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Comparision of the voice over actors who have been the voice of Brain with sound clips and images.
Franchise: Teen Titans

Created by Pokejedservo on Sep 24 2009
Special thanks to Cypo, Jackson_H, UltimateCharm for additional sound clips.
Teen Titans (2003)
BrainGlenn Shadix
Glenn Shadix
Batman: The Brave and the Bold (2008)
BrainDee Bradley Baker
Dee Bradley Baker
Young Justice (2010)
BrainCorey Burton
Corey Burton
DC Universe Online (2011)
BrainLeif Anders
Leif Anders
Teen Titans Go! (2013)
BrainScott Menville
Scott Menville


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said at 9:39 PM on Thu May 17 2018
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1. Glenn Shadix
2. Corey Burton

Side note : Maurice LaMarche and Ward Perry would make good choices for the character
8000 Saiyans
said at 2:43 PM on Fri May 18 2018
@batcool Unfortunately Ward seems to have retired, which is a shame.
EPA Deane
said at 2:02 PM on Sun May 20 2018
@batcool More Subdued Versions of Mark Oliver and JB Blanc's voices for Batroc the Leaper would' also be a great fit for 'Le Cerveau' ('The Brain')
8000 Saiyans
said at 9:53 AM on Tue Dec 19 2017
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1. Corey Burton
2. Scott Menville
3. Dee Bradley Baker
4. Glenn Shadix
5. Leif Anders
said at 5:15 PM on Mon Jun 26 2017
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1. Glenn Shadix
2. Corey Burton
said at 1:40 PM on Sat Feb 25 2017
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This is a tough one, I like all the actors in different ways.

I find it funny that Dee Bradley Baker used his Replacement Spatula voice though. It oddly fits.

1. Glenn Shadix/Corey Burton (Tie)
2. Nolan North
3. Dee Bradley Baker
4. Leif Anders
5. Scott Menville

Corey sounds way different than he usually does, I'm impressed. But Glenn sounds really chilling. Nolan was really good too, if lacking in material and creepiness compared to Corey.

Dee is funny and fits the show he's on. Leif sounds threatening and cool, if a tad generic, but lacks material. This is definitely one of Scott's better replacement voices on the show, but I think it's just a tad off.
said at 6:46 AM on Sat Feb 18 2017
Glen will always be my favorite but I am voting Burton cus of his commitment to this role.

He could have done a Braniac on us, porpably he got cast because the producers loved his performance of Braniac but Burton made sure
his Brain was very different than Braniac and a great way to show his range not a lot of vas would do that especially for a character that is similar to their previous potrayls. If Brain ever comes back for Season 3 Burton has to come back for this role.
said at 9:58 PM on Mon Jan 23 2017
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Nolan North voiced the Brain in young Justice episode Drop-Zone to save money before Corey Burton was cast in all subsequent appearances and should be in this compare as well. :-)
said at 9:35 PM on Tue Mar 15 2016
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1. Glenn
2. Scott
3. Corey
4. Dee
5. Leif
said at 8:50 PM on Tue Mar 15 2016
Though I gave the vote Glenn Shadix I'm actually split between him and Corey Burton.

They both fit the character in different ways and their performances were very great... The only reason Glenn edged out was man that voice effect is pretty cool (which I believe is a higher frequency ring modulation filter... Which I find a bit funny considering makes that version of Brains similarity to the Daleks a little closer xD)
said at 3:27 PM on Fri Mar 11 2016
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I like Corey Burton best as The Brain. I'm amazed how he's able to make his Brain not sound anything like his Brainiac. This is a great example of his range and one of his more unique sounding roles of his.

Glenn Shadix's Stephen Hawking esque take is good but I find it rather grating for my liking.

Scott Menville is surprisingly almost spot on sounding to Shadix. He is a great replacement. Definitely a rare stand out from Teen Titans Go. His last line kind of reminds me of Corey Burton's Shockwave weirdly enough.

Dee Bradley Baker is a bit too snooty sounding, it's a shame since I know he could have done this role so much better.

Lief Anders is fine but generic.

I'm giving this one to Corey Burton.

BONUS: How about Maurice LaMarche as the Brain? Hah get it.....
said at 6:26 AM on Mon Nov 30 2015
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Scott Menville is pretty good as well does sound pretty close to Glenn Shadix.
said at 4:02 AM on Wed Apr 8 2015
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Prefer Corey Burton. His version has the most character IMO.

Scott would be my second favourite. His performance is a nice mixture of both Corey Burton and Glenn Shadix.

While Dee sounds a bit too campy at places, he's got the character down nicely.

I see what they were going for when they try to give Glenn a Hawking-esque performance, but I'm not really a big fan of the voice.

With so little to offer, I can't really judge Leif's take on Brain.

