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Sophitia Alexandria

Comparision of the voice over actors who have been the voice of Sophitia Alexandria with sound clips and images.
Franchise: Soul Calibur

Created by Pokejedservo on Mar 30 2010
Soul Calibur series
Sophitia AlexandriaDiane Holmby
Diane Holmby
Soul Calibur series
Sophitia AlexandriaLynn Harris
Lynn Harris


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Swiftie Muggle
said at 9:24 PM on Fri Mar 3 2017
A few things

Lynn Harris always had those low tier performances during those early dub years in older games , this is not the first time she sounds off (Rebecca Chambers from RE1 comes to my mind).

Matter of fact , i noticed only Sophitia (dont remember if others) got a dubbed voice in Soul Edge , because characters like Taki still speak Japanese in the English version. Weird indeed.

Anyway , she didn't suit Sophitia , like at all. She sounds very young and off in this take.

Diane was a massive improvement for the english voices. I find her voice very likeable , and womanly. It was good for Sophitia in 2 as the character by that game is a Mother of 2 children.

I'll go with Diane in this one. However my ultimate favorites for Sophitia are her original Japanese voice Michiko Neya and the Unknown Voice actress that voiced her since Soul Calibur 3 in English , the latter nails Sophitia beautifuly , a perfect voice for her. I wonder why she is still unknown.
said at 9:29 PM on Sun Oct 8 2017
@Swiftie Muggle Agreed I too am very curious as to who voices her from SC3-onwards.IMDB and a few other sources say it's either Eden Riegel or Daniel Judavitz, but their credibility is highly questionable.
said at 6:32 PM on Thu Apr 4 2013
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Diane Holmby hands down.
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Who do you think has been the best from these Sophitia Alexandria voice actors?
Lynn Harris
Diane Holmby