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Comparision of the voice over actors who have been the voice of Amy Rose with sound clips and images.
Franchise: Sonic the Hedgehog

Created by Pokejedservo on Oct 4 2009
Special thanks to NCZ for additional sound clips.
Sonic Adventure (1999)
Amy RoseJennifer Douillard
Jennifer Douillard
Sonic X (2003)
Amy RoseLisa Ortiz
Lisa Ortiz
Sonic Free Riders (2010)
Amy RoseCindy Robinson
Cindy Robinson


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said at 8:00 PM on Sun Apr 8 2018
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My ratings:
1. Cindy Robinson: She's improved a lot for certain! She has a nice unique voice for the part and balances out the characters girliness and love for Sonic prefectly.
2. Jennifer Douillard: Has a nice voice, but lacks the proper acting for the part. With better material and direction I could easily see her becoming my favorite!
3. Lisa Ortiz: High pitched, annoying, squeaky...I can get why people like it but I can't stand it myself. It's artificial, unnatural and gets grating the more and more I listen to it.
said at 10:21 AM on Mon Feb 5 2018
All actresses did good in my opinion.

Future VA Opinion
I think Cassandra Lee Morris or Eileen Stevens would make a great Amy.
8000 Saiyans
said at 10:22 AM on Sat Oct 28 2017
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I honestly have to go with Cindy Robinson for this one. She has improved a lot in Sonic Boom.

Lisa Ortiz's voice is too high-pitched for my tastes and Jennifer Douillard, while having a good voice, just doesn't have good acting skills.
said at 12:32 PM on Wed Oct 11 2017
Honestly, I'm giving this one to Cindy. I know thats the unpopular opinion, but I honestly feel like Ortiz's voice feels a little...artificial? IDK. And Robinson has honestly improved a lot! She has a certain sass and girliness to her voice that fits her perfectly (again, I'm well aware that it's the unpopular opinion, but it's just what I think).
said at 8:32 PM on Sun Aug 13 2017
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1. Lisa Ortiz
In my opinion the True and best Amy out there who made her sound as i loved since her role on Sonic X

2. Cindy Robinson
I don't blame her, she improved and did a solid job for amy, she's way better in Sonic Boom than the sega games until forces.

3. Jennifer Douillard
The very first voice for amy, a great way of introducing the character and making her who you'd expect.
Ed Red
said at 8:47 AM on Mon Jun 26 2017
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1) Lisa Ortiz
2) Jennifer Douillard
3) Cindy Robinson
said at 6:39 AM on Fri Jun 23 2017
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Opinions on Amy's VAs coming up:

3. Cindy Robinson - Pretty much what other people have said. It's far too high-pitched even for Amy. A little improvement and it can be a rather cute voice.

2. Jennifer Douillard - I honestly thought she would be my favourite but after hearing some dialogue again, Jennifer does do well but falls short with her acting. She does give Amy a tough exterior while still keeping cute but her acting just feels very wooden and even when it got better in Heroes I don't think she mastered it. Great voice if a little underdeveloped.

1. Lisa Ortiz - I have to go with Lisa, not only because her acting was a little better than Jennifer's but because she had a great combination of adorable, sassy, tough and hilarious with some emotional moments. She made Amy all the more likeable for me and made her a much more dynamic character than Jennifer's portrayal.
Ed Red
said at 10:31 PM on Sun Jun 11 2017
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1) Douillard
2) Ortiz
3) Robinson
said at 2:43 AM on Fri May 19 2017
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Lisa Ortiz's performance was the strongest overall I think, however Jennifer Douillard's voice is easily the more fitting one IMO. And whilst her acting was pretty shaky in SA1, her performance in SA2 was a LOT better and is instantly the voice that comes to mind when I think of the character.

I love Cindy Robinson's take in Sonic Boom, but elsewhere she sounds too squeaky for my liking.
said at 2:28 PM on Sun Apr 23 2017
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Lisa Ortiz nuff said.
EPA Deane
said at 2:35 AM on Sat Apr 1 2017
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I'm Genuinely Surprised That Stephanie Sheh wasn't cast as Lisa Ortiz's replacement.
said at 7:26 PM on Thu May 18 2017
@EPA Deane She certainly would be better than Cindy Robinson, but she is type-casted for these type of characters rather often, so she probably wouldn't have much new to add for Amy.
EPA Deane
said at 3:40 PM on Sun May 21 2017
@BlueSkySlash Type Casting Aside, She WOULD be a solid fit.
said at 1:56 PM on Sun Feb 26 2017
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Lisa Ortiz for me love her work as the character in Sonic X

Side note wouldn't mind hearing Brianna Knickerbocker, Cristina Vee, or Amber lee conors as Amy
said at 10:01 PM on Sun Jan 15 2017
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Maybe it's just me, but I feel like someone should add Cindy's performance in Boom to this comparison because of how that voice is the polar opposite of how she initially voiced Amy
said at 11:29 PM on Tue Nov 15 2016
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With all due respect, Jennifer Douillard is THE voice of Amy! Growing up playing both Adventure titles and Sonic Heroes, Amy was one of my favorite characters, if not my absolute favorite! Jennifer's upbeat, feminine tone is a perfect fit for a character like Amy. Although her performance in Adventure 1 was a bit lack-luster, her work in both Adventure 2 and Heroes really conveyed how strong of a character Amy really is!

Now, while this may not be a very popular opinion, I'm gonna go ahead and say that I'm not very fond of Lisa's portrayal of Amy. Her nasally, childish tone totally took the feminine charm Jennifer's Amy had in previous works and turned it into nothing short of a gag. While I can understand why people prefer Lisa as the voice of Amy, I just can't bring myself to feel the same way. That being said, I find Lisa's overall delivery to be very natural, as if it were her actual speaking voice.

As for Cindy - her initial debut as the new voice of Amy wasn't anything stellar. Her "Minnie Mouse"-esque portrayal took (in a way, like Lisa) a strong female character and reduced it to something much less. That being said, ever since the start of the Boom franchise, Cindy's take on Amy has greatly improved! Particularly in the Boom TV series, I find Cindy's Amy to be quite nice.


1.) Jennifer
2.) Cindy
3.) Lisa

Regardless of how I feel about them at an individual level, I think all 3 do/did a sufficient job!
said at 1:51 PM on Sat Nov 5 2016
1. Lisa Ortiz
2. Jennifer Douillard
3. Cindy Robinson
said at 12:25 PM on Sun Oct 16 2016
1. Lisa Ortiz
2. Jennifer Douillard
3. Cindy Robinson
said at 3:56 PM on Fri Sep 30 2016
1. Jennifer Douillard:

Admittedly, she was pretty flat in her acting, though I feel her voice is the best fit for the role and to the ears, I feel her voice is the most pleasant of the three to listen to.

2. Lisa Ortiz:

I seem to be one of the few who didn't really care for Lisa's take on Amy. While I'll concede that she acted the part very well, her voice often came across as nasally to me, and I found it hard to enjoy her take at times. Still, she was alright.

3. Cindy Robinson:

I'll have to say that she did pretty much sound like Minnie Mouse in the clip as Amy, but these days, she does sound a bit better, though I still feel her take is a little plain and generic at times. It's not bad, but I just don't find myself caring for it.
said at 4:04 PM on Tue Sep 13 2016
1. Lisa Ortiz: Compared to the other two, she has given Amy the most life and emotion. In other words, she gets Amy's character down to a tee (whether that's for better or worse is up to you).

2: Jennifer Douillard: It also works. Jennifer gives Amy a sense of maturity and spunk.

As for Cindy Robinson, she's just unable to get the character to work. She was grating at first, but that's not why I'm not fond of her. In Sonic Boom, she makes the character sound rather lifeless. It was understandable that Jennifer sounded lacking in the Adventure games because it was just a matter of providing a voice, but with Cindy, she has yet to break the mold.
said at 5:53 PM on Sat Sep 10 2016
Lisa Ortiz easily blows the other two out of the water. And that's rare for me to say about a 4kids voice actress. She's perfect, I can totally see why Amy Rose has been her favorite role so far.

Jennifer wasn't bad though, since I grew up with her after all, though some of Amy's voice clips in Adventure 2 were an annoyance.

Can we please not get into Cindy Robinson? Goodness she's the worst at this, she's decent in Sonic Boom as of late, but sheesh.
said at 4:58 PM on Wed Jul 20 2016
1. Lisa Ortiz
2. Jennifer Douillard
3. Cindy Robinson

Have no fear, Amy Rose is here! {sigh} As far as Sonic is concerned, he knows little girls who are better with a hammer than the Dark Guardian; one, anyway, and that little girl's been chasing after him since CD. Le pairing seen and heard 'round the world as SonAmy.

Lisa Ortiz as Amy is without exaggeration the best casting choice 4Kids made, and that's of course not even getting into Mike Pollock as Dr. Eggman. This became more obvious later down the road, though Ortiz fires on all cylinders portraying the pink hedgehog, being able to express the character's sweet and energetic side incredibly well alongside pulling off her more bratty moments. She was pretty into the role and also managed to handle a relatively subdued incarnation in Nimue of the Lake for Sonic and the Black Knight. Jennifer Douillard deserves credit where credit's due since her take on Amy was used as a jumping point, though in retrospect, the acting didn't really feel all that right up until Heroes and even SA2 to some extent.; to be fair, the same could be said for many of the characters' original English VAs in this rollercoaster ride of a series. I'm torn on Cindy Robinson's Amy Rose as of late: on one hand she sounded too high for her via Free Riders and Lost World, but there's this other side of the spectrum where Robinson was fairly decent in Generations as she toned down that cute, but cacophonic voice down a tad. Adding to all that, there's her voicing the Boom version of the character which she substantially improved both voice and acting-wise, yet I don't get an endearing personality out of that rendition. Amy's not Flanderized here, sure, but I'd rather Flanderization than little to nothing in the way of defining characteristics if that makes sense.

Tl;dr: Lisa Ortiz is best Amy not counting Taeko Kawata.
said at 3:54 PM on Mon Jul 18 2016
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1. Lisa Ortiz
2. Cindy Robinson
3. Jennifer Douillard
said at 1:05 PM on Fri Jun 24 2016
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Yeah i'm gonna be in the minority that i like Jennifer Douillard's voice for Amy better than both Lisa Ortiz's and Cindy Robinson's, because she sounds so cheery, cute, strongly determined, and never fear of facing up to Sonic in certain things in heroes and advance 3 no less.

