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Comparision of the voice over actors who have been the voice of Fei Long with sound clips and images.

Created by Pokejedservo on Mon Sep 7 2009, 15 Comments, Add Comment
Street Fighter: The Animated Series (1995)
Fei LongPaul Dobson
Paul Dobson
Street Fighter II: The Animated Movie (1995)
Fei LongBryan Cranston
Bryan Cranston
Street Fighter II V (1997)
Fei LongPeter Doyle
Peter Doyle
Street Fighter 4 (2009)
Fei LongMatthew Mercer
Matthew Mercer


Ah Fei Long one of the most famous "homages" to the late great Bruce Lee out there.

In the North American Street Fighter Animated series he was voiced by Ocean Group VA Paul Dobson. (In which this show seems to be QUITE the reason why Paul Dobson is in these Voice Compares huh?) While Paul Dobson has done good accent work in this show his Fei Long voice is not the best example. It's not the worst attempt of an accent like this but its by no means the best. But to be fair his acting performance itself is not bad IMO.

Next up is the Street Fighter 2 Animated Movie in which he was voiced by Bryan Cranston. He does a nice calm moderate young male voice and it works pretty well for Fei Long actually and is overall a pretty good performance.

In the American English dub of Street Fighter II V this Voice Compare shall clear up the rather confusing issue upon who actually voiced Fei Long here. (Due to how voice acting in California for Anime English dubs has had a rather convoluted case of aliases due to union issues and in some cases still does.) Anyways in Manga Entertainment's dub of the series he is voiced by Peter Doyle whom also did a pretty good job as well. (Though I admit I did wonder at first on how it seemed similar to known Anime dub VA Kirk Thornton but I suppose that's just me.) But still nevertheless Peter's voice and overall performance was still satisfactory enough and fitting for the role.

And last but not least is the current English VA for this role namely VA Matthew Mercer and I must say it is impressive. He does give a good attempt at having his role suit Fei Long's persona rather well.

Overall I am not quite sure who to pick here as the best to be honest but I liked them all.


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said at 12:20 PM on Tue Mar 31 2015
1) Paul Dobson
2) Matthew Mercer
3) Bryan Cranston
4) Peter Doyle
said at 10:16 PM on Mon Aug 18 2014
1 Bryan
2 Peter
3 Matthew
4 Paul
said at 11:25 AM on Fri Jul 4 2014
Heisenberg definitely :P
said at 8:15 AM on Wed Jun 11 2014
I choose Dobson. He sounds exactly like Bruce Lee in every possible aspect.

I've seen Bruce Lee interviews, and Dobson's voice and accent are definetly spot-on.
said at 8:31 AM on Wed Jun 11 2014
@Starscreamsfan He may not be exact, but he's quite close IMO.
UltimateCharm (Moderator)
said at 12:49 AM on Fri Dec 27 2013
 1 Shout Out! [?]
Bryan Cranston as Fei Long? SOLD!
Nightmare Crusher
said at 5:25 PM on Sat May 11 2013
Is Paul Dobson doing some kind of strange vaguely Jamaican accent? I'd like to know what the director was thinking.
said at 8:10 AM on Wed Jun 11 2014
@Nightmare Crusher Nope. He's doing a Bruce Lee impression. Believe me, I've seen some Bruce Lee interviews, and Dobson sounds a lot more like Bruce Lee than anyone in this compare.
Nightmare Crusher
said at 8:25 AM on Wed Jun 11 2014
@Starscreamsfan I've heard Bruce Lee''s voice and I don't think Paul sounds like him in the slightest. None of the actors here do.
said at 8:27 AM on Wed Jun 11 2014
@Nightmare Crusher Nope, but Dobson is the closest sounding.
NCZ (Admin)
said at 9:45 AM on Fri Apr 23 2010
 1 Shout Out! [?]
Fei Long's animated series voice is so bad it's funny. I'd say that his best voice was in the animated movie; he got the speaking voice and the kiais perfectly.
said at 11:50 AM on Fri Jan 25 2013
Agreed 100%. This clips don't do it justice, and it's so lo-qual to boot.

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Who do you think has been the best from these Fei Long voice actors?
Paul Dobson
Bryan Cranston
Peter Doyle
Matthew Mercer