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Comparision of the voice over actors who have been the voice of Desaad with sound clips and images.
Franchise: Superman

DeSaad is a secondary antagonist in the Superman series whom made his comic book debut in Forever People #2 in May of 1971. DeSaad lives in Apokolips where he is a brilliant inventor of weapons and torture devices whom serves the Apokolips' overlord Darkseid. While DeSaad is an immortal he has no powers of his own and uses the weapons he creates but does also have some good manipulation skills as well. DeSaad is normally depicted as being very loyal to Darkseid due to fear of course (as when he is occasionally not being so loyal to Darkseid the chances of him surviving the story are very low.)
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Special thanks to Foxwolf, Music Meister, TylerMirage for additional sound clips.
The Legendary Super Powers Show (1984)
DesaadRene Auberjonois
Rene Auberjonois
Superman: The Animated Series (1996)
DesaadRobert Morse
Robert Morse
Justice League (2001)
DesaadRene Auberjonois
Rene Auberjonois
Young Justice (2010)
DesaadDee Bradley Baker
Dee Bradley Baker
Justice League: War (2014)
DesaadBruce Thomas
Bruce Thomas
LEGO DC Comics Super Heroes: Justice League vs Bizarro League (2015)
DesaadJames Arnold Taylor
James Arnold Taylor
Justice League Action (2016)
DesaadJason J. Lewis
Jason J. Lewis


Today on the Superman VC section we take a look at another one of Darkseid's minions... DESAAD! Let us begin...

Rene Auberjonois- Both of his performances do suit the nature of their respective shows fairly well such as his slightly camp take on the Superfriends while his a bit more somber approach on the Justice League as they both still suit the role in their own way.

Robert Morse-  While Robert's work on the role does seem rather foppish to be fair Desaad is one of the few residents of Apokolips in which such a performance can work. But still Robert did do a terrific job in playing Desaad as the opportunistic manipulator that he is and therefore his work on the role is another fine example of the voice work on the show.

Dee Bradley Baker- I was quickly very impressed with Dee's voice work on the role because he actually makes Desaad seem to be genuinely menacing. But still Dee's work was a great fit for Desaad as he played the role as a sinister manipulator VERY well and it does make one hope that Desaad will appear more often as it is a great example of Dee's work.

Bruce Thomas- Bruce's voice is rather good but while his performance was alright but while Bruce does seem to be trying to go for a darker feel it doesn't seem all that menacing. But in all fairness Bruce's work does suit Desaad's intellectual persona pretty well so it does work with the role pretty well.

Overall I liked them all but Dee's work on the role was awesome though Rene, Robert and Bruce were very good too.



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8000 Saiyans
said at 4:27 PM on Wed Feb 21 2018
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Jason is pretty good as Desaad.
said at 3:17 PM on Wed Feb 21 2018
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Jason J. Lewis was alright.
said at 1:19 PM on Wed Feb 21 2018
Rene Auberjonois really nailed Desaad's suck-up traits. I really love his Super Powers take the most due to the fact that he makes Desaad sound proud of his own horrible deeds. He really seems to enjoy making others suffer and he has great chemistry with Frank Welker's Darkseid and Kalibak.

Jason J. Lewis sounds very similar to Rene. He really seems to be having fun hamming it up in the role

Dee Bradley Baker is good, but he isn't as entertaining as Rene and Jason. Still, not bad.

James Arnold Taylor is pretty enjoyable. He really seems to be having fun in the role.

Robert Morse is a bit bland.

Bruce Thomas doesn't leave an impression on me.
Music Meister (Moderator)
said at 12:06 PM on Wed Feb 21 2018
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I like Jason's Starscream-esque performance, he doesn't stand out too much but he works.
TylerMirage (Admin)
said at 12:15 PM on Wed Feb 21 2018
@Music Meister Personally, I think ALL of them have a bit of Starscreaminess in their performances. Some more than others, but still.
Music Meister (Moderator)
said at 12:25 PM on Wed Feb 21 2018
Fair point though JAT is probably the least Starscreamy of them all...but I'd love to hear that voice come out of Starscream.
8000 Saiyans
said at 1:05 AM on Tue Dec 19 2017
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I honestly have to go with Rene Auberjonois for this one. While I think his Justice League rendition is good, I find his Super Powers take far more enjoyable. Both takes show that he can be both creepy and funny.

Bruce Thomas is my second favorite. One of the strongest performances in Justice League War.

Dee Bradley Baker is very good in the role, but he's a bit too creepy and chiling for my taste.

James Arnold Taylor is very enjoyable for a LEGO version, but for a traditional version, I can't see this voice working. I could see him do the traditional version with a different voice though.

My least favorite has to be Robert Morse. As I said before, while there are great castings in the DCAU, there are also some questionable castings. Morse sounds very bland compared to Auberjonois. Definitely not one of the strongest performances of Superman TAS.

1. Rene Auberjonois
2. Bruce Thomas
3. Dee Bradley Baker
4. James Arnold Taylor
5. Robert Morse
said at 8:25 PM on Thu Jun 22 2017
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1. Rene Auberjonois (Justice League)
2. Dee Bradley Baker
EPA Deane
said at 2:06 PM on Wed Jan 25 2017
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"What is the worth of a single life? How does one measure its power? Even the humblest of souls touches others... And yet, for all the good or ill that life accomplishes, it perishes at the last with an imperceptible whisper. As if it never existed at all."

Desaad is an Ugly Slime,
Doo Dah Doo Dah,
He Deseves Pain All The Time,
Oh Dah Doo Dah Day...

