicious, and seething with anger.
said at 10:24 AM on Fri Jul 27 2012
frank welker-no comparison
said at 11:07 PM on Sat Jul 21 2012
Frank Welker is my favorite voice for Megatron, whether it is from Transformers (1984), or Transformers: Prime (2010). I love them both.
said at 1:52 PM on Tue Jul 17 2012
 3 Shout Outs!
Frank Welker: His original voice is ok, not bad but he didn't have the best material to work with. Like Cullen, I think his Megs has gotten better with age.

David Kaye: I like both of his voices, very different from Welker's G1 voice.

Daniel Riordan: Not bad, although he does sometimes sound a bit generic like most villains in Saban anime dubs, but not bad.

Corey Burton: At first I was like, really, Spike Witwicky is now Megatron? But he really, really pulled off the sinister Megatron voice, what a perfect casting decision. I like how sophisticated he sounds, but not pompous like Kaye.

Hugo Weaving: He's a really guttural, animalistic Megatron that I think really suits movie Megs.

Trevor Devall: He sounds just like David Kaye.

Garry Chalk: He's good as the replacement for Welker, nice and raspy, but not perfect and I'm glad he didn't have too much of a big role.

Jeff Manning: Definitely the worst. I actually think that he'd make a good Optimus.

Fred Tatasciore: Good, deep voice, a nice balance between Welker's Prime voice and Weaving's movie voice.

Tony Gialluca: Good, guttural and animalistic, great Weaving impression.

My favourite has got to be Burton, followed by Welker, mainly for Prime, Kaye, Weaving, Tatasciore, Gialluca, Riordan, Devall, Chalk and finally Jeff Manning.
said at 10:17 PM on Sat Jul 7 2012
Heh, Corey Burton's Megatron reminds me of Jeffrey Combs a bit. XD

Went with Frank Welker though.
said at 4:49 PM on Sun Jun 17 2012
 2 Shout Outs!
Corey Burton is my favorite. Sends a chill up the ol' spine.
said at 2:33 AM on Tue May 1 2012
My picks for Megatron;
Frank Welker (especially Prime but props to G1)
David Kaye
Fred Tatasciore
Corey Burton
Hugo Weaving
and Daniel Riordan
said at 5:27 PM on Tue Apr 17 2012
 1 Shout Out!
1. Welker (Prime)
2. Burton/Kaye
3. Tatascoire
4. Weaving
5. Welker (original)
6. Devall
7. Gialluca
8. Manning