Corey it is.
said at 10:16 AM on Thu Apr 2 2015
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1) Corey Burton
2) Dee Bradley Baker
3) Scott Menville
4) Glenn Shadix
5) Leif Anders
said at 6:19 PM on Fri Mar 20 2015
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Corey Burton's voice is jut down-right chilling. I don't know much about the brain's origin or past, but that voice alone makes me think of some mentally ill scientist who kept experimenting on himself. At first just replacing a leg with a robotic version....than an arm....than a torso....than he ditched the legs for wheels.....and so on and so on, till he was nothing left but a brain in a robotic tube. that thought alone is pretty unsettling. Haha

I'll give to Corey for taking a cheesy villain and making him scary. Something Young Justice did very well.
said at 7:58 AM on Sun Jan 25 2015
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Well it's not Jeff Bennett, but Scott Menville actually pulled off a solid impression of Glenn Shadix's Brain!
said at 6:47 PM on Sun Aug 17 2014
Am I the only one who thinks that Glenn Shadix's Dalek-ian voice makes sense, since you probably wouldn't expect a French accent to come out of a robotic voice box, even if the brain inside the case was French? He takes my pick because of the logic in that. Not that his Monsieur Mallah voice was bad for a French accent, I just didn't think it would fit the Brain.

Dee was the first to actually do the accent, and I was surprised when I first saw this because he was showing emotion; then again, this is the first time we've seen the Brain in TV and other media, and it was also a campy show, so while it fit the show's tone well, I wouldn't pick him.

Corey's is like a deeper and less camp version of Dee's which is refreshing. While I'm still going with the logic for Glenn's version, Corey just may come in at a close second because of how cool and somewhat fitting the voice is for the Brain.

Leif Anders' voice for the do I describe it in words? I think I'll go with a roboticized chipmunk. It's high-pitched like Dee's, so already it loses its menace, but I'll give it points for not having the accent. And besides, he only showed up for a side mission, so even though it's a VERY minor upgrade from Dee's, it's most definitely not my top pick.

Scott Menville's take on the Brain was closer to Shadix's version, so I'm already liking it. However, he doesn't sound as Dalek as Glenn's did, since he spoke with smaller pauses inbetween words. Good attempt overall, though.

Overall, the order is this:

1. Glenn Shadix
2. Corey Burton
3. Scott Menville
4. Leif Anders/ Dee Bradley Baker
Polyester Funk
said at 11:06 PM on Fri Aug 1 2014
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I'll go with Glenn Shadix. I can understand why some don't like the very robotic sound, but I do and it makes the character quite creepy because he sounds inhuman. I do think that there is some humanity in his voice. I don't find it totally robotic.

Corey Burton was also very good and chilling. He's very good at doing that kind of thing.

Dee Bradley Baker is too high and rather campy, but it works for the show he was on.

Leif Anders seems alright, but there's not much to judge.

Scott Menville sounds pretty good. With the effects he does actually sound kinda close to Glenn.
Polyester Funk
said at 12:00 AM on Fri Oct 24 2014
@Slick Jeff is very good at doing robotic-type voices, so yeah, I'd say he'd be great as Brain.
said at 5:08 PM on Fri Aug 1 2014
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Scott is good, but the problem is is that he is too high. It's what I said before with Killer Moth, I think that Khary would've been much better in the role.
said at 2:00 PM on Fri May 30 2014
1) Leif Anders
2) Corey Burton
3) Glenn Shadix
4) Nolan North
5) Dee Bradley Baker
facundo guerra 4
said at 11:34 AM on Sun Jun 8 2014
@Finister2 Nolan North?
said at 2:13 PM on Sun Jun 8 2014
@facundo guerra 4 He voiced L-6 in Young Justice: Episode 104, who is later revealed to be the Brain, but since North was credited as L-6, he can't make it onto the voice compare on that technicality.
facundo guerra 4
said at 2:57 PM on Sun Jun 8 2014
@Finister2 Ok thanks for clearing that up.How do you think that could be a good Brain?
said at 8:40 PM on Sun Jun 8 2014