Here are my Top Five Favourite Voices for Desaad:

5. James Arnold Taylor
4. Robert Morse
3. Bruce Thomas
2. Dee Bradley Baker
1. Rene Auberjonois

Future VA Suggestions:

Mark Gatiss would be great as Desaad having the potential to be Both Comically Slimey and Menacingly Depraved.

On a Similar note, I think Derek Stephen Prince would be fun in the part, doing a similar voice to his Vexen (From Kingdom Hearts: ReChain of Memories).

I also Recommend Dwight Schultz, Michael Dobson, Jess Harnell and James Carter Cathcart.
said at 4:18 PM on Sun Apr 3 2016
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1. DBB
2. Bruce Thomas
3. Rene Auberjonois
4. JAT
5. Robert Morse
said at 12:04 AM on Sun Apr 3 2016
 3 Shout Outs!
Comparing them again, I think I do prefer Rene Auberjonois more, so I'm gonna change my vote to him.
said at 2:54 PM on Fri Mar 25 2016
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I'm going with Rene Auberjonois, but it's not so much for his Justice League performance but actually more so for The Super Friends/Powers Team era performance. I think his take fits Desaad well, he pulls off both a creepy subservient minion and could pull off his more comical moments.

Bruce Thomas it's really strange how much he actually sounds like Steve Blum more so than when Blum did Darkseid. I actually rather like his voice for the character.

Dee Bradley Baker is really chilling and creepy but I think he's too chilling and creepy. It's a good voice but I don't think it fits Desaad that well.

Robert Morse is rather generic sounding, not bad but forgettable sounding IMO.

James Arnold Taylor It's an enjoyable performance but he's too silly sounding for my liking. I know it's a LEGO version but I really don't think Desaad should be this silly or goofy, I can't see Darkseid being able to put up with his antics for very long.

Rene's got my vote.

BONUS: I think John Kassir could make for a good Desaad.
Shaun Ince
said at 5:40 PM on Fri Feb 5 2016
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If there's one thing I have to critcize about Dee's performance , it has to be the laugh. Sounds a bit too creature like for my taste. Other than that the voice he used for Desaad was great.
Polyester Funk
said at 11:57 PM on Sun Apr 19 2015
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Tough choice between Rene Auberjonois and Dee Bradley Baker, but ultimately I'm picking Rene. I just like his voice better for this character. Dee does sound fantastically creepy.

The others are all good, though I think Robert Morse is my least favorite.
said at 2:49 PM on Mon Feb 16 2015
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Sort of relating to my previous post, this compare made me realize that I'm generally not too much of a fan of character voices that are simply "menacing" and not much else. They usually come off as the character putting up a front and actively trying to intimidate or scare whoever audience they might have or want. Not helping the matter is that hardly anyone in real life actually acts like that; you'd have to go out of your way to make a presence like that, so it'd inherently come off as unnatural.

I suppose you could say I prefer Taylor over Baker for the same reason I prefer Baldry's Robotnik over Cummings': one's putting on a show and trying to be scary while the other one's simply being themselves.
Music Meister (Moderator)
said at 11:29 AM on Mon Feb 16 2015
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James reminds me of a Hanna Barbara character, he is pretty funny and you can just hear him smiling while he says his line.
I'm going with him, he just puts more into the role than the others.
said at 11:20 AM on Mon Feb 16 2015
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Changed my vote to James. It's very specific for the character and for James himself, and it's obvious he's having the time of his life in the part.
said at 9:57 AM on Mon Feb 16 2015
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While I do feel James may be a little too light in the role, I do think he works well with what he's given and is very fun to listen to in this role,, just due to how much James was clearly having fun hamming it up
said at 11:59 PM on Sun Feb 15 2015
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James Arnold Taylor sounds like he's doing his best Casey Kasem impersonation.
said at 9:43 PM on Fri Jan 23 2015
Sticking with Baker, but Bruce Thomas also worked as Desaad.
said at 9:41 PM on Sun Feb 15 2015

James Arnold Taylor is a little higher than I'd like, but then again, it was also lighter fare, too. Still, sticking with Dee Bradley Baker.
Music Meister (Moderator)
said at 3:48 PM on Tue Feb 4 2014
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Bruce was alright, barley remember Desaad in the movie.
said at 7:06 PM on Tue Feb 4 2014
@Music Meister Think he only had one scene.
Music Meister (Moderator)
said at 7:23 PM on Tue Feb 4 2014
@pete I think two, I remember a quick scene of him and Darkseid and when he caputed Supes
said at 3:29 PM on Tue Oct 8 2013
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Dee Bradley Baker is chilling as all **** in this role!
said at 12:24 AM on Thu Apr 18 2013
Dee sounds like a creepier and better sounding version of Brent Spiner's Joker.
said at 5:55 PM on Sun Sep 16 2012
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Dee Bradley Baker has the best and creepiest voice.
said at 12:12 PM on Thu Mar 22 2012
 5 Shout Outs!
Dee Bradley Baker made Desaad sound REALLY creepy, so I'm giving it to him.
said at 4:32 PM on Wed Mar 14 2012
 2 Shout Outs!
I prefer the second Rene Auberjonois voice, personally. I think Dee did a good job, especially with the whispery voice, but Rene's somber approach sounded more natural to me.
said at 1:25 AM on Wed Mar 14 2012
 5 Shout Outs!
In most cases, the voice work and character representations in YJ isn't very good/as good as those of the DCAU; this isn't one of them. Dee Bradley Baker FTW.
said at 12:01 AM on Wed Mar 14 2012
 7 Shout Outs!
I vote for Dee Bradley Baker. He really made the expert torture technician of Apokolips sound creepy.
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