said at 7:42 PM on Wed Apr 18 2012
@ConfusedPhantom Where's Daniel Riordan? Yeah, Frank's Prime take is nothing less of incredible.
said at 8:01 PM on Wed Apr 18 2012
@Aussieroth I forgot about him....somewhere near Devall, I guess.
Music Meister (Moderator)
said at 11:11 PM on Mon Apr 16 2012
 1 Shout Out!
I like Welker's Prime is SO much better then his original one. I gladly replace Hugo with him and have him be forth in my top ten.
said at 9:16 AM on Tue Apr 17 2012
@Music Meister Amen brother! Interesting fact: According to an interview (on a webpage which I can't find) THAT take was the one he originally wanted to use in G1, but they said it was too scary. After hearing it... It truly would have been XD.
said at 12:37 AM on Tue Apr 9 2013
@Music Meister ...Hey guess what? They DID do that now! Frank does Megatron in the TF Ride, and let me tell you matey, it didn't disappoint. That is proof that Frank could've done it in the movies.
said at 10:24 PM on Mon Apr 16 2012
Frank(Prime version) is how he's meant sound so intimidating and ruthless. Until Prime came along David Kaye was my favorite and I even had a hard time hearing Welker in the role in the comics till then and pictured Kaye instead unlike Peter Cullen who I imagined in every comic read all of which were post 2007. I'm giving Welker credit just because Prime's awesome.
said at 8:57 PM on Mon Apr 16 2012
I only like the newin TF
said at 2:35 PM on Sun Apr 1 2012
I prefer Frank, Corey, Fred, and Tony
said at 11:20 PM on Sat Mar 10 2012
Corey Burton is the most threatening and has the best voice for the role, but David Kaye is (to me) the most iconic. Beast Wars Megatron is by the the most entertaining, YESSS... And I give Frank Welker for doing a great job creating the original iconic voice, but I find that the successors may have passed the master (with all due respect). Tatsciore did a decent job as well, but I think his voice is just a little TOO... guttural, for lack of a better word. And for the last voice I'll comment on, Hugo Weaving did a great job, but I once again think the voice is too guttural (I;m not sure if that's the right word as I'm still not too familiar with the exact meaning).
Nightmare Crusher
said at 7:20 PM on Fri Feb 3 2012
I'm giving this one to Frank Welker for his voice in Prime. If this was before Prime I probably would have given this to David Kaye. Most of Megatron's voice are actually pretty good, with some exceptions like Welker's voice in the movie games. Although that was probably because the voice is harder to do since he's twenty years older.
said at 11:02 AM on Sun Jan 22 2012
Frank Welker's TF Prime performance is my favorite, it really shows you how much he's improved and evolved as Megatron.
Weaving, Tatasciore and Kaye are my second favorites with Burton being third.
The rest are pretty bad.
said at 8:32 PM on Sun Jan 29 2012
@Torak Well, one of them should be fairly obvious of being bad. That being Gary Chalk.
ross murphy
said at 7:38 PM on Wed Jan 18 2012
this is way hard
said at 5:15 AM on Sun Jan 8 2012
 1 Shout Out!
My favourite Megatron.... Is both listed and not listed at the same time. It is Frank Welker but it's the voice in Transformers prime that I favour. I would like to see that in here, replacing the game clip. Though the voice is a bit different thanks to age, his Prime take is vastly different. He went from Jack Nicholson Joker to Heath Ledger Joker in my op.
OptimusSolo (Admin)
said at 9:26 PM on Sun Jan 8 2012
@Aussieroth I actually agree with you here that they are distinct enough to include both
Nightmare Crusher
said at 6:10 PM on Thu Jan 19 2012
@Aussieroth I know what you mean, his new Prime voice is really good.
said at 1:34 AM on Sun Jan 8 2012
Ok. forums or not this needs to be said.

seriously i just looked at Starscreams voice actors and not 1 mentioned the show voice actor. yes the actors for armada, energon, and cybertron are the same but you dont even bother to mention them even though you manage to include some of the most disappointing roles ever! this is a true disgrace to transformers fans everywhere considering Armada was and is still the BEST transformers show. i mean really....if your going to do something do it right. dont slack. while beast wars megatron was the best, it is tied with Armada megatron mainly because the megatron in armada was a true mastermind. this is the kind of stuff that overloads my circuits. Armada was a show WORTH mentioning. not cyber missions. not tataki. and another thing. You failed to mention the voice actors for the japanese shows. i can honestly now say NO ONE but the creators can be trusted with ANYTHING transformers. i just simply cant stand to see anything fail with something as massive as transformers. there is literally NO reason for anything of transformers to fail. with as big and old as transformers is you'd think that people would get a clue as to when something is bound to fail. i could say soooo much more but i feel as though continuing this would only break my heart more. seriously guys....i CANT be the only one who is thinking almost disgusted to be a transformers fan knowing that failures like Tataki and cyber Missions exist. im sure jeff and tony wouldve made excellent voice actors.....but thanks to this, they have truly ruined there futures....thats all i have to say
Foxwolf (Admin)
said at 3:34 AM on Sun Jan 8 2012
@Lordmegatron64 while I respect your passion for transformers, you need to understand the purpose of Voice Compare. It is simply to showcase the distinct voices for the character. As you mentioned, Energon, Armada and Cybertron have the same voice and that's exactly why we didn't include all of them.

