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Comparision of the voice over actors who have been the voice of Joe (Robbie) Robertson with sound clips and images.
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Created by Pokejedservo on Jan 23 2011
Special thanks to Jackson_H for additional sound clips.
Spider-Man (1981) (1981)
Joe Robbie RobertsonBuster Jones
Buster Jones
Spider-Man (1994) (1994)
Joe Robbie Robertson (Young Adult)Alfonso Ribeiro
Alfonso Ribeiro
Spider-Man (1994) (1994)
Joe (Robbie) RobertsonRodney Saulsberry
Rodney Saulsberry
Spider-Man 2: The Video Game (2004)
Joe Robbie RobertsonJeff Coopwood
Jeff Coopwood
Spider-Man 3: The Video Game (2007)
Joe Robbie RobertsonCharlie Robinson
Charlie Robinson
The Spectacular Spider-Man (2008)
Robbie RobertsonPhil LaMarr
Phil LaMarr
The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes (2010)
Robbie RobertsonTroy Baker
Troy Baker


Here is another somewhat big VC for the Spider Man VC section and this time its for that editor of the Daily Bugle, caring father of Randy Robertson and is a much more reasonable authority figure than J. Jonah Jameson (though to be fair the 3rd part is not exactly that hard to achieve)... JOE ROBBIE ROBERTSON! Since this is a somewhat big VC I shall make this short by saying that all of these guys did pretty well. (Oh yes and Alfonso made a pretty good younger Robbie and not sound too much like Randy Robertson.) I must say I was surprised by Buster Jones' voice for Robbie as to be honest I couldn't even tell that it was him at all at first but it still works pretty well for the role anyways. Both Rodney and Phil deliver memorable performances for this role while Jeff and Charlie actually did pretty well for the 2nd and 3rd Spider man movie games as well. Overall I am not entirely sure who to prefer the most here as they all did pretty well. 



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said at 8:38 PM on Fri May 11 2018
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Ernie Hudson was pretty good as the character hope to hear him continue to voice Joe Robbie Robertson
said at 3:58 PM on Thu Apr 26 2018
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1. Robinson
2. Saulsberry
3. LaMarr
4. Baker
5. Coopwood
said at 3:10 PM on Tue Oct 17 2017
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VC thoughts update

Despite having only one line, I really want to hear more of Troy Baker as Robbie. He could pull it off if he was given another chance, but as it stands, he sounds pretty good. I feel he sounds pretty close to Hilly Hicks (who played Robbie in the 1977 live-action Spider-Man pilot).

Oddly enough, I first thought Rodney Saulsberry was Dorian Harewood. They sound pretty similar and if it weren't for the end credits, I wouldn't know this was Rodney. But still, he does a pretty good job as Robbie.

Alfonso Ribeiro works perfectly for a younger Robbie.

Lee Bailey (incorrectly listed as Buster Jones) is one of the better performances in that cartoon. A little one note, but it works.

Phil LaMarr sounds good, but like Bailey, he feels a little bit one-note.

Charlie Robinson is decent.

Jeff Coopwood sounds a little bit too weird for my taste.
8000 Saiyans
said at 5:12 PM on Mon Oct 16 2017
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LaMarr and Saulsberry are the best here.
said at 12:53 PM on Mon May 29 2017
1. Phil LaMarr
2. Rodney Saulsberry
3. Jeff Coopwood
4. Troy Baker
Shaun Ince
said at 6:16 PM on Wed Apr 12 2017
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Am I the only one that finds it really surprising to see Carlton Banks (Alfonso Ribeiro) in a Spiderman cartoon. It blows my mind today and it still blows my mind now.
said at 7:05 PM on Mon Nov 21 2016
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Phil and Rodney are both good

Side note Beau Billingslea would make a good Robbie Robertson
said at 10:31 AM on Sat Jan 16 2016
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I actually like Jeff Coopwood as Robbie the most, he just sounds really cool and his voice sounds really unique and gruff but still really friendly and outgoing, the perfect contrast to J. Jonah Jameson.

Phil LaMarr did pretty well as Robbie too.

I do like Rodney Saulsberry but he sounds a little indistinct.