Lisa, as i heard sounds too similar to other characters and sounds no where near as cheery as Jennifer's, but enough to make hers stand out as others, her acting as Amy doesn't seem to make it out as much, and while she got better in Unleashed and Black Knight, it's still not as strongly determined as her's.

Cindy Robinson's on the other hand, it doesn't suit for Amy as much as these two, and i don't want to say she sounds like Minnie Mouse, cause that's such an opinionated excuse, i'm saying she lacks sort of determined, cheery air to it and other such, as their personalities had been a little muted compared to the rest, though her acting is solid.

As my opinion stands, my vote goes to Jennifer.

My idea is they should cast Hynden Walch, the voice actress of Viridi, Starfire & Harley Quinn, to do the voice of Amy, cause she has some cheery, animated, and strongly determined type of voice she has going on.
said at 1:32 PM on Fri Jun 24 2016
@SteelEthlan Hm, your opinion's fair enough. You do make some good points about Jennifer, Lisa, and Cindy. As for Jennifer, despite sounding bit stiff, she offers some good qualities to the table for Amy. As for Lisa (my favorite of the three, mind you), while sounding similar to many others characters she's voiced (though I haven't most of them), she does the same thing as Jennifer, but in a slightly better way, at least IMO. As for Cindy, well, let's if she can improve for the better or the director decides to let her go.

Hynden Walch as Amy? Yeah, I'd be up for that, man. I could agree there.

Overall, I truly respect your opinion, despite some little disagreement here. Opinions are opinions, am I right?
said at 1:42 PM on Fri Jun 24 2016
Darn, I forgot to type down "a" between "sounding" and "stiff". Just pointing that out.
said at 1:43 PM on Fri Jun 24 2016
By "stiff", I meant "bit". My bad.
said at 2:24 PM on Fri Jun 24 2016
@SteelEthlan No offense to those that do liked Lisa as Amy i forgot to add.
said at 9:57 AM on Tue Jul 19 2016
Once again, I forgot to say "heard" between "haven't" and "most". Therefore, it's supposed to say "haven't heard most of them".
said at 7:31 PM on Sun Jun 5 2016
1. Lisa Ortiz
2. Cindy Robinson
3. Jennifer Douillard
said at 11:01 PM on Sat May 28 2016
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Actually, after hearing Lisa, I think she fits more.
said at 11:01 PM on Sat May 28 2016
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Jen gets my vote.
said at 8:58 PM on Wed May 18 2016
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Cindy got better in Sonic Boom, but I still prefer Lisa Ortiz.
said at 1:53 PM on Mon Jan 4 2016
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I'm going to show you my ranks for Amy. Note that I'm seperating Cindy Robinson's voices from the games and Sonic Boom.

1. Lisa Ortiz

2. Cindy Robinson (Sonic Boom)

3. Jennifer Douillard

4. Cindy Robinson (Free Riders, Colors, Generations, and Lost World)
said at 7:58 AM on Mon Dec 21 2015
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Lisa's the best. She's the one of the better members of the 2003-2009 cast, and has a more distinct voice than the others, while still sounding cute and annoying. Jennifer was alright too, just a bit generic, and her delivery wasn't the best. Cindy's a very talented voice actress, and from what I hear, she's coming into her own, but compared to Lisa, she sounds a bit too forced and pitchy.
said at 7:31 PM on Tue Dec 8 2015
Allow me to give my opinions on Amy's voice actresses.

Jennifer Douillard: She was a decent start for Amy. I mean, she wasn't that bad. I think she sounded best in Heroes.

Lisa Ortiz: In my opinion, Lisa was fantastic. She gave Amy a lot of character and emotion. Her voice was just incredible.

Cindy Robinson: At first, she had a Minnie Mouse-type voice which was just bad. But then in Sonic Boom, she sounded much better. If they ever let Cindy stick with that voice, I think she'd have potential to be great. Who knows?

Overall, I'll say that Lisa is my favorite. I just think her voice is so fitting.
said at 9:32 AM on Sat Mar 26 2016
You know what? I'm going to elaborate on what I said about Jennifer and Lisa.

Jennifer: She was quite a decent start for Amy. Sure, she might've been uninterested at first, but she improved a lot in Heroes. Even so, I find her voice a bit generic, but not bad by any means at all.

Lisa: Let me just say that she was perfectly fitting for Amy. Some say that her voice might be "a bit too high" or "very hard to listen to", but I find those statements illogical. The voice itself fits Amy very well, and I love it.

Overall, my vote still stays with Lisa.
said at 3:53 PM on Fri Dec 4 2015
My personal rankings:
1. Cindy Robinson (more so for Boom than anything else, where she hit the right balance between sweet and crazy).
2. Lisa Ortiz - Energetic, if a bit high.
3. Jennifer Douillard - Also a bit too high, but not bad.
Smash The Oni
said at 8:02 PM on Thu Dec 3 2015
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1. Jennifer Douillard. She manages to make Amy sound like an innocent child, which works for the character.

2. Cindy Robinson. While I didn't care for her portrayal of Amy at first, she's improved so much since Sonic Boom started that it's near perfect.

3. Lisa Ortiz. Annoying. Really hard to listen to Amy speak when I hear her voice.
said at 11:02 PM on Sat May 28 2016
@Smash The Oni
Really? I thought Lisa was a good mesh. She sounded like a slightly bolder Jennifer Douillard.
Smash The Oni
said at 10:29 AM on Fri Jul 29 2016
@SSJ4Godot Gonna be honest. I really can't stand any of Lisa Ortiz's roles.
said at 6:29 PM on Fri Jul 29 2016
@Smash The Oni To each their own, then. Not everyone will always share the same opinion.
said at 7:08 PM on Mon Oct 26 2015
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I think Cindy got much better in Sonic Boom
said at 6:37 PM on Tue Oct 20 2015
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Jennifer's acting is, well.....not very good is a light way of putting it. Her performance hasn't aged well, her delivery is very wooden, and I feel her personality in the early talking games is almost nonexistent (mainly due to the writing). While I do feel she got a little better by Heroes, I still don't wanna say it's that amazing of a performance. 4/10 (5/10 for her Heroes performance)

Lisa's cute and light voice I felt fit Amy perfectly. While the writing still wasn't doing her very many favors, I felt her performance in the games got progressively better as they went (I feel Unleashed was one of her best performances for what little work she had in the game). Overall a pretty good performance for what it is. 7.5/10

Cindy I think nailed the role pretty damn well. Not for her Free Riders performance as I feel that performance was terrible, I'm talking about her performance in the Sonic Boom TV show is where she nails it. She doesn't sound as Minnie Mouse sounding and she really goes all out with the performance and you can tell she's having a blast. I feel she finds that right balance of cutesy and fun. 8/10 (For Sonic Boom series)

1. Cindy
2. Lisa
3. Jennifer
said at 7:00 AM on Sun Oct 18 2015
Lisa Ortiz is my favorite voice actress for Amy, 'nuff said.
said at 12:23 PM on Fri Sep 25 2015
Jennifer Douillard- I thought she was the most balanced and unique in the role, granted I do think she started out generic, but like Silly Sally said she sounded pretty good in Sonic Heroes.

Lisa Ortiz- Easily one of the better voices to come from the 4Kids Era of this Series, and she was pretty decent, but it's basically a cuter version of her Lina Inverse voice that fits but isn't the best fit to me.

Cindy Robinson- Started out as a horrible impression of "Minnie Mouse," but now sounds a lot better in Boom....however, Cindy still now overplays the wacky and crazy side of the character to an extreme.
said at 10:53 AM on Sat Jul 25 2015
I wonder what people would suggest if an actor used to use a different voice for a character, then they changed the way they spoke for the whole voice. Would it be classed as a whole new voice or just the same being as it's the same voice-over artist doing the role?
Silly Sally
said at 3:33 PM on Mon Jul 27 2015
@Gatch Based on the Ren voice compare I think it would be classified as new.
said at 10:52 AM on Sat Jul 25 2015
Well Cindy has changed the way she speaks for Amy Rose. I think her new voice is based on Lisa's aka typical valley girl high pitched voice.
Silly Sally
said at 2:05 PM on Sun Jul 5 2015
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Jennifer Douillard's clip doesn't show her at her best, she's a lot better in Heroes. She's still the best though, and after her it got worse.
said at 10:57 AM on Sat Jul 25 2015
@Silly Sally

She sounds pretty much the same to me, only a little more blurry in Sonic Adventure. By the late 2000's voice acting advanced alot.

Sonic Adventure:

Sonic Heroes:
Silly Sally
said at 3:32 PM on Mon Jul 27 2015
@Gatch She was less stiff and showed more emotion in Sonic Heroes.
said at 6:12 PM on Mon Apr 11 2016
@Silly Sally Well, saying that after Jennifer the line-up got worse is your opinion, but hey, I respect it. For me, it got better with Lisa. At first, Cindy was just bad, but she improved a lot in Sonic Boom. And I'm kind of thinking that Jen and Cindy are tied. Then again, it's just my opinion.
said at 5:47 PM on Fri Apr 3 2015
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It was hard to choose between Jennifer and Lisa since they both sound really good but ultimately it was nostalgia and my love for the adventure games, battle, and advance 3 so Jennifer won.
said at 9:17 PM on Sat Mar 21 2015
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I still love Lisa Ortiz as Amy. Seriously, that IS Amy's voice.

Cindy Robinson in Sonic Boom sounds great, WAY better than her Minnie Mouse type voice in earlier games. It's just...well, generic. You could stick it on any cute butt-kicking female and it would work, I think.

Jennifer wasn't very good, I don't know how they kept her for so long.
said at 6:01 PM on Tue Mar 24 2015
@BlazeHeatnix Addendum: It seems my opinions on Amy's voice were blinded by nostalgia. My thoughts on Cindy haven't changed, but reviewing Jennifer's clips from Sonic Heroes, and Lisa's clips from the games and Sonic X episodes she's been in, I now think Jennifer Douillard is the best Amy.

I do like how cute Lisa sounds, but maybe she's a bit TOO cute? Almost permanently cute. Jennifer has a bit more range in her voice, and gave Amy a LOT of energy in Heroes. She also has that hint of maturity that was part of Amy's character development in those days, rather than just sounding like a cute teenager.