However, if you clicked on any of the Megatron images, you'll be taken to the FULL Megatron character page which displays your favorite Armada role among others.
OptimusSolo (Admin)
said at 9:27 PM on Sun Jan 8 2012

No offense but this comment just makes you look silly. The shows are ALL represented where it is appropriate like Fox mentioned.
said at 8:24 PM on Fri Jan 20 2012
@OptimusSolo Guys he is new so he ade mistakes just like I did.
Nightmare Crusher
said at 6:18 PM on Fri Apr 20 2012
@Lordmegatron64 Kind of beating a dead horse here, but they don't include Japanese voices on here because comparing actors who speak completely different languages would be ridiculous. And in the future, please calm down. You're just going to look insane.
said at 8:51 PM on Sun Dec 25 2011
Bar no one my favorite Megatron is easily David Kaye. He's amazingly funny, of course, but a lot of people count out his ability to be quite intimidating. He's done it before, and I'd love to hear him get to use it in a more serious capacity, in a show that doesn't suck.
said at 5:30 PM on Tue Jan 3 2012
@MotlyFool I know this is none of my business and I'm sorry for butting in but by a "show that doesn't suck" are you referring to Beast Wars or the Unicron Trilogy?
said at 1:36 AM on Fri Jan 20 2012
@Metabad I'm gonna guess Beast Machines and the Unicron Trilogy both had David Kaye play a serious Megatron but both shows weren't that popular with Transformers fans for certain reasons.
OptimusSolo (Admin)
said at 3:34 PM on Fri Jan 20 2012
@Metabad Very few people think Beast Wars sucks so he is obviously referring to the Unicron Trilogy
said at 8:23 PM on Fri Jan 20 2012
@OptimusSolo It might be Beast Machines as it had quite a lot of controversy among Beast Wars fans.
said at 9:54 AM on Sat Jan 21 2012
@OptimusSolo Well there is the occasional Transformers fan out there who doesn't like Beast Wars, I was just curious. Though he could have very well been referring to the Unicron Trilogy or Beast Machines like Pete said.
said at 8:22 AM on Fri Dec 2 2011
I do think Frank Welker and Fred Tatasciore are excellent as Megatron, particularly Welker cos he did from the beginning, but Hugo Weaving just brings a really powerful and scary presence to the character. It's really deep and dangerous and you know that Megs is one evil Decepticon when you hear that voice. Same for Welker as well don't get me wrong.
said at 10:38 AM on Thu Sep 15 2011
 3 Shout Outs!
David Kaye is my favourite

said at 2:26 PM on Thu Aug 18 2011
 3 Shout Outs!
Like with Peter Cullen and Optimus, I gotta go woth Frank Welkrt on this one, though more along his voice for Megatron on Prime rather than his G1 voice. Then said, Weaving, Kaye, Burton, and Tatascoire are pretty good, too, though Tatascoire sounds like he's trying to channel Weaving's Megatron.
said at 9:16 PM on Wed Aug 17 2011
 4 Shout Outs!
This is a hard one, so I'll just look at the ones I grew up with or listened to recently:

Frank Welker: Frank is one of my VA heroes, so I do have a lot of affection for his various portrayals. Unfortunately, his Megatrons tend to not get much personality beyond "standard evil overlord", so there's only so much he can do with them besides be gloriously over-the-top.

Fred Tatasciore- Fred has a great, rumbling voice for villainy, and he gets plenty of time to show it off, so I have no complaints.

David Kaye (specifically Beast Wars)-Easily the best actor who wasn't Scott McNeil on the show (though the cast as a whole was excellent), Kaye is simply a delight as Megatron, affecting what sounds like a semi-British accent for this pompous mastermind. BW Megs is great because while he's clearly very intelligent and displays cunning and cleverness multiple times throughout the show, he just *loves* being the grandiose, hammy bad guy. Kaye's performance reflects that perfectly.