Buster Jones or Lee Bailey or whoever he was? is alright but not my favourite, he kinda sounds like Michael McConnohie actually.

Charlie Robinson is alright.

Alfonso Riberio worked a lot better as Randy than as Robbie.

Troy Baker only had one line but that did not fit whatsoever

Giving it to Jeff Coopwood.

BONUS: I can so see someone like Alvin Sanders or Kevin Michael Richardson being an excellent fit for Robbie.
The Doctor
said at 6:44 AM on Sat Jun 27 2015
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Weird that they didn't have LaMarr voice Robbie in AEMH. They were clearly planning to use SSM cast (before BS redubs) and he already voiced JARVIS.
said at 2:09 PM on Sat Jun 27 2015
@The Doctor Probably because they didn't want to pay Phil for only one line
said at 1:27 PM on Mon May 11 2015
1) Troy Baker
2) Lee Bailey (1981 Spidey solo cartoon)
3) Rodney Saulsberry
4) Phil LaMarr
5) Charlie Robinson
6) Alfonso Ribeiro
7) Jeff Coopwood
said at 6:07 AM on Wed Mar 4 2015
1) Troy Baker
2) Buster Jones
3) Rodney Saulsberry
4) Phil LaMarr
5) Alfonso Ribeiro
6) Jeff Coopwood
7) Charlie Robinson
said at 6:22 AM on Fri Nov 14 2014
My Top 5:

1) Jones
2) Saulsberry
3) LaMarr
4) Baker
5) Ribeiro
said at 4:27 PM on Fri Jul 25 2014
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I Wish Bill Nunn voiced Robbie in one of the games based off the movie. but since that did don't happen i'll go with Phill
said at 9:34 AM on Sat Apr 12 2014
If Phil had more screen time he'd be my idea
Robbie, but Rodney it is. So used to that voice, especially during arguments with JJ. I could easily use John Stewart and picture Phil though.
said at 1:41 PM on Tue Oct 8 2013
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1. Phil LaMarr - Robbie needed more screentime on this show, since Phil's the best voice for him.
2. Rodney Saulsberry - Great voice, but the delivery's off some times.
3. Jeff Coopwood - A unique sounding voice. I like it.
4. Charlie Robinson - Well performed, but kind of generic.
5. Buster Jones - Way too forced in his delivery. Was his role on this show just to say "But Jonah!" ?
6. Troy Baker - White guy trying to sound black = fail.
7. Alfonso Ribeiro - Young Robbie doesn't really count, though personally I think he was better as his son.
said at 9:31 AM on Sat Apr 12 2014
@Galactic_Cyrus A Tombstone moment would have been nice.
said at 7:12 PM on Mon Aug 12 2013
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Alfonso and Phil are my favourites in this VC.

As for Troy, he is a very strange choice for Robbie. It makes me wonder what on earth was the director thinking.
said at 7:06 AM on Wed Aug 14 2013
@Fulgore2005 Actually, it would be Rodney and Phil being the best two. Alfonso is the younger version.
said at 2:25 PM on Fri Jul 19 2013
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Rodney & Phil are my 2 favs.

Troy needs 2 appear a bit more as Robbie if he wants 2 impress any1.

Jeff has a cool calm voice for Robbie while Charlie did not bad though Buster didn't sound like a black guy.

Alfonso doesn't count as is young Robbie.
said at 10:24 AM on Thu Apr 11 2013
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Rodney, Phil, and Buster are good. I didn't know Carlton did him in that show!
said at 3:50 PM on Mon Nov 5 2012
I personally like Phil LaMarr the best.
said at 2:19 AM on Mon Sep 3 2012
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Buster Jones my favorite.
Jackson_H (Admin)
said at 1:29 PM on Wed Jun 20 2012
Yes.... this really is all Troy Baker says in the episode (if anyone was wondering)...
said at 12:14 AM on Mon Jun 18 2012
I thought I'd commented and voted on this one already, but I didn't. Anyway, gonna go with Phil LaMarr for Robbie, though Rodney Saulsberry and Jeff Coopwood were also good.
NCZ (Admin)
said at 11:49 PM on Sun Jan 23 2011
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I prefer Rodney Saulsberry, but Jeff was also quite good.
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