The new ranking is...
1.) Jennifer Douillard
2.) Lisa Ortiz
3.) Cindy Robinson
said at 7:25 PM on Wed Feb 25 2015
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After hearing Lauren Landa as Leia, I think she should voice Amy on the future.
said at 8:45 AM on Sat Dec 19 2015
@TrueMyriad No offense, but it's actually "in the future" instead of "on the future".
said at 7:19 AM on Fri Jan 1 2016
@Marusero oops, typo. Thanks for pointing that out.
said at 10:46 AM on Sat Jan 31 2015
Hearing about her change of tone of voice of Amy by Cindy it grew on me almost and in the future sonic game they might as well change the direction of personality like in the past 3d sonic games with the "Tomboyish yet girly" attitude yet other than that time for my vote:

1st. Lisa Ortiz

2nd. Cindy Robinson (If she'll do the tomboyish part with the touch of girly type attitude)

3rd. Jennifer Douillard
said at 5:25 PM on Sun May 17 2015
@SteelEthlan Recapping my vote for voice actresses of Amy Rose in my opinion:

#1) Jennifer Douillard: She may have started out as less voice performance of an actress but, in later games she has improved which makes her the unique voice of amy period. I don't care what anyone else thinks.

#2) Lisa Ortiz: Kinda like Jennifer but somewhat different from her which it's sweet i don't know what else when to think of it but, i don't know she sounds sweet and cute but sometimes, her cheery performance is not up to Jennifer's level for me.

#3) Cindy Robinson: Alright while i don't have any distaste like anyone else but, she really needs to step up her performance to not only match these 2 previous voice actress from the likes of Jennifer to Lisa but also the Japanese voice actress as well. Other than that, i'm putting her on decent third.
said at 8:03 AM on Sat Jan 17 2015
 1 Shout Out!
After hearing Cassandra Morris's Taiga voice, I think she should have been cast as Amy.
said at 10:48 AM on Sat Jan 10 2015
Cindy has definitely improved as Amy since Sonic Boom has aired, while I love Lisa Ortiz as Amy from the Sonic X and Modern series, I think Jennifer did a solid job as Amy's first VA, I lean toward Lisa more since I've heard her Voice work from the Slayers series as Lina Inverse and I like that series with a passion.
said at 2:22 PM on Mon Jun 15 2015

It's more of a change in direction than improvement. Cindy was never a bad actress.

It's just main-series Amy and Boom Amy are two different characters, and thus have different voices that fit him.,

Main-series Amy is a 12 year old girl, while Boom Amy seems to be older.
said at 5:37 PM on Fri Nov 21 2014
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Now that Cindy isn't being directed to sound like Minnie Mouse as she mentioned during FTA's Boom charity stream, she sounds more tolerable which is a relief. She has definitely improved which has really surprised me.

The only criticism I can give is that she sounds quite generic at some parts. I've also noticed that she occasionally switches back to the high pitched voice but pushing that aside, this is the best she has ever sounded as Amy.

My only worry is that they may push her back to high pitched voice for the main series. I hope they stick with the direction she got in Boom for the main series.
said at 8:02 AM on Tue Dec 2 2014

While she sounds less ear grating, I still don't like her voice. I know she sounds slightly better in Boom but I still think she is micast for the role.

I also think it's very likely that they will direct her to sound like Minnie Mouse in the next main series since the directors apparently love that take for certain female characters. And after the deservedly poor reception that Boom has recieved I doubt any positives will surface anytime soon in the future.
said at 9:15 AM on Tue Dec 9 2014

You're probably right, it would be a shame though. I've just had a thought about it and yeah, unfortunately it does seem likely to happen.
said at 10:31 AM on Sat Jan 31 2015
@Truesonic Unless they should really revise the direction that she'll be "tomboyish yet girly" type personality like she had in past 3d sonic games then i'll be completely alright with this.
said at 2:54 PM on Sun Nov 16 2014
 3 Shout Outs!
My favorite is still Lisa Ortiz, but Cindy Robinson has improved a lot in Boom. Hope she sticks with that voice.
said at 11:30 PM on Sat Nov 15 2014
Cindy improved A LOT in Sonic Boom!!! That Italian accent she did was actually pretty funny!!! She now comes in second for me, beaten only by Lisa Ortiz.
said at 9:41 AM on Mon Nov 10 2014
I've heard her performance in Sonic Boom, and it's actually different from her performance in the previous games. O.o
said at 7:06 AM on Sat Nov 1 2014
Lynn Harris also did the voice of Amy in the US version of Sonic CD. I don't think she did much VA in the game, probably only screamed? Taeko Kawata did the JP version, and has been voicing amy since 1998. Although was replaced in 2000 for a brief period by Emi.
NCZ (Admin)
said at 7:30 AM on Sat Nov 1 2014
@Gatch No, she didn't. That's a common rumour that's been going around for what feels like ages, but there are no sources that actually confirm it. There's a lot of fake info and credits about Lynn Harris circulating the web for some reason. It doesn't make sense for them to hire a whole new VA just for one scream, so the most likely assumption is that it was a sound designer at Sega who could jump into the booth quickly at no extra cost.
said at 10:05 PM on Sun Nov 23 2014

Wow really they should remove that >_
said at 10:08 PM on Sun Nov 23 2014

That means Amy's voice in Sonic CD is just Taeko Kawata. Taeko Kawata has been doing Amy's voice for quite a long time, Japanese VA work differently from English ones. I think Taeko got replaced once... by another Japanese woman, but still voices Amy on occasions.
NCZ (Admin)
said at 5:32 AM on Mon Nov 24 2014
@Gatch Taeko Kawata only began voicing Amy in Adventure; it's not her in CD. Emi Motoi voiced her as a one-off in Shuffle and then they went back to Kawata for Adventure 2 onward.

The only line Amy had in CD was a short scream which if anything, would have probably been recorded by a sound designer from Sega.
said at 5:57 AM on Mon Nov 24 2014
Correction: A yelp and a sigh of infatuation. Its occurrence is random for the most part.

I actually managed to find a way to contact Phase 1 earlier this month. Here's their bottom line, even after I presented some of the contradictory evidence, such as the case of Nina Williams:

"So, just assume that if it says that she was in it, she WAS"

"We do not randomly upload anything. All that is uploaded has some proof submitted to the authorities."

(just to note, I had initially inquired about false entries that could have been detrimental to Harris' credibility and included a list of suspect credit that I had hoped they could alleviate, and one of them was one that did not exist before my influence: Tillis from Burning Rangers)

Well they've reaped what they've sewn, alright.
Nightmare Crusher
said at 1:45 PM on Mon Nov 24 2014
@NCZ Do you suppose it could just be Keiko Utoku? It would have made sense to use her when she was already there to record Sonic.
NCZ (Admin)
said at 2:50 PM on Mon Nov 24 2014
@Nightmare Crusher That is a suggestion that's crossed my mind a fair few times. I'm not totally sure on it, though.
said at 12:32 PM on Tue Sep 23 2014
Lisa Ortiz is one of the stronger voice actors in the 4kids dub,she gives Amy a lot of personality and does a decent job emoting the characters cutesy side as well as her more fierce side.

Jennifer Douillard is just meh.

Cindy Robinson....yeah I`d be lying if I said that I didn't understand why she is the most despised out of the casts LA voice actors.Better luck in Sonic Boom.
said at 10:27 AM on Sat Sep 20 2014
Cindy REALLY improved in Boom. She just may be the only Amy voice I can tolerate.
said at 1:14 AM on Wed Sep 3 2014
After listening to Sonic Boom

Congrats Cindy you are now 2nd place after Liza, Jennifer is decent but she has a tendency to sound monotone
said at 1:29 AM on Fri Aug 22 2014
To all those who believe Robinson's take on Amy is a Minnie Mouse Rip off, why not contact the Voicer of Minnie Mouse, Russi Taylor. Ask her what she thinks of Amy's voice.
said at 11:20 AM on Tue Jul 22 2014
 3 Shout Outs!
Christine Marie Cabanos as Amy. Who else asks for that? I think maybe if SEGA chooses Bang Zoom in the future.
Shiny Raticate
said at 9:56 PM on Wed Jul 30 2014
@TrueMyriad I've always wanted to hear Veronica Taylor voice Amy using her May voice. :)
said at 11:22 AM on Wed Aug 6 2014
@TrueMyriad I did i'm the one who had an idea that Christine Marie Cabanos should to an great Amy cause this came to me.
said at 8:26 PM on Wed Aug 6 2014
@SteelEthlan and I think that your idea is one of the best ones, if not the best on this topic for sure.
said at 7:58 PM on Sat Jul 12 2014
I think Amy should at least be voiced a teen actor to make her sound more natural, and considering how many talented child/teen actors exist today, I say Darcy Rose Byrnes or Ariel Winter would make a more natural Amy
Element Riser
said at 12:48 PM on Sun Jun 22 2014
 1 Shout Out!
#1: Lisa Ortiz - Not much to say, she's the best for this character.
#2: Jennifer Douillard - Not that bad, just a bit dull.
#3: Cindy Robinson - Sounds more like a Cream impression than Amy Rose.
said at 7:19 PM on Wed Jun 11 2014
 3 Shout Outs!
Cindy robinson is sounding better in sonic boom^^
said at 5:46 PM on Thu Jun 12 2014
@superwplf yeah, I watched the Sonic Boom trailer and I want to see more Sonic Boom to see if that will be the official voice Cindy is using
said at 3:47 PM on Fri Jun 13 2014
@TrueMyriad I think Cindy is using her Makoto Nanaya voice for Amy this time. But I guess that's just me.
said at 6:23 PM on Mon Jun 23 2014
@TrueMyriad Maybe she's using her own tone of voice impression rather than makoto nanaya last time i check she doesn't sound similar what amy is speaking.
said at 7:34 PM on Fri Apr 18 2014
 3 Shout Outs!
If anyone should voice Amy Rose, I suggest Cristina Valenzuela. Not only does she improve on Lisa Ortiz's Amy Rose Voice, but that's also Cristina's natural voice, so she can display as much emotion and material without straining her voice too much. The best examples are Louise from Familliar of Zero, Noel from Blazblue, Alisa Askinovich from Tekken, Riven from League of Legends, and Cerebella from Skullgirls.
said at 5:26 AM on Mon May 26 2014
@TrueMyriad Kira Buckland and Cristina Valenzuela are the best options I can think of for Amy Rose.
said at 3:50 PM on Sun Jun 1 2014
@TrueMyriad how about Christine Marie Cabanos?
said at 11:33 AM on Tue Jun 10 2014
@SteelEthlan and Christine Marie Cabanos too:-)
said at 1:25 AM on Wed Mar 19 2014
I never found Amy's voice to be annoying. I don't know why people dislike her so much. She's actually my favorite character in the franchise
said at 10:29 AM on Sat Sep 20 2014
@TheSonicFanGirl - It's mainly because of her Sonic obsession, which is basically the entirety of her personality at that point.
said at 2:52 PM on Sun Jan 19 2014
Jennifer Douillard:I LOVE this voice,its my favorite one,I just think that she shold put more emotion in her acting.