Actually, now that you mention it, why isn't Nolan North here? Roger Craig Smith's clip as Ocean Master is from when the character had the designation "L-5".
said at 12:24 PM on Mon Oct 7 2013
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1. Glenn Shadix - So damn chilling in this role. Sounds intelligent, robotic, and French without goign too over-the-top. Just perfection.
2. Corey Burton - A very menacing take. You can tell this is the mind of a cold-hearted French genius put in a jar.
3. Dee Bradley Baker - Very campy, but he worked for what he was.
4. Leif Anders - YAWN.
said at 1:34 PM on Wed Apr 17 2013
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RIP Glenn, he was great, but Corey gets my vote.
said at 8:24 PM on Thu Sep 13 2012
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Didn't Nolan North voice him in Young Justice too.
said at 5:29 PM on Mon Sep 17 2012
Also if he was a brain in a machine why would he have a french accent
said at 9:04 PM on Sat Sep 29 2012
@coolgeek176 He could have programmed it to replicate a dialect. He's a smart dude.
said at 9:59 PM on Sat Sep 29 2012
Also, the character was actually a French man before he became the Brain (which is already noted in the third paragraph of the Editor's Opinion).
said at 4:30 AM on Mon Oct 8 2012
@coolgeek176 I actually prefer Nolan's over Corey's, for some reason. :-P
said at 9:46 AM on Sun Feb 17 2013
@coolgeek176 I forgot to mention that I think Glenn Shadix did the best job.
said at 5:16 AM on Sat Aug 4 2012
The Brain is supposed to be French, so I'm going with Corey Burton, though Glenn Shadix had a cool "Stephen Hawking-esque" take on the character.
said at 2:09 AM on Tue Jul 10 2012
@Music Meister ...and on that note, I vote Dee Bradley Baker.
Music Meister (Moderator)
said at 11:04 PM on Sat Apr 14 2012
1. Corey Burton- I try to not vote for VAs from Young Justice but Corey was perfect. A good french accent, good amount of filter to make it feel robotic bbut not too much to distract from the performance and deep enough. All the while showing Brain's menacing and plotting side.

2. Leif Anders- The accent is okay but the filter is good and it does feel intellgent and menacing. I wish he had more lines.

3. Glenn Shadix/Dee Bradley Baker- They both lack something that makes it a good fit for Brain. Glenn shows off the inhuman/machine side but lacks the accent while Dee has the accent but is a bit too high. Perforance, Glenn was going for a "evil Steven Hawking" so it lacks emotion which loses some points for a performance and Dee was going for a more comical performance. Neither are perfect but not really terrible.
said at 1:47 AM on Sat Apr 28 2012
@Music Meister Just curious, but why are you going out of your way to avoid VAs from a specific show.
Music Meister (Moderator)
said at 10:13 AM on Sat Apr 28 2012
@D.A.V.E. Shows like that get a lot of bias and a lot of people vote for them just cause of the show and not always for performance
said at 10:58 AM on Sat Apr 28 2012
@Music Meister Oh, YES!, Thank you! It's so depressing when voters misguidedly base their choices entirely on which show can take itself the most seriously, which usually equals voices that are hardly the least bit distinctive. You'd think comedic (or at least more light-hearted) takes would actually be more respectable than dramatic ones since they're comparatively harder to pull off well. As the old saying goes, drama is easy, comedy is hard.
Music Meister (Moderator)
said at 11:13 AM on Sat Apr 28 2012
@CatsTuxedo I do agree with that but it depends on the character. For The Brain I think a comical take doesnt fit
said at 3:41 PM on Sat Apr 28 2012
@Music Meister You shouldn't base your vote on who's MORE popular or who's LESS popular. If you like the performance, vote, and that's it.

Though I do understand. It's baffling that EMH's Living Laser won over AA's, even though he was a small cameo in EMH compared to AA's sympathetic villain.
said at 1:18 AM on Mon Apr 30 2012
@D.A.V.E. And that's why people do tend to vote for the actors in the shows people accuse of being biased (DCAU, Wolverine & X-Men, SpecSpidey, Avengers EMH, YJ, among others) because they just happen to be the voices and performances the votes enjoy the most.

As for Living Laser, I think EMH won because:
1. Even though AA's is more developed, he's been deaged and that turns a lot of people off.
2. It's Nolan North.
said at 6:05 AM on Mon Aug 27 2012
@Music Meister
I personally think the "evil Steven Hawking" Glenn Shadix was going for was pretty effective--and BECAUSE it lacks emotions, it's creepier, too.
said at 8:51 AM on Fri Aug 31 2012
@Music Meister What Anicomicgeek said. :-P
said at 10:38 AM on Mon Jan 28 2013

Gonig for being serious isn't misguised.
said at 10:32 AM on Sat Apr 7 2012
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Actually, I think they're all good, but I'm gonna go with the late Glenn Shadix here.
said at 7:57 AM on Wed Feb 1 2012
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Glenn Shadix >>>> Corey Burton
said at 1:20 AM on Mon Apr 30 2012
@TheVengeanceKnight This has nothing to do with bias over shows/actors, I genuinely think Glenn Shadix's is more menacing than the others.
Madness Abe
said at 7:55 PM on Fri Oct 21 2011
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I actually like all of these guys. I know what people say about Dee's, but it's more amusing than threatening.
Music Meister (Moderator)
said at 9:18 PM on Sat Oct 8 2011
Burton has characteristics of both, a deep robotic feel and a french accent while still sounding threatening
said at 2:44 AM on Thu May 19 2011
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Glenn's voice was much cooler and 1000x more bad@$$. No offense to Dee, he's a fine actor, but the BTTB voice was just awful.
said at 9:20 PM on Tue Jan 17 2012
In the end though, Corey gets my vote.
said at 3:27 PM on Tue Apr 5 2011
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Corey Burton's Braniac voice would fit too
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