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Comparision of the voice over actors who have been the voice of Metallo with sound clips and images.
Franchise: Superman

Metallo is a recurring antagonist of Superman. The best known version of Metallo is John Corben, who first appeared in Action Comics #252 (May 1959). John Corben was a journalist and criminal who while fleeing from the scene of a murder he committed, ended up in an accident which maimed his body beyond repair. A scientist found his body and moved Corben's brain onto a powerful robot body powered by kryptonite. The metallic body gives Corben superhuman strength, durability, speed and reflexes. He can also release the kryptonite energy that powers him into a beam and reconfigure his body into any shape he can think of.
Created by UltimateCharm on Jul 10 2012
Superman: The Animated Series (1996)
MetalloMalcolm McDowell
Malcolm McDowell
Justice League (2001)
MetalloCorey Burton
Corey Burton
Superman: The Man of Steel (2002)
MetalloRoger Jackson
Roger Jackson
The Batman (2004)
MetalloLex Lang
Lex Lang
Superman Returns: The Video Game (2006)
MetalloJohn Billingsley
John Billingsley
Superman/Batman: Public Enemies (2009)
MetalloJohn C McGinley
John C McGinley
DC Universe Online (2011)
MetalloRyan Wickerham
Ryan Wickerham
Justice League: Doom (2012)
MetalloPaul Blackthorne
Paul Blackthorne


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said at 7:52 PM on Mon Apr 23 2018
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1. Lang
2. Blackthorne
3. McDowell
said at 9:52 PM on Sat Feb 17 2018
1. Malcolm McDowell
2. Paul Blackthorne
3. Lex Lang
4. John C McGinley
5. Corey Burton
8000 Saiyans
said at 12:47 PM on Sun Dec 17 2017
1. Malcolm McDowell
2. Paul Blackthorne
3. Lex Lang
4. John C. McGinley
5. Corey Burton
said at 10:49 AM on Fri Oct 13 2017
VC thoughts update

I really liked Simon Treves' take on the BBC DC radio dramas. His delivery is excellent and his voice has this great maniacal tone to it.

My favorite out of the VAs here is Malcolm McDowell. He has a nice manic tone and his delivery is just amazing. He also nails the anger perfectly.

Corey Burton also sounds pretty cool. He's a little bit too relaxed (especially considering that he's standing in for McDowell) but he's not bad.

Lex Lang sounds pretty badass in the role. I really like his taunting attitude and his delivery is great.

John Billingsley also sounds great. It's similar to Lang, but pitched down.

Roger Jackson and Ryan Wickerham sound kinda off, while John C. McGinley and Paul Blackthorne really need another crack at the role, 'cause they have tons of potential.
EPA Deane
said at 12:34 PM on Wed Oct 11 2017
"Oh, yes. I know who you are. Lois Lane and Clark Kent. Crusading writers for the Daily Planet. Well, you've both lucked into the ultimate story, this time. The story of METALLO! The Man who's gonna KILL Superman!!"

Metallo is a simple Concept for a Villain with a Lot Potential for some Great Designs and even Interesting Personalities.

Here are my Top 5 Favourite Metallo Voices:

5. Corey Burton
4. John C McGinley
3. Lex Lang
2. Paul Blackthorne
1. Malcolm McDowell

Future VA Suggestions:

Andrew Chandler would be A Perfect fit for a Mercenary Version of Metallo, with him using a British Accented version of his Cooler voice.

Michael Wincott would also be REALLY Menacing as Metallo if he used a Modulated version of his Death Voice.

I also Recommend JB Blanc, Tim Roth, Louis Mellis and Sean Bean.
said at 5:12 PM on Wed Jul 12 2017
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1. Malcolm McDowell is brilliant as Metallo really giving a wicked and cunning performance as well as showing his humanity

2. Paul Balckthorne is really good as well love the effect and the intelligence he brought to it
said at 8:37 PM on Thu Jul 6 2017
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1. Malcolm McDowell
2. Corey Burton
3. John C McGinley
4. Lex Lang
5. Paul Blackthorne
said at 8:18 AM on Thu Feb 23 2017
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After looking more into his history, I think Roger L Jackson could actually make an excellent Metallo. Just a shame his material and direction undermined that.

But yeah, McDowell is still my favorite, with Blackthorne being second.
said at 1:46 AM on Thu Jun 15 2017
@HyperVoiceActing I was honestly fully expecting to vote for him when he was added to this compare.

Then I actually listened to the clip and...yeeeaaahhh...
said at 7:19 PM on Tue Mar 8 2016
1. Lex
2. Paul
3. John
4. Malcolm
5. Corey
said at 11:55 PM on Thu Sep 3 2015
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Top 5 lists of Metallo performance:
1)Malcolm McDowell
2)Paul Blackthorne
3)Lex Lang
4)John C. McGinley
5)Corey Burton
said at 12:42 PM on Tue Jan 27 2015
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Roger Jackson was over the top.
said at 4:40 PM on Sun Feb 1 2015
said at 8:01 PM on Sat Sep 6 2014
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I voted for Quentin Lance :p
said at 6:58 AM on Sat Oct 25 2014
@Slick He's talking about Paul Blackthorne who plays Detective Quentin Lance on Arrow.
Polyester Funk
said at 11:57 PM on Wed Jun 11 2014
I've just always liked Malcolm McDowell as Metallo. He just sounded wicked and cunning. He brought out the humanity of the character and also the villainous side.