Lisa Otriz:I like it.She can act and her voice remember a little Jenn.In Sonic X she was annoying,but in the games she was PERFECT.

Cindy:She can act and she is doing a good work,but the voice dont fit Amy.
"Dont look so sad...after..."
When she say "Half bad?Are you kidding?He was all great!" in Sonic Generations 12th cutscene,it wasent bad.I think she shold try sounding like that.
said at 4:07 PM on Wed Dec 4 2013
 1 Shout Out!
Jennifer Douillard: She doesn't put emphasis on Amy (especially screaming), but nice start.

Lisa Ortiz: I might love the current voice actors, but I'll say this: Lisa Ortiz is the Perfect voice actress. She puts actual emphasis with her emotions and it fits perfectly

So I've already chosen the perfect voice actress, so you might know what I think about....
Cindy Robinson: Ohhhh
She give Amy a cute high pitch voice that I kind of like (only a tiny bit), but it sounds more like Minnie Mouse. She did improve In generations, but I'll say this now: I think that Cindy is both the WORST voice actress for Amy and the worst thing to come out of the 2010 cast, and it's all Sonic lost world's fault

So I'm voting for Ortiz. There's no way I'm choosing someone that makes Amy sound like Minnie
said at 8:36 AM on Mon Jun 23 2014
@austinslashlavaboy UPDATE: can someone record Cindy's voice from the sonic boom footage for amy and replace the voice clip we already have?
NCZ (Admin)
said at 8:55 AM on Mon Jun 23 2014
@austinslashlavaboy I'd rather wait until the show itself airs so we can properly analyse the material she's given.
said at 6:23 PM on Mon Jun 23 2014
@austinslashlavaboy At least at the end of sonic boom trailer she sounds much better.
said at 4:04 PM on Fri Nov 22 2013
 4 Shout Outs!
Cristina Vee would be perfect as Amy Rose. I love her singing and I especially love her voice acting, especially in Magi the Labyrinth of Magic and Skullgirls.
said at 9:44 PM on Tue Nov 12 2013
I don't really like Cindy's take on Amy. she needs a better person to voice her. either bring back one of the people that did her voice before Cindy or hire someone like Jennifer Hale or someone similar to her.
said at 5:20 PM on Fri Nov 15 2013
@IceElvenPrincess exactly what I have been saying.
Here are my options:
Lisa Ortiz, Cristina Valenzuela, Jennifer Hale, Kira Buckland, Ali Hillis, Mae Whitman, and Wendee Lee.
said at 6:05 AM on Fri Dec 6 2013
@TrueMyriad it's official, I think Cristina Vee would be the best Amy Rose.
said at 1:24 AM on Fri Feb 7 2014
@TrueMyriad those are excellent options you have chosen. at least we are on the exact same page here when it comes to that.
said at 3:49 PM on Sun Jun 1 2014
@TrueMyriad or how about Christine Marie Cabanos? I bet she'll do an excellent Amy Rose.
said at 6:24 PM on Mon Jun 23 2014
@TrueMyriad Jennifer Hale pretty doubtful.
said at 8:49 PM on Tue Nov 12 2013
 1 Shout Out!
I'm really disappointed by Cindy Robinson continuing the Minnie Mouse voice in Sonic:Lost World. She even sounded a little deeper in Generations, I thought she would have improved by now. I know she can do better if she uses a different voice, Cindy is very talented. I hope she does a good job in that new Sonic Boom cartoon.

Still sticking with Lisa Ortiz.
said at 2:17 PM on Wed Dec 4 2013
@chaosincarnate what bothers me most about Cindy Robinson is that she recently did the voice of Sicily from the new Disgaea game and she sounds perfect, in fact, she sounds nothing like her other roles at all either.
said at 6:24 PM on Mon Jun 23 2014
@chaosincarnate Which got your wish at the end of sonic boom trailer.
said at 6:18 PM on Sat Jun 28 2014
@SteelEthlan Yeah, she's sounding miles better, going by the game footage. Anyone betting that since she'll be playing one of the more bearable versions of the character, and her voice doesn't sound nearly as obnoxious, she'll end up rising to the top of the poll?
said at 6:29 PM on Sat Jun 28 2014
@chaosincarnate If that's an option then yes.

And yeah i'm in a same boat as you buddy lisa ortiz is still without a doubt the better voice actress.
said at 8:20 PM on Sat Jun 28 2014
@SteelEthlan Haven't heard enough of Lisa's work to make that judgement, but I can't wait for Cindy to improve. I sincerely hope that squeaky falsetto doesn't continue into the main series though, that would be a serious buzzkill. :/
said at 8:54 PM on Sat Jun 28 2014
@chaosincarnate I did but hey that's ok (Wow that kinda rhymed) and so do i.
said at 4:17 PM on Mon Nov 4 2013
Two words: Lisa Ortiz!
I liked Jennifer but she couldn't beat LISA ORTIZ!
Cindy scares me.I'm sure she's nice and all but... As an Amy voice she is just...Urgh!And now she'll be in a T.V. show?!Hopefully she can do better.
said at 7:30 AM on Wed Oct 30 2013
 1 Shout Out!
1. Ortiz

2. Robinson

3. Douillard
said at 4:27 AM on Tue Oct 22 2013
I'm going with Lisa Ortiz surprisingly despite not liking most of the 4Kid's cast. I felt her voice was perfect and she emoted well and I'm quite partial to her voice so hearing her was a treat. Jennifer Douillard was just OK. She has the right kind of voice but lacks a lot of emotion and her crying in that one scene of SA2 was just.... Yeah.... Don't want to go there. As for Cindy Robinson... She could be doing so much BETTER its not even funny first she tried doing an Minnie Mouse impression what was flat out bad and now she's showing slow signs of improvement but I can't recall the name of the character but that voice would be perfect for Amy so I don't know why she doesn't use that.
said at 5:39 PM on Mon Dec 16 2013
@Bluzziku I so agree. I'm glad I'm not the only one who noticed Jennifer's poor acting.
said at 5:50 AM on Sun Oct 20 2013
Jennifer: Easilly my least favorite SA voice. Would it kill her to show SOME emotion.
Lisa: Easilly the best.
Cindy: Too far.
said at 8:56 PM on Thu Oct 10 2013
 2 Shout Outs!
Lisa Ortiz shined in this role.
said at 4:47 PM on Wed Oct 9 2013
Cindy Robinson really improved, but if she sounded more like Princess Bloom, Makoto Nanaya, and Labrys, then she would be set.
said at 2:38 PM on Wed Oct 9 2013
 4 Shout Outs!
I'm going with Lisa Ortiz. She fits perfectly and she does her personality well without her being too annoying.
said at 9:56 AM on Mon Oct 7 2013
 4 Shout Outs!
Lisa Ortiz OWNS the competition! Jennifer was just okay, and Cindy is a bad Minnie Mouse imitation.
said at 10:28 AM on Thu Oct 3 2013
Cindy sounds like Prairie Dawn
Definitely going with Lisa Ortiz here
said at 11:48 AM on Fri Sep 27 2013
Giving it to Jennifer. Just something about her voice is more tolerable. Probably because its the least girly out of the 3.
said at 10:02 AM on Sun Oct 20 2013
@Soldierkei But girliness is what Amy Rose is about, and besides, Jen was a TERRIBLE choice. It seems as though she doesn't know about human emotion.
said at 7:44 PM on Mon Jan 20 2014
@Adjeras I think that's more so because of the directing. Can't forget, these game were Sega Dreamcast games. Wasn't exactly in the age of "we need to actually act for vid-ya games" yet. When I say least girl, I mean its the least typical girls sounding voice. Cindy's take for example is more Minnie Mouse like. I don't really dig that. Now I'm only commenting on the voice, not the acting, because again, I think with better directions Jen would be fine, but I think voice-wise she was just the best.
said at 2:23 PM on Fri Jan 24 2014
@Soldierkei Meh, you can like it, but the acting with Jen always gets to me. I can't like the voice because the acting is hard to get over.
said at 12:08 PM on Wed Sep 11 2013
Out of the three, I think Jennifer is the only tolerable Amy voice over. Lisa, while at times is real good, can get real annoying at others. And Cindy is just Minnie Mouse.

What I would love to see, if they can't bring back Jennifer, is maybe Grey DeLisle taking the helm. I think she can do Amy very well without making her sound annoying
said at 2:24 PM on Fri Jan 24 2014
@HyperVoiceActing I disagree. Lisa, while kinda annoying, fit Amy better because she's supposed to be annoying. Jen didn't really feel that tolerable. Even if the directions is to blame, I'm sorry, but that doesn't excuse an otherwise bland and unappealing performance.
said at 3:15 PM on Sat Aug 31 2013
I'll say Cindy I'm Glad she Improved in Generations
said at 7:56 AM on Thu Aug 15 2013
You know it's strange. I actually think Robinson would be the definitive Classic Amy if such a thing came to pass (I have the same opinion for Higgins and Willingham for their characters as well [Higgins using her Modern voice for Classic, not her Classic for Classic])

Yeah, I'm a Douillard fan, but having heard her as Kunoichi I feel that GK Bowes would be a worthy successor.
said at 6:18 AM on Sun Aug 4 2013
 4 Shout Outs!
We need Lisa Ortiz back, if Mike Pollock can stay, why couldn't Lisa?
said at 11:43 AM on Thu Aug 8 2013
@TrueMyriad The only reason Mike stayed is because they couldn't find anyone who did the voice as well as him.