Corey Burton: Another VA hero of mine, Corey takes a VERY different approach to Megs. Cold, brutal, and fiercely intelligent, Animated!Megatron is easily the most purely dangerous incarnation of the character. Corey almost seems to be doing a deeper variation on Brainiac at times, and he honestly sends chills down my spine.

In the end, I have to declare a tie between Kaye and Burton: Kaye for hamming it up gloriously yet still conveying Megatron's intellect and cunning, Burton for being totally scary and intimidating.
Music Meister (Moderator)
said at 11:34 PM on Sat Sep 24 2011
@SpiderDreamer Well said, I agree
said at 7:56 AM on Mon Aug 15 2011
said at 3:15 PM on Sun Jul 31 2011
 2 Shout Outs!
I basically grew up with David Kaye as Megatron, however Frank Welker in G1 is very good and Corey Burton sounds really deep and threatening. Daniel Riordan is very good too, probably sounds the most sadistic here.

Though, I don't think Kaye fits Megatron well in the Unicron trilogy, however...what the heck happened to Welker's voice in the game? Did they forget to add the effects? Well, for whatever reason he sounds absolutely horrible there.

Hugo Weaving sounds pretty good, but more brutish than the others. Definitely not a bad thing for his version of Megatron though. It fits.

...I normally like Trevor Devall but...he sounds horrible here.

Garry Chalk is a pretty good replacement, a shame they couldn't get Welker since they really wanted to, but he does make for a decent Megatron voice. Not the best, but its alright.

Jeff Manning sounds absolutely terrible, just go to Galvatron's page to see what I think of him since I'd just be repeating myself.

Although its not listed here, Welker sounds great in Transformers Prime, definitely makes up for his video game performance.

Fred Tatasciore sounds really good as well, somewhat like Corey Burton to me.

Tony Gialluca sounds pretty good, not my ideal Megatron but a good threatening deep voice.

My favourites are Kaye, Welker, and Riordan & Burton tied for third place. With Weaving as a close fourth.
said at 1:30 AM on Sun Jul 31 2011
I'm not sure
said at 10:36 AM on Tue Jul 12 2011
I grew up with the Unicron trilogy so David Kaye is waaaaay up there. But Frank Welker sounds amazing in Prime - better than in G1 while Hugo Weaving sounds so wicked especially in Revenge of the Fallen and Dark of the Moon. So it's a tie between the those two.
OptimusSolo (Admin)
said at 2:23 AM on Wed Jul 13 2011
@DreamWeaver May god have mercy on your soul for having the unfortunate experience of growing up during the worst TF shows in history!
Music Meister (Moderator)
said at 7:20 PM on Wed Sep 14 2011
@OptimusSolo In your opinion :/
said at 11:51 PM on Sat Jul 9 2011
Frank welker sounds a lot different in TF prime,in comparison to how he sounded in generation 1.
Over all heres how i see it:
1. Welker (TF Prime)
2. Weaving
said at 5:43 AM on Sat Jun 25 2011
Welker, Kaye and Weaving. Burton's good too but he's just a bit stereotypically manic.

Also, give Welker a clip from Transformers Prime. It shows how his voice has evolved.
said at 1:01 AM on Wed Jun 22 2011
Hm... hard to choose just one... My favorites are (in no particular order) Frank Welker, David Kaye, Fred Tastciore, Corey Burton, and Hugo Weaving. I might choose Frank Welker because he's the original, but I'm not sure at the moment.
said at 12:32 AM on Sun Jun 12 2011
Where to begin. I like Frank Welker's the most. It was a bold piece of experimentation, mixing his own natural talent and the effects of a voice coder to get a unique and disturbing voice, much as he did with Soundwave.

Some may complain that it sometimes sounds forced or a little high and raspy, but when Welker really nailed it with the right amount of rasp coupled with the demonic sound of the bass added by the voice coder, wow!

I find it ironic that they would replace him with Hugo Weaving, who's Agent Smith shared a lot of similarities in manor of speaking with Welkers version of Megatron and then go and garble and distort his voice with all kinds of deep bass animal growls(He's a robot for crying out loud!) until you can barely make out what Weaving Said half the time. I think I caught Megatron actually saying "Megatron" for some odd reason!

