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Comparision of the voice over actors who have been the voice of Princess Daisy with sound clips and images.
Princess Daisy, the second known Princess in the famous Mario series, whom was originally known as a Peach palette swap for the most part she is becoming her own character a bit more
Created by Pokejedservo on Mon Sep 28 2009, 37 Comments, Add Comment
Super Mario Bros Series
Princess DaisyKate Fleming
Kate Fleming
Super Mario Bros Series
Princess DaisyJen Taylor
Jen Taylor
Super Mario Bros Series
Princess DaisyDeanna Mustard
Deanna Mustard


While she has been around for 20 years ever since Super Mario Land her original voice acting debut was less than 10 years ago in Mario Tennis for the N64 voiced by the late Kate Fleming. Daisy much like her more known pink-colored counterpart Peach is known for having a rather cutesy higher voice and Kate did deliver on that. Granted Daisy like most other Super Mario Bros characters doesn't get to say a lot but still Kate's voice for Daisy was indeed fitting.

In another N64 game Mario Party 3, she was voiced by VA Jen Taylor. Jen did try to make sure that her Daisy voice doesn't sound too much like her Peach voice and it turned fairly out okay though.

Daisy's current VA ever since Mario Golf Toadstool Tour is Deanna Mustard and she was just fine as well in making Daisy sound cute but not too saccharine.

Overall I like them all but I am going with Kate and Deanna a bit more here...


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said at 1:50 AM on Fri Jun 27 2014
What was the explanation behind these Recasting's (like casting her separately from Peach).
said at 4:43 PM on Tue Jun 24 2014
Deanna Mustard hands down!
said at 8:39 AM on Tue Jun 3 2014
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I prefer Kate since she adds a bubbly jubbly side to Daisy.

Jen is 2nd while Deanna is 3rd.

I know a lot of people prefer Deanna and I respect that but she's just not the prefect voice of Daisy for me.
said at 4:01 AM on Thu Jun 5 2014
@Ross123 I'm surprised (and wow is it long for you to pick her) that you prefer Kate I was expecting Deanna.

Deanna was okay at first but then she got really really annoying by the present my order is the same as yours(considering from what I know many of our Mario choices are pretty opposites like Bowser haw haw)
said at 4:02 AM on Thu Jun 5 2014
@Ross123 * to pick her I meant vote for Daisy doh
said at 10:54 AM on Thu Jun 5 2014
@HienFan I walk in most compares thinking I'm gonna pick the Number1 favourite. Usually it hardly ever seems to be the case unless it's something along the lines of a film character with only 2 voices.

If you're wondering why it took me a while to vote. The day I first voted for Mario compares, I was picking out my more preferred characters at the time. I didn't seem to find the time until now, well it should be something along the lines of April or last month since I was busy with school exams.

There's a lot of compares I still need to get round. It's either the case of I don't have the time or simply I can't be bothered with it, the latter I usually say when there's over 9-10 voice clips.
said at 9:01 PM on Thu Jun 5 2014
@Ross123 It's just that I notice the others other than Bowser Jr are more recent, Kate is pretty much the first VA Daisy has(not that I mind, Daisy since Mario Party 8 is just so urrrrg earsplitting LOUD all the time)

Jen is better as Daisy than she is ever at Peach though, I think she should have stuck something similar to Daisy for her Peach but oh well
said at 11:58 AM on Mon Jun 2 2014
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I think I'd better make something clear to those who don't know: Daisy is supposed to be the tomboy to Peach's girly-girl.
said at 8:15 PM on Fri May 16 2014
Okay listening to Jen and Deanna in more games, I prefer Deanna in the Gamecube era but around the Wii she sounds extremely grating with how she goes in full blast at all times at least in her earlier days she wasn't going maximum volumes all the time

Jen got better in Mario Party 4/5, less high pitched but she's still kinda girlish sounding

1 Kate
2 Early Deanna
3 Jen
4 Late Deanna
said at 6:15 PM on Tue Apr 15 2014
Here's what I think of Daisy's voices:

1.) Deanna Mustard

I feel Deanna is the best because she has the most distinctive voice compared to the others. While some may not be a fan of her robust performance, at least her voice doesn't sound like it was loosely based on Princess Peach. Her best work was probably in the Mario Strikers games, which was very fun to listen to. I'm happy Deanna has kept the role of Daisy for this long.

2.) Kate Fleming

Kate's voice was more on the cutesy side to me. This isn't a bad thing of course, but we already have Peach for that criteria. Aside from that, her performance was nice and solid. She was pretty good overall, and may she RIP.

3.) Jen Taylor

Jen was a good Peach, but she was a mediocre Daisy. You could tell her acting was a little restrained back when she voiced her, leaving a somewhat lifeless performance. I'm guessing Jen couldn't come up with a voice for Daisy she could easily slip into, hence why Deanna Mustard eventually took over.