Cindy playing Amy raises questions as to what Sega considers good imitations.
said at 12:31 PM on Sun Aug 11 2013
@SpongeBat1 I completey agree, which is why Lisa Ortiz must come back.
said at 6:03 PM on Tue Oct 1 2013
@TrueMyriad - Nah I'm fine with Lisa being gone. She was good but got real annoying sometimes.
said at 5:48 AM on Sun Oct 20 2013
@HyperVoiceActing But that was the point. It was in her character. Besides, do you really want Jen back? She was just awful.
said at 10:51 AM on Sun Oct 20 2013
@Adjeras - That's moreso a fault of the voice direction, not the actress herself. I think Jen is most tolerable of the voices, but the direction is what ruined her.
said at 11:41 AM on Sun Oct 20 2013
@HyperVoiceActing I guess. But in my opinion, Lisa is the better actress. Direction or no, Lisa had more experience, whereas the Sonic games were all Jen had.
said at 7:39 AM on Fri Jul 19 2013
Either bring back Lisa Ortiz,
Or hire Jennifer Hale, Ali Hillis, or Mae Whitman.
said at 9:34 AM on Sun Jul 21 2013
@Mephilesthelight358 I guess all I am looking for in Amy is a voice that is not only fitting and sincere for the character, but also extremely well at changing moods and keeping the same voice. Besides, I think she retired voice acting.
said at 5:49 AM on Sun Oct 20 2013
@Mephilesthelight358 No she didn't. She was emotionless and an overall horrible actress. I'm glad she's gone. We need more capable actors anyways.
said at 6:14 AM on Mon Oct 21 2013
@Adjeras - At least her voice didn't get as irritating as Lisa's sometimes did
said at 11:21 AM on Mon Oct 21 2013
@HyperVoiceActing Yeah, well even with the annoying tone, it was clear that Lisa was in tune with the role. I feel that Jen took it for granted.
said at 5:40 PM on Fri Nov 15 2013
@Adjeras well we will have a poll as to which actress of the folowing I will list that needs to replace Cindy, or you would want to voice Amy:
Lisa Ortiz
Cristina Valenzuela
Jennifer Hale
Kira Buckland
Ali Hillis
Mae Whitman
Wendee Lee.
said at 4:09 PM on Mon Dec 16 2013
@TrueMyriad: Lisa Ortiz since we already know how she'd do the role.
said at 3:19 PM on Wed Jul 17 2013
Lisa & Jennifer are my favs but i'm going for Lisa as she sounds a bit better.

Cindy is really really annoying.
Shiny Raticate
said at 2:53 AM on Fri Jul 12 2013
 1 Shout Out!
Lisa Ortiz all the way. She was the spunky and happy Amy that I knew and loved.
said at 6:43 PM on Fri Jun 28 2013
Lisa Ortiz by a long shot. In my opinion, if anyone should voice Amy as a replacement for Lisa Ortiz, it should be Ali Hillis(Lightning Ferron).Listen to her Demo Reel and your mind will be blown. Tell me your thoughts if you agree/disagree about Ali Hillis being the best option for Amy.
said at 6:35 PM on Fri Jun 28 2013
 6 Shout Outs!
Even though the 4Kids Sonic cast is mediocre at best overall (at least IMO), I have to give this one to Lisa; she really brings out the personality, her performance had a lot of liveliness to it. Of course she sounds really bratty and/or over-the-top at times, but considering the nature of the franchise as a whole, it makes sense at least. Overall, while her voice takes at least some time to get used to, she certainly pulled it off in the end. Shame she didn't get to stick around.

Jennifer's acting is pretty wooden, and her voice is a bit weird, but she did fine with what she had to work with.

Cindy Robinson was off to a horrible start, and while she has improved at least a bit in Generations, I just don't care for her take on the character at all. When I hear her voice, I just can't get Minnie Mouse out of my head. Granted, while Amy and Minnie share some striking similarities between each other, I don't think Amy should sound like Minnie Mouse. X(
said at 1:38 PM on Thu Jun 20 2013
 1 Shout Out!
To be fair, I think Cindy Robinson improved a bit in Sonic Generations.
said at 5:09 PM on Sun Jun 2 2013
Despite Amy having an annoying personality, I do like her Ortiz voice. It's the least annoying one. Or maybe I'm just used to Lisa's voice.
Robinson's voice kind of sounds like she's squealing. But, she isn't bad at all, really.

Jennifer's voice actually sounds like an Amy voice!
said at 10:03 AM on Sun Oct 20 2013
@Rabindranith But Amy Rose isn't an emotionless character. People seem to ignore this factor.
said at 3:00 PM on Mon Nov 11 2013
@Adjeras Well, true. I'm just not too much of a fan, is all
said at 4:08 PM on Mon Dec 16 2013
@Rabindranith I jaust think Jennifer is overrated.
said at 11:15 PM on Tue Apr 30 2013
The only great voice who did a great job as Amy Rose is Lisa Ortiz. The new voice actress SUCKS! Need between hire Hynden Walch or better yet bring back Lisa as Amy Rose.
said at 1:53 PM on Mon Apr 22 2013
one of my favorite sonic character ^^.. lisa Amazing! jenifer also good...
*hears Cindy*
*gives self a Lobotomy*
ok seriously i like cindies other roll BUT how the heck did she even get the roll as amy with that voice!?! WENDEE LEE should have got this roll.. hell STEPHANIE SHEH should have given this a shot. or maybe cindy COULD keep this roll BUT STOP USING THAT VOICE
said at 5:14 AM on Sat May 11 2013
@Bombermanp You know, I think Stephanie would have been an excellent choice as Amy.
said at 5:02 PM on Sun Mar 31 2013
Jennifer wins my vote hands down. True she isn't an amazing voice but I just thought it fit her perfectly. Lisa is meh... I mean, she's not bad but I just didn't care for it. Plus, since Amy had much more screentime on Sonic X, you had to hear her more and honestly (no offense to the VA), I thought she sounded annoying, especially when she yelled. But like I said, Lisa isn't bad, I really enjoyed her work in Pokemon but I just didn't like her voice for Amy.

However, Cindy's is much worse... She sounds way too high. She sounds like a Minnie Mouse clone. So uh... Yeah, I'll take Lisa over Cindy.

1. Jennifer
2. Lisa
3. Cindy

Amy is a character I have a like/hate relationship. Like because she is fierce, strong, and deep down has a good heart but hate or rather, dislike because I don't like how overboard she goes over Sonic. If she lightened up some, maybe Sonic would stick around and possibly date her haha. But yeah, she is an okay character. :)
said at 9:48 PM on Tue Mar 26 2013
 1 Shout Out!
I normally don't go for 4Kids actors but I think Lisa did the best.
said at 2:29 PM on Fri Mar 22 2013
 2 Shout Outs!
I like most of the new Sonic cast, but man, CINDY SUCKS. She's like a bad Minnie Mouse impression. Lisa gets my vote for sure.

Candi Milo for Amy.
said at 10:03 PM on Wed Mar 20 2013
Jennifer got my vote. Even though her acting isn't as great as it could be, she offered the perfect voice. Lisa is close, but her voice is a tad bit too high for my liking. Cindy... just ugh.
said at 1:52 AM on Fri Jun 7 2013
@chaosincarnate On second thought, I've changed my vote to Lisa Ortiz. Jennifer's acting isn't all that great, but her voice is alright. I originally complained about Lisa's voice being high, but it fits, seeing as how Amy as 12, and her acting was the best out of the three. Cindy is far too high pitched, sounding like minnie mouse. She improved slightly in Generations, so perhaps her performance will improve in future games.
said at 8:52 PM on Sat Mar 16 2013
I think Cindy would be great if she used a voice similar to her Zero III voice for Amy
said at 6:56 PM on Tue Feb 5 2013
 1 Shout Out!
Lisa was great at making Amy sound both sweet and insane at the same time. Jennifer sounded a little ditzy, and Cindy sounds too kiddy and annoying.
said at 5:36 PM on Mon Jan 7 2013
Jenny from the block!

The high piched cutesy voices Lisa and Cindy have are ok (I always found Lisa's lisp pretty cute), I just find Jennifer's natural approach more likable.
said at 3:12 PM on Sun Jan 6 2013
 2 Shout Outs!
1. Lisa Ortiz-Surprised I'm going with 4Kids on this one, considering how much I despise them, but Lisa did well with capturing Amy's personality and really caught her flirty side.
2. Jennifer Douillard-Though not really great with VAing, she was a lot of fun to listen to and got Amy's spirited side quite well
3. Cindy Robinson-.....Do I even need to say anything? She sucks. No better way to put it. That voice REALLY gets on my nerves.
said at 12:25 AM on Fri Nov 23 2012
Jen's voice sounds the most natural and I like the "flighty valley girl" portrayal she gives, but I think Lisa was just hilarious! Almost every time her Amy was on scene a smile would just appear on my face. Definitely one of the few casting decisions 4kids didn't manage to screw up. Cindy I gotta hear more from but it sounds like she's improving.
Lisa FTW!
said at 11:47 PM on Mon Nov 19 2012
Lisa Ortiz. All the way.

Cindy is ruining my perfect image of Sonamy with that squeaky, mouse-like voice!
said at 3:44 AM on Fri Sep 28 2012
 2 Shout Outs!
I'm so in between Lisa and Jennifer for my favorite Amy because both were so good in their own ways. Jennifer sounds more natural and very much so like a city girl, even though her acting was iffy at times like in SA2. Heroes I thought she was perfect, really giving Amy more of an energetic, determined edge and no longer making her come off as an annoying third wheel or a dumbass in distress.

While Lisa really doesn't have much range in terms of acting for other things like Pokemon and Ratatoing, I think Amy is her best role. No matter how dull the 4kids cast were in the anime or games like Riders and Sonic 06, you could always bet she'd be the only thing to look forward to seeing because she was so funny and could breath life into any boring, tedious scene she was in (character, personality, words that the rest of the cast must have never learned). I'm really upset Sega didn't decide to renew her contract along with Mike; to this day she's the only 4kids actor I miss.

Cindy's acting is good, but her voice is way to high and cartoonish for me to get into. She's getting better so I'll give her some more time and who knows, maybe by the next game she'll finally have Amy's voice down to a T.
said at 7:22 PM on Mon Sep 24 2012
Lisa Ortiz sounded clear, non-compressed, and perfect in every way. It's a shame her contract won't let her voice Amy anymore in the games. :(
Jennifer did a good job as the starter, but her voice seemed a little flat. And as for Cindy, even a 7-year old girl could do a better job.
said at 1:25 AM on Tue Sep 18 2012
 1 Shout Out!
Jennifer does a good job as Amy, she gives out one of the most emotional performance of any of the original Sonic cast. A pity she doesn't do any more voice overs as I feel that she would make an excellent career as a voice actress.