Anywho, Frank pretty much proved that he could do the voice deep without the voice coder in the game based off of the '07 movie as the clip demonstrates.

I got chills when I heard classic Megatron bossing around Barricade voiced by the one and only Keith David!
OptimusSolo (Admin)
said at 3:14 AM on Sun Jun 12 2011
@LazyComicFan Umm the G1 Megatron voice was his real voice...there was no vocoder used on it.
said at 11:45 AM on Sun Jun 12 2011
Really?! Holy crap! In the series I thought all the transformers used vocoders. Your telling me that Welker managed to create that two tone quality back then all on his own?!

Awesome! Anyway I'll take this opportunity to point out one of the scenes in the old series where Welker sounded particularly monstrous.

In the episode titled "Starscream's Brigade", with the debut of the Combaticons and Bruticus, Megatron says "This time it really is goodbye Starscream!". That is what I mean about the times when Frank Welker really nailed the voice!

Thanks for the clarification OptimusSolo!
Music Meister (Moderator)
said at 9:37 PM on Thu May 19 2011
Oh and Hugo and Daneliel are my 4th and 5th favorites.
Danel is fifth only because at first I didn't think he fit as Megatron but I did get use to him.
Hugo has the deep voice like Fred and well I have the same pros and cons with them both
Music Meister (Moderator)
said at 9:35 PM on Thu May 19 2011
 3 Shout Outs!
I'm probably going to get thousands of comments saying I'm wrong and I'm an idiot but I never liked Frank's Megatron. Personaly I thought there were times where it sounded too forced but by no means is Frank a bad VA just his Megatron sounds too forced.
Now Kaye's was what I image Megatron to sound like. Cocky, smart and sinister. His Energon performance is better this Beast Wars.
Burton is a close second because like Kaye he got the cocky planner side of Megatron.
Fred is my third favorite his deeper but not too deep voice makes Megatron sound powerful and some like a major villain. My only complaint is he doesn't sound as smart as say Burton's but I'm not saying he's smart just not as smart as the others.
said at 2:27 PM on Wed May 25 2011
@Music Meister I agree with you it sounds so dry Kaye is better and more like a villain.
OptimusSolo (Admin)
said at 1:47 AM on Fri May 27 2011
@pete Wow, I couldn't disagree with you two more!!
Music Meister (Moderator)
said at 6:08 PM on Sat Jun 11 2011
@OptimusSolo Everyone as their opinion but Frank sounds dry and voiced.
OptimusSolo (Admin)
said at 3:15 AM on Sun Jun 12 2011
@Music Meister I have no idea what 'dry and voiced' means lol
Music Meister (Moderator)
said at 3:00 PM on Sun Jun 12 2011
@OptimusSolo I meant forced
said at 12:08 PM on Sun Apr 17 2011
Why isn't Frank Welker's performance from Transformers Prime here? It's a lot different from his original performance.

As for my preference, it's kind of a tie between Burton, Kaye and Welker's new Megs.
NCZ (Admin)
said at 1:11 PM on Sun Apr 17 2011
@ConfusedPhantom I've actually been meaning to bring it up with the other admins. We'll see how it turns out (though I'm thinking we remove 2007 game Megatron to make room).
said at 1:39 PM on Sun Apr 17 2011
@ConfusedPhantom Welker's new one is waaaay better and sounds more like Megatron original was great and all but was too dry compared to the either ones on here
said at 1:41 PM on Sun Apr 17 2011
@NCZ Yes remove the game one it sounds too much like his G1 voice not his prime one
said at 2:58 PM on Wed Apr 13 2011
 1 Shout Out!
Actually it's Kaye, Welker, Weaving, Burton, and Riordan with Tatasciore in a cloe 6th
said at 5:16 PM on Tue Apr 12 2011
 1 Shout Out!
Welker is good but I find his voice not as deep and threatening as the others. Kate's is campy yet menacing and threatening at the same time. I understand anyone's problem with his campy version because that is the one thing I didn't like about BW the writers were a little over the top with the humor something that didn't happen in any other series. Killing off Terrosaur the keep the campy Waspinator alive and usingg Silverbolt as comic relief. My order is this Kaye, Welker, Weaving, Riordan, and Tatasciore are the best voices but Kaye is numer 1 yessss
Sarge Ray
said at 12:35 PM on Thu Mar 31 2011
 2 Shout Outs!
Based on my preferences, I've come to this conclusion...

