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Comparision of the voice over actors who have been the voice of Nohime / Lady Butterfly with sound clips and images.
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Created by Pokejedservo on Feb 11 2011
Devil Kings (2005)
Nohime / Lady ButterflyKathleen Barr
Kathleen Barr
Sengoku Basara: Samurai Kings (2010)
NohimeStephanie Young
Stephanie Young


Last time on the Sengoku Basara VC section was the VC for Ranmaru the young boy whom served Nobunaga so today here is the VC for Nobunaga's wife... NOHIME! In the 1st Sengoku Basara game that was known as Devil Kings, Nohime was known as Lady Butterfly (makes sense considering her concealed tattoo) and was voiced by Kathleen Barr. Kathleen's voice and performance for the role has a rather elegant sense of style as she did give a rather emotional performance as the woman whom tries so hard to please Nobunaga (but acts like a strong mannered woman in battle). I suppose the tone of Kathleen's voice for the role is a little on the light side but its not all that high and Kathleen's performance does certainly help in trying to make it work. Basically its just a pretty good example of Kathleen's voice work in general and the game's voice work, no more no less.

Now as for the Sengoku Basara anime Stephanie Young takes over the role and one could notice on how Stephanie's voice for the role is a bit lower (and at least to me) and alluring as well. (Though that is no surprise considering on how Stephanie Young is quite known for doing sultry voices for curvy "Ms. Fanservice" roles here.) Anyways Stephanie's performance was also rather suiting for Nohime's persona as well as Nobunaga's devoted but under-appreciated wife. While its not one of Stephanie's most memorable performances it is a pretty good example of her work anyways. Overall both of these ladies did this role pretty well in their own ways. 



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said at 10:07 PM on Sat Oct 24 2015
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said at 12:43 AM on Mon Apr 13 2015
Both of them are very good although Stephanie's more mature voice gets my vote
said at 10:16 AM on Thu Mar 12 2015
i like Stephanie Young more
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Kathleen Barr
Stephanie Young
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