Lisa is one of my favorite NY based voice actors out there and Amy is a prime example of her talent as a voice actress. She has a high pitch which fits for Amy and for a pitch like that, she was able to bring in a surprising amount of emotion for Amy.

Cindy sounds way too much like Minnie Mouse, in fact, I first thought they hired the voice actress of Minnie to do Amy when I first heard her in Free Riders. I will say that she has greatly improved in Sonic Generations but still has a long ways to go.
said at 11:58 PM on Tue Sep 11 2012
 1 Shout Out!
My ranks for Amy....

# 1 - Lisa Ortiz.
# 2 - Jennifer Douillard.
# 3 - Cindy Robinson.
said at 12:42 PM on Tue Aug 21 2012
Gonna go with Jennifer. Her performance as Amy in SA and SA2 were quite good in my opinion!
said at 4:11 PM on Thu Aug 2 2012
 3 Shout Outs!
Lisa Ortiz was the best voice for Amy Rose to me.
said at 10:21 AM on Mon Jul 16 2012
 2 Shout Outs!
1. Lisa Ortiz she captures the character perfectly in my opinion and situationally the writers put her in the best spots
2. I'm tied Amy's adventure series and hereos voice I found to be just plain annoying and her new voice sounds like minnie mouse as with knuckles and shadow, I want her 4kids voice back
said at 9:11 PM on Sat Jun 30 2012
 2 Shout Outs!
I love Lisa! Jennifer has to come in second, though I love this game. But Cindy's wasn't grabbing me unfortunately.
said at 6:09 PM on Sat Jun 9 2012
 4 Shout Outs!
Lisa. Hands down! Jennifer, not bad. Cindy is minnie mouse. I know a ton of fans are asking Cindy to be compared to someone else, but.... WHO ELSE TALKS LIKE THAT?!
said at 4:39 PM on Fri Apr 20 2012
 6 Shout Outs!
I think Monica Rial would have been a better placement than Cindy Robinson:
NCZ (Admin)
said at 6:02 PM on Fri Apr 20 2012
@Fulgore2005 If Funimation or Sentai ever got ahold of Sonic, I agree that Monica would be a good choice for Amy.
said at 10:49 PM on Mon Apr 23 2012
@NCZ Yeah shes not bad! Id take her over Cindy. I also think Cristina Vee would have been a good choice
said at 6:21 AM on Thu Apr 26 2012
@AMT Cristina Vee would definitely be another good choice for Amy too.
said at 9:26 PM on Tue Aug 21 2012
Another FUNi VA I'd pick for Amy would have to be Luci Christian. Though since they're currently using a Studiopolis cast, what about Tara Platt?
NCZ (Admin)
said at 12:44 AM on Wed Aug 22 2012
@pokemastanumba1 Tara's voice is a little too low for Amy, but she could surely work as Rouge, Wave, or Blaze. I'm thinking Amanda Winn-Lee could have potential.
NCZ (Admin)
said at 1:03 AM on Wed Aug 22 2012
@NCZ Or Melissa Fahn.
said at 9:32 PM on Wed Aug 22 2012
@NCZ About Tara Platt, I was thinking her Tron Bonne voice would fit Amy much better:

@JSD Pokemon has nothing to do with this. And FYI, both of the changes of cast with Sonic were NOT handled any more professionally or respectfully; all VAs have been abruptly replaced without warning, nor is there any chance of any of the previous VAs coming back.
NCZ (Admin)
said at 9:44 PM on Wed Aug 22 2012
@pokemastanumba1 Hmm, that voice could actually work pretty well. It's nice to hear Tara do something different than her usual roles.
said at 10:18 PM on Wed Aug 22 2012
@NCZ Yeah, she's a LOT more versatile than I realized. But for Rouge, Wave, or Blaze, something much closer to her Temari voice would be better.
said at 4:42 PM on Tue Apr 17 2012
I grew up hearing Jennifer Douillard, but when I heard Liza Ortiz I thought she was better. I do not really like Cindy Robinson and her voice for Amy. It's that's not it...I don't want to say she sounds like Minnie Mouse cause someone already said that...
said at 3:25 PM on Fri Apr 13 2012
 2 Shout Outs!
People stop saying that Cindy Robinson sounds like Minnie Mouse!!!! I DO NOT care if sounds like Minnie Mouse.
said at 9:10 PM on Thu Apr 12 2012
 2 Shout Outs!
Amy sounds alot like Minnie Mouse... :/
said at 3:25 PM on Fri Apr 13 2012
@Marzy97 ya right like lots of people say that.
said at 10:28 AM on Thu Mar 15 2012
 2 Shout Outs!
No offense, but...
The current Amy voice sounds (creepily) like Minnie Mouse...
said at 3:26 PM on Fri Apr 13 2012
@witswithme What else besides Minnie Mouse!!!! Can people say something ELSE!!!!
said at 2:42 PM on Sun Oct 21 2012
@bwaffles9 Fine then we'll say she sucks
said at 9:54 PM on Sun Feb 12 2012
2.SonicSong182 on YouTube
1Googleplace behind other fan voice actors.
Minnie Mouse
said at 10:49 AM on Sun Jan 22 2012
 2 Shout Outs!
Lisa was perfect as Amy, the other too I don't really like.
said at 11:35 PM on Mon Jan 9 2012
 1 Shout Out!
1.Lisa:her voice was very suiting for amy's personality.
2.Jennifer:good but it made Amy sound a little too old for her age.
3.Cindy:too minnie mouse-ish!DX
said at 12:33 PM on Sat Dec 3 2011
Cindy sounds like Minnie Mouse haha
said at 6:35 PM on Thu Nov 24 2011
1 Jennifer
2 Lisa/Cindy

If Jennifer added more... emotion to it rather than *script reading... with little effort* then it would have been better

Lisa made Amy annoying and you wanted to hit her, and Cindy makes her sound like Minny Mouse
I hope Cindy can improve.........
NCZ (Admin)
said at 9:57 PM on Mon Nov 7 2011
 1 Shout Out!
Cindy's improved a good deal in Generations. Sounds much more fitting.

See guys? With time, everything works out.
said at 10:34 PM on Mon Nov 7 2011
@NCZ She was better, but still not fitting for me. There are parts in the game where her free riders voice still kinda slipped in.
NCZ (Admin)
said at 10:40 PM on Mon Nov 7 2011
@AMT Well, a slight improvement is a good sign. It means she'll probably improve even more in further games.
said at 7:49 PM on Wed Nov 9 2011
@NCZ Will Cindy's clip be updated soon enough?
NCZ (Admin)
said at 9:33 PM on Wed Nov 9 2011
@Ninjaman15 Generations clip is on her page for now. I won't add a new one to the VC unless the voice becomes significantly different.
Belial Edge
said at 2:38 AM on Sun Nov 20 2011
@NCZ Sad that almost EVERYONE said Cindy Robinson makes her sound like Minnie Mouse.
That made me even think Robinson actually did voice Minnie for a sec back then. XPXP
said at 1:38 PM on Fri Dec 2 2011
@AMT She does sound a LOT better than she did in Free Riders though. Yeah, it's not so much of an improvement but she's at least nowhere near as horrible.

@NCZ Still, she's one of the worst Studiopolis VAs and stands to replaced or even fired. Danielle Judovits, Tara Platt or Stephanie Sheh would have been much more suitable. Cindy should just stick with...well, who cares about her? :P

@Belial Edge She must've somehow confused Amy with Minnie Mouse...
NCZ (Admin)
said at 4:03 PM on Fri Dec 2 2011
@pokemastanumba1 That comment you made about Cindy was so rude, I'm not going to bother responding to it.
said at 10:47 AM on Sat Dec 17 2011
@NCZ I think saying something bad about a VA is just.... d-d-dude! Who really wants to fly off the handle that far? The way I see is this: it if has something to do with the Japan-residing English VAs, then I'll let it slide...

A member months ago said something else about Roger Craig Smith on Sonic's own voice compare. It was moreso negative if anything... :P
said at 10:24 AM on Fri Nov 4 2011
One more top 3 today.

1. Lisa Ortiz- Lisa perfected the role of Amy, both her voice and her acting were perfect here. They should have kept her as Amy, personally I think they didn't because it would have been inconvenient for Lisa since she works mainly in New York City and Studiopolis is in Los Angeles.

2. Cindy Robison- Her acting seems great, but the voice she puts out simly isn't as good as Lisa's, so I guess the tie breaker goes to her. A very good replacement on Studiopolis' part though.

3. Jennifer Douillard- Mediocre voice, mediocre acting, over all mediocre performance. Still, mediocre's good for dead last.
said at 4:47 PM on Mon Oct 31 2011
 1 Shout Out!
You know what? After hearing a few of Cindy's lines for Amy in Generations, she seems to have improved. Granted, I still prefer Jennifer and Lisa over her, but hey... definitely not as annoying as it was in Free Riders. In fact, Amy sounds more like Betty Boop now, which isn't too suprising since Cindy also voices that character as of right now.

1. Lisa Ortiz
2. Cindy Robinson (Sonic Generations)
3. Jennifer Douillard
4. Cindy Robinson (Sonic Free Riders/Colors)

That's my opinion as a whole, folks.
said at 5:50 PM on Wed Aug 31 2011
 1 Shout Out!
Okay, let me restart. Cindy makes her sound like minnie mouse** Which I really don't like.
said at 1:51 AM on Sun Jul 31 2011
 1 Shout Out!
Other sound good too but not as good as lisa
said at 8:45 PM on Sat Jul 30 2011
Cindy's voice for Amy almost sounds like Princess Peach!
said at 1:58 PM on Fri Jul 22 2011
#1- Lisa Ortiz: PERFECT FIT!!!

#2- Jennifer Douillard: No emotion when screaming for help, but pretty good.