Welker: I clicked a soundclip of his, expecting to hate it. To my surprise, though, it wasn't half bad. I can see why people like it: evil, but not beastly.

Tatasciore: I gotta give this guy credit. He made Megatron sound monstrous and yet dramatically human, too. I admire that.

Kaye: I can't call his performance as Megatron BAD. He just has the charisma, drama, and menace (menace being more prominent in Beast Machines). Yesss...

Gialluca: Why does Megatron sound like he's belching AND gargling at the same time?

Weaving: Yes, he does sound more monstrous than most of the other performances, but that's how the movie was trying to portray him. And Hugo hit that spot perfectly.

Riordan: Mmm...nah. Too cartoony for my tastes.

Burton: Okay, this kind of surprised me. When I saw this, I was doubtful. But when I heard him, he really pulled off a sinister voice.

Manning: No. They're really cheaping out on us when it comes to voice alteration. Sounds like a cross between Drago from Jackie Chan and Flash Thompson from Spider-Man.

Devall: Too deep and too monotonous.

Chalk: Indifferent.

If I had to choose, I would go with Fred Tatasciore, close second to Hugo Weaving. (Mr. Anderson...)
said at 4:17 AM on Wed Mar 16 2011
Hugo Weaving is easily the best and my personal favorite out of all of them..he voices fits Megatron perfectly.
NCZ (Admin)
said at 4:37 PM on Thu Jan 6 2011
While BW Megatron is a different character, he's in the same spirit (and Kaye went on to voice the real Megatron), so that's why he's included here.

Also, the RID character is indeed Megatron. The Japanese version is actually a completely different series taking place in a totally different continuity.
NCZ (Admin)
said at 12:43 AM on Sun Oct 17 2010
My ranking:

1. Frank Welker
2. David Kaye
3. Fred Tatasciore
4. Daniel Riordan
5. Corey Burton
6. Hugo Weaving
7. Trevor Devall
8. Garry Chalk
9. Jeff Manning
OptimusSolo (Admin)
said at 7:39 PM on Thu Jul 1 2010
Hopefully for the sake of a 'voice compare' though we can judge purely based on the voice performances and not based off of the show itself.
NCZ (Admin)
said at 10:34 PM on Fri Apr 16 2010
David Kaye is a good actor, but his version of Megatron is a very different version from Welker's. Kaye's Megatron was a somewhat sophisticated yet dramatic villain, but Frank Welker played Megatron perfectly as the ruthless, cold-blooded leader that he was in G1. That's why Frank Welker gets my vote.

Corey Burton and Hugo Weaving don't sound threatening enough, and Daniel Riordan has the same reasoning as David Kaye.
said at 7:18 AM on Sat Nov 28 2009

that's it no one else counts.
OptimusSolo (Admin)
said at 7:23 PM on Sun Jun 28 2009
Can't stand Kayes voice for megatron - gotta go with Welker!!
said at 2:34 AM on Mon Nov 7 2011
@OptimusSolo..couldn't agree more..Kaye has talent, just not for Megs...
I'm surprised how good Burton was...
Welker, Latta and Burton...they WERE the Decepticons to me, in any continuity (and the Witwicky's I guess now that I think about
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Frank Welker
David Kaye
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Corey Burton
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Trevor Devall
Garry Chalk
Jeff Manning
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