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Princess Yum Yum

Comparision of the voice over actors who have been the voice of Princess Yum Yum with sound clips and images.
Franchise: Thief and the Cobbler

In the original version of The Thief and the Cobbler headed by Richard Williams, Princess Yum Yum is voiced by Hilary Pritchard. In the Majestic Films version (titled "The Princess and the Cobbler") headed by Fred Calvert, she is voiced by Bobbi Page. In the Miramax version (titled "Arabian Knight") headed by the Weinstein Brothers, she is voiced by Jennifer Beals.
Created by CatsTuxedo on May 8 2010
The Thief and the Cobbler (1995)
Princess Yum YumJennifer Beals
Jennifer Beals
The Thief and the Cobbler (1995)
Princess Yum YumBobbi Page
Bobbi Page
The Thief and the Cobbler (1995)
Princess Yum YumHilary Pritchard
Hilary Pritchard


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Clare Gundersen
said at 8:03 AM on Mon Dec 19 2016
Hilary Pritchard. The original is always the best.
said at 6:33 PM on Sun Sep 11 2016
Jennifer Beals, certainly. Hilary sounds to young, Bobbi sounds to cute, so Jennifer is just right.
said at 12:40 PM on Mon Oct 7 2013
I think Hilary is a bit too high while Jennifer is too low and dull. Bobbi Page gets it just right.
said at 7:21 AM on Sun Sep 15 2013
Hilary Pritchard. She's exactly what Yum Yum needs to be; gentle, but dignified.
said at 2:16 PM on Wed Aug 8 2012
I prefer both of the former over Beals! Hilary is a little forced-sounding at times, but I don't mind her overall. I like Bobbi best I believe.
said at 12:05 PM on Mon Jun 4 2012
I like Bobbi Page she sounds similar to Linda Larkin
said at 3:09 PM on Sat May 8 2010
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I'm voting for Hilary Pritchard per Richard Williams's original intent. Yum Yum was presented by Williams as a pampered and somewhat childish character, much like a real person raised in her lifestyle would be. The fact that Calvery and the Weinsteins altered her into the old "rebellious princess" archtype makes their attempt to cash in on Aladdin all the more obvious.
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Hilary Pritchard
Bobbi Page
Jennifer Beals