#3- Cindy Robinson: TERRIBLE!!! Not only does it sound like Minnie Mouse, but there's another issue I have: Amy is supposed to be 17 years old! DOES THAT SOUND 17 TO YOU??!!!!!!
NCZ (Admin)
said at 5:20 PM on Fri Jul 22 2011
@TheUltimatePhantom1 I have no idea where you're getting 17 from. Amy is 12 years old.
said at 2:28 AM on Tue Aug 9 2011
@NCZ He's confusing her age from the comics. Biologically, amy is 17 years old in the comics, though chronologically, she's about 11-12 years old.
said at 12:15 PM on Fri Aug 19 2011
@NCZ I read her bio on "Sonic Free Riders", and I looked at the character's ages. When I looked at Amy's, it said 17.
said at 12:15 PM on Fri Aug 19 2011
@AMT I read her bio on "Sonic Free Riders", and I looked at the character's ages. When I looked at Amy's, it said 17.
NCZ (Admin)
said at 2:34 PM on Mon Aug 22 2011
@TheUltimatePhantom1 That's probably a typo. According to Sonic Channel (the official Sonic website) and the manual for Sonic Heroes, she is 12.
said at 11:23 PM on Fri Aug 26 2011
@NCZ Then every other character's ages are typos, because I looked at the other ages as well:

Sonic= 19/20

Tails= 12

Knuckles= 21

Cream= 8

Vector= 24


Rouge= 22

Jet= 16


Storm= 26

Dr. Robotnik=???
said at 11:51 PM on Fri Aug 26 2011
@TheUltimatePhantom1 Wow, you're right, they ALL are typos... these ages are just wayyyy off...
said at 10:55 PM on Sat Aug 27 2011
@AMT You really believe that they just stay the same age?! Sonic's 20 now (As proven in a Sonic Generations plot interview). And Sonic can't be the ONLY character in the ENTIRE SERIES that can age! I take it you've never seen their bios either. Ever read the instruction manual for it?
NCZ (Admin)
said at 12:50 PM on Sun Aug 28 2011
@TheUltimatePhantom1 The sources I found for Sonic being 20 in Generations were from random gaming sites and not from Sega themselves, so I'm taking "Generations is five years later" rumour with a grain of salt.

Besides, aging is inconsistent in Sonic anyway. Between Sonic and Knuckles and Adventure, Amy aged four years, Knuckles aged one year, and Sonic went down a year.
said at 9:43 AM on Tue Aug 30 2011

I'm getting a little confused now...after hearing the plot of Generations...everyone is taking a picnic in honour of Sonic's 20th then a dark force starts I believe Sonic is still 15 in the games but in reality he is 20 He's not 20 in the games we just celebrate the years since his first game

I believe they never age

Sonic - 15
Tails -8
Knuckles - 16
Amy - 12
Cream - 6
Big - 18
Shadow - N/A (50 but 15?)
Rouge - 17
Vector - 20
Espio - 16
Charmy - 6
Blaze - 14
Jet - 14
Silver -14
Marine -7
Eggman - N/A

But now after being told the plot I'm now a bit confused...
said at 8:10 PM on Tue Oct 18 2011
@NCZ How do the Sonic characters have a picnic celebration Sonic's 20th Anniversary, and he's still 15? That makes no sense..
NCZ (Admin)
said at 6:28 AM on Wed Oct 19 2011
@TheUltimatePhantom1 Considering that it's the Sonic Colours writers, it's probably a meta thing. He might not literally be twenty.
said at 8:26 PM on Thu Oct 20 2011
@NCZ What "Meta Thing", exactly are you driving at?
NCZ (Admin)
said at 11:10 PM on Sat Nov 12 2011
@TheUltimatePhantom1 Now that Generations is out, I can confirm that the rumour about Sonic turning 20 (and thus, everyone else aging five years) is false. They're just celebrating Sonic's birthday. They don't give a specific age. Considering how everybody looks about the same, it definitely isn't his 20th.
said at 9:49 PM on Mon Nov 14 2011
@NCZ In DBZ, some of the characters also look the same, and it's been like, 13 years..
said at 9:51 PM on Wed Apr 4 2012
@TheUltimatePhantom1 How about we all just say that he's 16. Due to the fact that he just had his birthday in Sonic Generations.
said at 10:38 PM on Tue Jul 19 2011
 1 Shout Out!
#1 Jennifer Douillard
The original Adventure voice cast was (at least in most cases) the best, and Jennifer was no exception. She did an excellent job, bringing lots of love and energy to her performance. She also sounds the most natural and realistic, originally leading me to forget it wasn't actually done by a teenager! Most importantly, you can feel the nice chemistry between her Amy and Ryan's Sonic. Plus, hers stands out even more as Amy's the only VA role she's done.

#2 Lisa Ortiz
I love her voice a lot too, almost as much as Jennifer's. She wasn't too distinctive in the role, but her voice definitely worked out very well nontheless. My main criticisms are just her relative lack of originality and her monotone temper tantrum. Amy sounded upset or frustrated pretty much all the time, but then again, that IS the way character has been in her modern depictions and at least Lisa delivered on that. All in all, a great voice, and definitely one of the best of the 4Kids cast. She will be greatly missed indeed, and as you will know how I feel about the new voice in a moment, you'll understand why.

#3 Cindy Robinson
I'm very sure everyone would be in agreement here. Cindy was horribly miscast in this role. Apparently someone at Studiopolis forgot to remind her that THIS IS AMY ROSE, NOT MINNIE MOUSE! Sorry, but Cindy's was just beyond ear-raping horrendous, and the only one of the new cast that I just can't stand.

You want to know what the really sad and disappointing part is? A GUY can imitate Cindy's voice. Sad, just sad.

If this is so, they might as well hire a guy to do the voice in future installments...
said at 2:36 PM on Fri Jul 8 2011
While I singlehandingly hate 4Kids's own soul, the one thing I won't nerd rage on are the company's own voice cast; most have talent, others are a bit mediocre at times... Therefore I will say that Lisa Ortiz was no doubt the best Amy voice I have heard, right next to Taeko Kawata, that's for sure. Then again, I grew up with hearing Jennifer Douillard's performance more, considering I used to own both Sonic Adventure and Sonic Adventure 2: Battle on the Gamecube... All I can say for that is: She could pull off emotion, even if it sounded too dry at times.

Perhaps that leaves only Cindy Robinson: why, yes, she can get the emotion down, but the problem is in the tone... It sounds too similar to Minnie Mouse almost all the time, and it can even make my ears bleed. In fact, I am tempted to say she has down better roles for, say, Kukaku Shiba for the english dub of Bleach and then Makoto Nanaya from Blazblue: Continuum Shift... Unless if the latter role was done by someone other than Robinson, I dunno. Overall, it's not that I detested Cindy's performance, but she could've improved a bit more on the tone and then some.
said at 6:39 PM on Sat Jul 9 2011
@Ninjaman15 "done, not 'down'
said at 4:35 PM on Mon Jun 27 2011
 1 Shout Out!
1. Lisa - She was okay in Sonic X, but man did she get that "crazy-yet-sweet girl who wants to be Sonic's boyfriend no matter how much he resists her" role down as time went by.
2. JenJen - She really went for that cutesy girl type role and pulled it off.
3. Cindy - Really sounds much too much like a young Minnie Mouse; doesn't really fit with the mannerisms of the character herself. (But she'll get better over time, okay?)
said at 12:51 AM on Sun Jun 26 2011
Jenny Jen is my fave though I'm starting to like Cindy even though it sound Minnie Mousish. I know she can improve on that .

Lisa had an okay one but when I looked over some of the old Sonic x Episodes and some of hte games I kinda found her version of Amy somewhat Annoying. Especially with scenes when she cries out Sonic. But then again it's just a recent nitpick. Also her voice is Kinda overrated as well. so Jenny for my fave.
said at 12:11 PM on Wed Jul 6 2011

I find Cindy a lot worser than Jennifer XD
said at 12:11 PM on Wed Jul 6 2011
But I still think Lisa is the best IMO
said at 3:13 PM on Sat Jul 9 2011
@Truesonicn at this point I'm tired of Lisa's though. I find her to be alot more annoying. Cindy spunds like Minnie mousish but she's starting out so I'm sure that tone will be adjusted. but Lisa has experience and at this point I finally gotten tired of Lisa's version. It;s like she took her voice as Serenity from Yu-Gi-Oh! and just cut and pasted it to Sonic which I didn't like .
I hold on to Jen as my favorite. Cindy will improve . I'm sure of that
said at 7:59 AM on Sun Jul 10 2011

I disagree but I respect your opinion :)....I just really don't like Cindy's Amy vocie but Im giving her a chance to improve because I think she can do a lot better than this :/
said at 11:43 AM on Mon Jul 11 2011
But like you said I hope Cindy improves too....I respect your opinion in many ways
said at 12:38 PM on Sun May 15 2011
 1 Shout Out!
1. Jennifer Douillard - I think Jen-Jen gave Amy the best "There you are, my Sonic~!" voice.
2. Lisa Ortiz - Hmm, I'm not really sure why I love her voice so much. Maybe it's because I always heard it so often when I watched Pokemon.
3. Cindy Robinson - Her voice for Amy is very good, and I look forward to hearing her improve throughout her years voicing Amy.
said at 10:06 PM on Tue Jul 19 2011
@TheBlackHawk Great order and nicely put!
said at 11:55 AM on Thu Jul 21 2011
@pokemastanumba1Thanks! =D
said at 2:55 PM on Fri Apr 8 2011
1. Lisa Ortiz - I think she had the best voice for Amy.
2. Jennifer Douillard - She was okay, but her acting could have been better. Her voice was a little too pinchy in my opinion.
3. Cindy Robinson - Probably the only one of the new voices that I don't really care for. She sounds too much like Minnie Mouse. However, it WAS her first time voicing Amy, so I'll give her a chance to improve in the next game the character appears.
said at 9:20 PM on Wed Apr 6 2011
i wonder why most people hate douidlard. amy is supposed to be an annoying brat who follows sonic all the time. oh well it dipends on how you look at the character
said at 10:03 PM on Tue Jul 19 2011
@jonhardwick No, that's exactly the way Amy is. A Sonic-lovestruck annoyance who constantly gets on the blue blur's case. But yeah, I do wonder why most fans don't care about Douillard anymore, as she was fantastic in the Adventure series and Heroes.
said at 7:37 PM on Tue Mar 29 2011
My list:

1. Lisa Ortiz

Out of all the 4kids cast, Lisa was one of the few voices actors that I thought was properly casted. Ever since Sonic X, she did a good job as Amy. At first I thought she sounded annoying when shouting in Amy's voice, but this is the script writer and voice director's fault and not Lisa's, I think. When she doesn't show Amy's extremely hot tempered side (which I can't stand), she otherwise did great with showcasting Amy's other emotions. I noticed she does make Amy a bit squeaky, which could be a nuisance to a few people. But I got used to it after a while, and think it suits her.

