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Comparision of the voice over actors who have been the voice of Hwoarang with sound clips and images.
Franchise: Tekken

Hwoarang is one of the various protagonists in the Tekken series whom made his debut in the 3rd game of the Tekken series. Hwoarang is known as a cocky but well-meaning young Korean Tae Kwon Do fighter whom is the student of Baek Doo San and a good friend and friendly rival of Jin Kazama. However Hwoarang has also befriended other fighters in the series such as Ling Xiaoyu and Steve Fox as well. Over the years Hwoarang has had other occupations such as a Street Thug Leader, an AWOL Soldier who was from the Korean Army and a Resistance Leader.   
Created by Pokejedservo on Mar 19 2012
Tekken 4 (2001)
HwoarangGreg Dale
Greg Dale
Street Fighter X Tekken (2012)
HwoarangChris Rickabaugh
Chris Rickabaugh


Today on the Tekken VC section lets take a look at Jin's friendly rival... HWORANG! Let us begin...

Greg Dale- While Greg's voice for the role was perhaps a bit too nasal but toher than that Greg's performance was surprisingly good as it does have a youthful brash but good natured feel to it that suited the role well.

Chris Rickabaugh- His voice is a little bit more natural for the role as his performance does suit Hwoarang's eager to fight nature rather well. (Though is it just me or is this game making hwoarang a little bit dumber?) But still Chris' work as Hworang is a good example of the voice work in the game nevertheless.

Overall both of these guys were very good for the role I will go with Chris a bit more but Greg was actually not too bad either.



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said at 2:15 PM on Fri Nov 4 2016
1. Sang Hyeon Eom
2. Chris Rickabaugh
said at 7:15 PM on Tue Nov 1 2016
Chris Rickabaugh nuff said.
said at 6:22 PM on Wed Oct 5 2016
Greg Dale kinda sounds like Robert Buchholz here. I'll go with Chris Rickabaugh on this one.
said at 4:46 PM on Mon Jul 27 2015
1) Chris Rickabaugh
2) Greg Dale
said at 7:55 AM on Mon Jul 21 2014
I prefer Chris Rickaburgh. He fits Hwoarang's willing to fight character better.

Though Greg Dale is pretty good. He fits T4 Hwoarang as he comes off being less feisty and a little more mature.
said at 1:05 PM on Mon Jul 14 2014
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Please tell me I'm not the only one who thinks Greg Dale sounds like Renji Abarai...

On another note, both guys DID end up performing the role well, but I won't vote for anyone here. I'm just so used to hearing Hwoarang speaking his native tongue, is all.
said at 3:16 PM on Mon Jul 14 2014
@CelestialOuroboros Nope. You're not the only person who thinks that.
said at 12:48 AM on Fri Mar 23 2012
Chris Rickabaugh is better. But personally, I think Quinton Flynn would have been a better choice.
said at 6:32 PM on Tue Mar 20 2012
They're both good voices, so this one's a tie.
said at 8:59 AM on Wed Mar 21 2012
@MaryKosmos Agreed. Decent performances too.
said at 5:08 PM on Tue Mar 20 2012
I vote for Chris Rickabaugh
NCZ (Admin)
said at 11:44 PM on Mon Mar 19 2012
 2 Shout Outs!
Chris is much more age-appropriate and feisty-sounding.
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Greg Dale
Chris Rickabaugh