Lex Lang sounds really cool and threatening.

Paul Blackthorne has a bit of what Malcolm had. He sounds intellectual yet threatening. Wish he woulda had more lines, but there were a lot of characters in that movie anyway.

Much as I like Corey Burton he sounds rather flat here. It's an OK McDowell impression, yet it's not a good performance.
said at 9:03 AM on Sun Jan 26 2014
I do have to ask this. When did Superman do Corbin any harm again? Luthor used him like a decoy and Luthor is the one who poisoned him and FORCED him to transplant his brain into Metallo.
said at 5:00 PM on Sun Jan 26 2014
@Aquafox84 Yeah, his later episodes in S:TAS didn't really do him justice. :-/
said at 5:07 PM on Sun Jan 26 2014
@Aquafox84 Cause Superman happened to be around when Corbin went insane from sensory deprivation. So Corbin's mind jumped to him being responsible.
said at 1:38 PM on Mon Mar 3 2014
@GothamRed Yeah, you have a point there. Clark even tried to be honest with the fact that Luthor was at fault and gave him the benefit of the doubt. Hell, Corbin didn't even blame Supes for being locked up until after Luthor poisoned him.
said at 1:41 PM on Mon Mar 3 2014
@TheVengeanceKnight I agree with you as well, when he was abandoned in the lava. THAT would be the start of reasons for him to have a vendetta. I still feel remorse for John more than anything. Like Parasite, he didn't mind his incarceration at Stryker's.
said at 3:48 PM on Mon Mar 3 2014

It's been a while since I've watched STAS, but I'm pretty sure he went after Lex in his first appearance.
said at 11:29 AM on Mon Oct 21 2013
I wonder if Dee Bradley Baker would make a good Metallo?
said at 1:19 PM on Sun Jan 26 2014
said at 3:52 PM on Tue Oct 8 2013
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Malcolm Mcdowell- This is hands down Mcdowells best role, and its a nice change of pace of a role for him because its a character you wouldn't expect him to play, but he pulls it off very well, getting across the humanity of the character, while pulling off the malevolent motives and personality to the character. 9/10

John Billingsley- I don't know how to really feel about this portrayal. I like the way he does the voice, but its so vocally effected that its almost hard to make out what he's saying at first. To be honest I don't know what to rate it. ?/10

Corey Burton- as much as I love Corey Burtons work, he really bombs hear I think. Not only is it just his Brainiac voice just a little higher, it sucks out any amount of humanity from Metallos character. It's not a bad performance, just much too generic of a robot voice for Metallo. 5/10

Lex Lang- He is very menacing, and he adds this great rasp to the character which works well for the portrayal that they went for with the character. One of the great villain performances in the series. 7.5/10

John C. McGinley- John does the character very well for what little he was given in the film, which was more than in the clip but still not a whole lot. He does have the robot effect to his voice which does work well and they don't alter his voice a whole lot which I do like, and he does sound serious enough to pull the character off. 6.5/10

Ryan Wickerham- I do like the robot effect they gave him, but to me he sounds more like if Biff was Metallo, just without the charm, and he is pretty annoying and over the top at some lines, (that last line in particular). 3.5/10

Paul Blackthorne- Paul works extremely well with the character. He sounds calculating, gets his emotions across and isn't too robotic, and he is extremely threatening in his delivery at points, which I love how he delivers it. 8.5/10

Roger Jackson- as I've said before, not only does he sound the least bit robotic, but you could literally put that voice on any generic thug in a video game or TV show, and it would work, but not for one of Superman's best foes. This is easily one of the worst roles Jackson has ever done and adds nothing to the character or the performance. 1/10