So Deanna Mustard gets my vote.
said at 6:35 PM on Sun Dec 1 2013
#1. Deanna Mustard
#2. Jen Taylor
#3. Kate Fleming
said at 11:58 AM on Mon Oct 7 2013
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They kept getting better in my opinion. I know people have nostalgia for the late Kate Fleming, but she sounds like a total Peach clone rather than trying to make Daisy her own character. Jen added more of a tomboyish edge to the part, which Deanna Mustard perfected.
said at 5:28 AM on Fri May 31 2013
 2 Shout Outs! [?]
# 1 - Kate Fleming.
# 2 - Jen Taylor.
# 3 - Deanna Mustard.
said at 11:58 AM on Mon Oct 7 2013
@MilanTheVillain01 Other way around, IMHO!
said at 3:53 AM on Sat Nov 16 2013
@Galactic_Cyrus This is the second time I see this reply(it's not aimed towards me this time but...), not everyone likes the loud voice Deanna has you know
said at 3:54 AM on Sat Nov 16 2013
@MilanTheVillain01 I completely agree
said at 9:51 AM on Tue Nov 19 2013
@HienFan The "loud voice" is part of the character. Fleming's voice had nothing that made Daisy a character distinct and different from Peach.
said at 10:27 PM on Sat Nov 30 2013
@Galactic_Cyrus I know but that doesn't mean I have to like it
said at 4:06 AM on Sun Dec 1 2013
@Galactic_Cyrus Excuse me if I sound a bit offensive but I always find IMHO a bit overrated and got a bit of a forced vibe to it but it's just my opinion I prefer Kate
said at 2:26 PM on Fri Dec 6 2013
@HienFan Whatever.
said at 9:28 PM on Tue Dec 10 2013
@Galactic_Cyrus Deal. You won't change my opinion I'm not going to change yours
said at 7:46 PM on Fri Aug 10 2012
R.I.P. Kate Fleming, I just can't stand Deanna Mustard's and Jen Taylor's voice
said at 11:45 PM on Sun Jul 22 2012
1-Kate Fleming her voice is daaaamn sexy that's what I'll say
2-Jen Taylor
3-Deanna Mustard-'Hi I'm Daisy' is one of the most irritating lines ever
said at 11:58 AM on Mon Oct 7 2013
@HienFan Other way around!
said at 9:30 PM on Wed Oct 9 2013
@Galactic_Cyrus Don't need to tell me, I know a lot of people prefer Deanna. I don't most of the recent Mario games voice acting is obnoxious for me
said at 1:49 AM on Thu Apr 19 2012
I like Jen Taylor & Kate Flemming's versions.

said at 8:12 PM on Tue Dec 13 2011
Kate is good! Jen... uhh... peachy. (HAHAHA! Funny! I made up a joke!) Deanna; she's funny!
said at 2:11 PM on Thu May 26 2011
1. Deanna Mustard - She's just the real-life Daisy, to me.
2. Jenjen - I think she had the most adorable Daisy voice.
3. Kate Fleming - I liked her Daisy voice a lot too.
said at 1:47 AM on Sat May 7 2011
 1 Shout Out! [?]
#1 Deanna Mustard
She displayed great range and brought the character to life. All of the energy that Daisy has is certainly not going to waste anytime soon. And most importantly, that 4-second clip does NOT do her performance justice at all!

#2 Kate Fleming
She is the original, and yes, a very good one at that. She lacked the energy that Deanna has, but for the most part she played her role to the best there could be in her time. May she RIP.

#3 Jen Taylor
I'm sorry if this offends anyone, but Jen was just outright terrible here. Her acting seems to be okay, but I think that she tried way too hard not to sound like her Peach voice, the effort just wasn't really worth it at all. She made Daisy sound way too squeaky and annoying; I was appalled that that was her voice for the character. Again, her acting is fine, but she could've been much better pitch-shifted.
said at 11:41 PM on Sun Feb 20 2011
no "HI I'M DAISY!" ?

and that was Deanna in Double Dash right?
said at 4:54 PM on Wed Mar 30 2011

I think so...Um It says she voiced Daisy In The Sonic and Mario series...Summer Olympics (2008) and Winter Olympics (2009 and 2010) So yeah it must be her She also says that in the game so....Gotta be I guess I;m sure of it
ulalawisker (Guest)
said at 6:32 PM on Sat Feb 5 2011
on my opinon jen makes daisy sound like a mouse!!! deanna is definetly da best!
anonymous (Guest)
said at 10:48 PM on Thu Feb 3 2011
@pokejedservo I'm right behind you on this one.

P.S. Can anyone upload a better clip of Deanna's Daisy? I would really appreciate it. :D
krystal (Guest)
said at 12:56 PM on Fri Oct 29 2010
I really like Daisy's voices and the way she looks, BUT I LIKE PEACH BETTER!
joe (Guest)
said at 3:39 PM on Mon Sep 13 2010
Daisy would describe Deanna Mustard's performance as NEATO!
daisy (Guest)
said at 3:16 AM on Mon Feb 8 2010
john (Guest)
said at 12:53 AM on Wed Oct 7 2009
Do Peach next.

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