Overall, I liked Lisa's voice, and this may be the only 4kids voice I might miss, and I'll explain why later...

2. Jennifer Douillard

Jennifer comes close to Lisa in terms good quality and tone for Amy. I noticed that she makes Amy sound somewhat natural compared to Lisa. It's a high pitched voice, no doubt, but it didn't sound slightly squeaky like Lisa's does. I think that tone suits Amy fine as well, really. The only reason why I rank Jenny below Lisa is because her acting was mediocre, but mostly in the Sonic Adventure games. But when voice directed properly, she's very good with the role.

3. Cindy Robinson

I'll try to be as respectful as possible. Cindy was not a good choice for Amy's voice. I'm not sure what the casting directers were thinking in hiring her as Amy. It's too Minnie Mouse-like for my liking, and I think it's very unfitting for the character. I seriously hope they replace her, but that probably won't happen anytime soon. Lisa and Jennifer were much more fitting for the job than Cindy is.
said at 2:00 PM on Fri Jul 22 2011
@BlueSkySlash Not only that. There's another issue: Amy is supposed to be 17 years old! Does Cindy Robinson SOUND 17 YEARS OLD TO YOU!!!
said at 10:56 PM on Tue Jul 26 2011
@TheUltimatePhantom1 Actually, Amy is 12, not 17.
said at 5:52 PM on Tue Mar 29 2011
I can't really like them , I mean with Jenny she did good in the 3D games since I grew up with them and at least Amy could stand on her own with a homing attack.. to mean that's Amy. Lisa kinda made her sound a little more mature but during Sonic x Amy was everywhere that I sort found it annoying to here her, but it toned down a notch to where I liked it in unleashed. It's just time, they improve over time. I'm hoping Cindy does step up her A game though. She sounds like Minnie mouse and I hope she does get better so these pointless VA wars can like start to die down a bit
said at 12:30 AM on Thu Mar 17 2011
 1 Shout Out!
I prefer Lisa Ortiz. She makes Amy sound more mature.
said at 6:22 PM on Sat Feb 12 2011
Lisa is pefect at giving Amy that personality that combines sweetness and spunkiness with ferocity and aggression
said at 6:11 PM on Wed Feb 9 2011
Jenny sounded great as Amy for games.she makes Amy sound like she's close or around 12 which was nice. Lisa Sounds good for the anime plus she brings in drama and stuff. Cindy sounds like a minnie mouse sound alike but If she improves and starts sounding better then maybe just maybe
said at 9:52 PM on Tue Jul 19 2011
@Sonic_Blaze Completely agreed.
said at 5:15 PM on Mon Feb 7 2011
 3 Shout Outs!
I love lisa! She's a sweetheart! I think no one will ever play Amy like she did! =D
said at 7:02 PM on Thu Feb 3 2011
 1 Shout Out!
Lisa Oritz was the best Amy voice for me it fitted most than others

She gave Amy a strong,quite high pitched and mature voice which Amy should have it too connected to the character's personality it was more sweet sounding and rage sounding when angry XD those bits were funny futhermore Lisa made Amy somewhat Kinds,sweet,caring, natural brave,angry,funny and smart at the same time I like Amy's character more in Sonic X that way she was able to express her feelings deeply and solefully and Lisa nailed those perfomrances capturing every bit,presense,emotion,behavior and texture in the character and The scenes with Sonic are just laughable XD

I feel Amy didn't get much spotlight in the games and Lisa didn't either well she kinda did though Amy appeared in most games but mainly a supporting character and a battle player or cameo in the storybook series It's a shame the character didn't get much serious dialogue but I liked her in all peformances the best ones are...

Sonic X, Zero Gravity, 06, Unleashed and Black Knight also as the Lady Of The Lake and lol the ending I am disappointed 4Kids didn't voice the characters in Chronicles the lines were funny and the story was laughable especially Amy I wish lisa would have voiced her back then but looks like they didn't sigh If only

Lisa Oritz is the best Amy vocie for me :)

Jennifer Douillard comes second in my list she definately gave the Amy voice though she was a bit less high ptiched but still a little bit high though she sounds more natural too Her best peformance was uh.....actually let me scrape that part out the thing She lacked for Amy was in early performances most lines sounded fake mainly Shuffle and she sorta made a her a bit annoying when she appeared in scenes but she did a fine job though she still needed more time to develop just like all the people in the Original cast cept for Deem Bristow he was already good (R.I.P)

Best lines/perfomrances - SA2, Some in Adventure

Uhh Cindy Robinson O_O....

Okay I'll be honest she's doing a terrible job at the moment

The voice is more high pitched it is as high as Cream but a bit worser, The acting is okay but not good enough at the moment I've heard her in Both Free Riders and The DS Version of Colours I'm afraid I don't like her yet perhaps in time she will improve but to improve she needs to get rid of that high voice lower it down like Lisa and Jen did I'm not too keen on any of the voices yet but surely they will improve in the future but for now I think I will leave Cindy out It's just the voice that's the problem the lines and acting don't really make it better

1)Lisa Oritz
2) Jennifer Douillard
3) Cindy Robinson

Cindy is last for now....but hopefully she will improve in time It's just not working out for me at the moment...

Lisa definately gets my vote
Sarge Ray
said at 2:30 PM on Thu Feb 3 2011
Douillard: I'm not gonna say she's great, but she's FAR from terrible. My genuine complaint is her "put me down" line; not a lot of practice here.

Ortiz: Lise here is kind of hit-and-miss. She's had her bad moments, but she also has a few good moments with Amy.

Robinson: I'm HURT. This actress played the protagonist of Moribito. HOW can she mess up and sound like CREAM?!
NCZ (Admin)
said at 2:55 PM on Sun Jan 30 2011
Also, AMT, I got that image from her LinkedIn profile, so it is definitely her (lives in San Diego and everything, data matches up with her blog and other such sources, etc).
NCZ (Admin)
said at 2:53 PM on Sun Jan 30 2011
Guess I was wrong. I read a more official source and apparently Jennifer Douillard went to high school from 1986-1990. So the Sonic Retro stuff about her being 11 when recording Amy and her real name being Erica Connery is untrue. So, disregard my previous comment.
NCZ (Admin)
said at 9:40 AM on Mon Jan 10 2011
Completely agreed, Samantha.
said at 10:46 PM on Thu Jan 6 2011
@nzc 11? Where'd you read that? Sonic Retro or something? She sounds way to old for an 11 year old girl

But even so, if that's true, then Jennifer's gotta be like 23 by now and in that picture she looks pretty old for a woman of that age. So are you sure that's the right picture? ._.
NCZ (Admin)
said at 11:15 AM on Sun Jan 2 2011

Actually, Jennifer Douillard was 11 or 12 when she first voiced Amy. So the two were just about the same age.

Also, I think Lisa sounding more aggressive has something to do with the writing. Sonic Heroes was goofy, Amy was on the sidelines in SA2, so she only got to show off her "independent fighting" side in Sonic Adventure. Whereas when Lisa voiced the character, Amy seemed to get mad all the time.
said at 9:30 AM on Sun Jan 2 2011
 2 Shout Outs!
1) Lisa Oritz
2) Jennifer Douillard
3) Cindy Robinson

Lisa was the best Amy voice for me she gave Amy emotion and passion for how she feels and gave her mores strength she was great on every game but her best performances were Sonic X and Black Knight she did one of the most eventful performances She should be proud of her work she has done well these last 7 years good Luck for future roles Lisa I will really miss her as Amy

Jen was good but some perofmrances were a bit out of place but she was listenable and good unlike Cindy shes too squeaky almost as sqeuaky as Cream's last V/As O_o she has to tone it down in future games


Don't be shocked not everyone hates 4Kids
said at 7:11 PM on Tue Jul 26 2011
@Truesonic true dat
NCZ (Admin)
said at 3:23 PM on Thu Dec 9 2010
I think Jennifer is a little better than Lisa, but it is close. As I stated previously, I think Cindy's isn't that bad.
said at 11:41 PM on Tue Nov 23 2010
 1 Shout Out!
@david thats exactly how I feel... And its even worse now that we have to listen to her voice this character from now on T.T""
said at 9:49 PM on Tue Jul 19 2011
@AMT Maybe not. I heard from Mike Pollock that Generations might hold reauditions for all the main characters, so hopefully there'll be a change here.
said at 12:44 AM on Fri Nov 19 2010
 1 Shout Out!
Well SEGA, you officially began the destruction of one of my most favorite sonic characters by giving her this new voice... Let's just sit back and watch her popularity go down the toilet now, shall we?

Oh and p.s., Bring. Back. Lisa.
said at 9:34 PM on Tue Jul 19 2011
@AMT After seeing the comments on YouTube videos of Sonic Free Riders, I think this was already done now...
said at 5:03 PM on Tue Nov 9 2010
Cindy sounds a bit squeaky but not bad still prefer Lisa Oritz but as of course we will see how it goes

(Almost sounds like Cream's last voice actor Rebecca Sol )
NCZ (Admin)
said at 12:54 PM on Tue Nov 9 2010
Cindy Robinson added.
said at 5:33 PM on Fri Nov 5 2010
Wendee Lee is NOT the voice of Amy Rose! Cindy Robinson is confirmed! Go the Sonic Free Riders page and look at my comment for the Game credits in the youtube vid link I posted!
said at 9:28 PM on Tue Jul 19 2011
@AMT After hearing Amy in Sonic Free Riders, I really wish it was Wendee Lee...
said at 11:26 AM on Sun Sep 5 2010
 2 Shout Outs!


said at 11:27 AM on Thu Aug 19 2010
 1 Shout Out!
Man shame Jennifer had a perfect voice for Amy, but her delivery was so monotone, and didn't really show any emotion at all. Liza eh I hear here voice a little too often, but shes a good fit for Amy and tries to turn in a decent performance despite some of the lines she had to work with.
said at 7:46 PM on Wed Aug 18 2010
 2 Shout Outs!
Lisa deffo :D she has more emotion thats what jen lacked :|
Foxwolf (Admin)
said at 1:16 AM on Tue Oct 6 2009
the sounds fixed now
said at 10:01 PM on Mon Oct 5 2009
I know, I told the owner of the site about it and hopefully he will fix this soon.
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