1. Mcdowell
2. Blackthorne
3. Lang
4. McGinley
5. Burton
6. Wickerham
7. Jackson
said at 3:41 PM on Tue Oct 8 2013
 3 Shout Outs!
1. Lex Lang - The best fit for how I'd imagine Metallo's voice to be like.
2. Malcolm McDowell - You can't not love him! He's goin' to the soh'op!
3. Paul Blackthorne - A great take on the character: proud, menacing, yet affable too.
4. Ryan Wickerham - He actually sounds really scary, especially towards the end there!
5. Corey Burton - A decent stand-in for Malcolm, but it's not the same.
6. Roger Jackson - Forced and stupid sounding, with really over-the-top delivery.
7. John C McGinley - There's no presence in this voice performance at all.
8. John Billingsley - What? Just....what?
said at 10:13 AM on Tue Nov 5 2013
@Galactic_Cyrus Goin to the soh'op? are you a fellow That Guy With The Glasses viewer?
said at 12:58 PM on Tue Nov 5 2013
@Lpfan120 Of course. Doug always uses that joke for Malcolm McDowell. xD
said at 10:13 AM on Tue Sep 24 2013
I really liked Blackthorne as Metallo. But I'll have to go for Malcolm McDowell
said at 9:47 PM on Sat Apr 20 2013
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Roger is a great voice actor but he did terrible here. I think he could be great if he had better direction
said at 12:19 PM on Sat Apr 20 2013
Is it me or does Roger sound like Ghostface with rood rage? Lol
said at 10:26 AM on Thu Apr 18 2013
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Malcolm McDowell - I'm sorry but I never really liked his Metallo. He had great material and acted spectacularly, but his voice was never what I pictured Metallo to sound like.
John Billingsey - Generic, just someones voice with a filter.
Corey Burton - An OK Malcolm impression, but still has the same problems Malcolm had for me.
Lex Lang - This is what I've always imagined Metallo to sound like. He sounds very threatening.
John C. McGinley - He's OK, nothing special.
Ryan Wickerham - Same problem as John B., also overacts to the point of ridiculousness.
Paul Blackthorne - Good, reminds me of a mix between Malcolm's and Lex's performance.
Roger Jackson - Kinda bad.
said at 3:43 PM on Tue Oct 8 2013
@VctrBnsn Agreed about Lex Lang. Disagree about Wickerham, though. I thought he over-acting was to the point of being frightening. If a guy in real life started shouting like that and saying his words in that tone, it'd be clear he was out of his goddamn mind! Roger Jackson is the one who's overacting was just ridiculous.
said at 3:43 PM on Tue Oct 8 2013
@Comicfan117 That's 'cause he's a British person! (LOL South Park reference there.)
said at 4:46 PM on Tue Oct 8 2013
@Comicfan117 I was referencing the South Park episode "Pip", where Malcolm played literally "a British person." That was his only name given.
said at 8:35 AM on Thu Apr 18 2013
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whoever cast roger needed to do one thing that is a sin not to do for metallo. you have to edit his voice to sound robotic, also tell him not to act so over the top
TylerMirage (Admin)
said at 8:34 PM on Thu Feb 7 2013
 3 Shout Outs!
1.) John McGinley: There's just something about his that I love. I can't put my finger on it...

2.) Lex Lang/Paul Blackthorne: Great work by both of them. They manage to convey a certain toughness.

3.) Malcom McDowell/Corey Burton: Again, both of them did good. They have a very 'intellectual' vibe to their performances.

4.) John Billingsley/Ryan Wickerham: Eh, don't really care for either of these two.
said at 3:54 AM on Wed Aug 29 2012
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My vote's going with Wickerham, with Billingsley at a close second. Sure, Wickerham doesn't sound as much like a cyborg as Billingsley does, but he puts a lot of energy and passion in his performance; he definitely sounds like he's having fun, and to me it's pretty important for an actor to enjoy their work :)
Music Meister (Moderator)
said at 2:08 AM on Sun Jul 15 2012
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Malcolm is alright but needed thicker effects meanwhile John Billingsley was the opposite, having too thick of an effect to even hear him sometimes.
Corey's impression at best but I wish he at least had some effects to save his performance.
Ryan is WAY too over the top, I can't take it seriosuly. It's not bad but he needs to tone it down a bit.

Lex Lang, Paul Blackthorne and Dr. Cox (sorry lol) were the best mixing good voices with nice amount of effects.
Of those three I'd put Paul first since the slight accent is nice but I wish the effects were a tad bit thicker but it's fine as is.
Between Lex and John I really don't know which I like more, they kind of sound alike.
said at 5:55 PM on Sat Jul 14 2012
i choose John C ((im surprised im the only one who did)) because he sounded natural..Mcdcowell reminded me of the monach form venter bros >.
said at 10:12 AM on Wed Jul 11 2012
While I like Malcolm McDowell's Metallo, at the end of the day, comics Metallo is a thug and McDowell doesn't quite suit that. Corey Burton's attempt to emulate him is... questionable at best.

I'm gonna go with Paul Blackthorne, though I also thought Lex Lang and John C. McGinley were also good.
said at 12:23 AM on Wed Jul 11 2012
 2 Shout Outs!
McDowell, definitely.
Though, I did enjoy McGinley's take, even if it was small.
said at 11:15 PM on Tue Jul 10 2012
I;m going with Lex Lang but my personal prefernces for Metallo in order are McDowell, Burton, Blackthorne, Lang, McGinley, Billingsley, then Wickerham(is it me or does he sound like John Dimaggio)?
said at 11:05 PM on Tue Jul 10 2012
Definitely Malcom McDowell. He's just as iconic as Michael Ironside, Clancy Brown and Corey Burton when it comes to voicing Superman villains.
said at 7:43 PM on Tue Jul 10 2012
 1 Shout Out!
Malcolm McDowell, leagues ahead of everyone else.
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