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Comparision of the voice over actors who have been the voice of Queen Beryl with sound clips and images.
Franchise: Sailor Moon

Queen Beryl is the main villain in the first season of Sailor Moon. She had captured and enslaved the kingdom of the Moon before the show began. She enlists soldiers to capture energy for the use of awakening her ruler Metaria. She is wicked and occasionally comical.

She was voiced by Naz Edwards for all of the First seasons' run and in a recap near the beginning of the Second, however series regular, Jill Frappier filled in for her in a flashback in Episode 82: "Follow the Leader".
Created by PurpleWarrior13 on Jan 7 2011
Special thanks to Jackson_H for additional sound clips.
Sailor Moon (1995)
Queen BerylCindy Robinson
Cindy Robinson
Sailor Moon (1995)
Queen BerylJill Frappier
Jill Frappier
Sailor Moon (1995)
Queen BerylNaz Edwards
Naz Edwards


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said at 9:30 AM on Wed Apr 25 2018
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Cindy Robinson hands down. I love how menacing she sounds not to mention she gives the character the most life.
Vocal Evolver
said at 12:06 PM on Tue Apr 17 2018
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Cindy Robinson. Naz Edwards was a stage actress, and so her performance can get a tad too "theatrical" for my liking. And Jill Frappier was really bad for the short time she played the role.
said at 11:59 AM on Fri Mar 16 2018
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I think that Cindy Robinson actually surpassed Naz Edwards due to better voice direction, but I'm still voting for Naz because she set the high standard for English-dubbed Beryl that Cindy surpassed, and that deserves respect.
said at 7:33 AM on Thu Jul 20 2017
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1. Cindy Robinson- I like her calm and mature approach at the wicked queen. I agree with Autovolt with the fact that she can sound sympathetic even though she is wicked.
2. Naz Edwards- I like her loud and "wicked witch" sounding voice, though it does sound over-the-top. Her hammy voice is really hilarious and it makes me laugh a lot.
3. Jill Frappier- She has a surprisingly good voice, though it does sound weak and too forced.
said at 1:17 PM on Mon Mar 6 2017
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1. Naz Edwards - Has the most character and presence, plus you can tell she had a lot of fun playing the character!

2. Cindy Robinson - She's pretty great too, but she lacks something that Naz has in her take. It's hard to explain but hopefully you get what I mean haha.

3. Jill Frappier - She's okay I suppose. But not anywhere near as solid as the other two are.
said at 6:07 AM on Tue Mar 14 2017
@HylianBelmont It's the hammy evil appeal behind Naz
said at 6:09 AM on Tue Mar 14 2017
@HienFan Yeah! That's what I was trying to say.
said at 10:06 AM on Sat Sep 3 2016
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Cindy sounds the best followed by Naz for me.
said at 10:56 PM on Sat May 28 2016
Naz takes my vote lol
said at 12:54 PM on Sun Jan 24 2016
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I don't dislike any of them, they all fit pretty well, but Cindy sounds most appropriate in this case. Of the other two, I think Naz sounds more intimidating, but Jill is okay.
Queen of Horror
said at 7:21 PM on Tue Mar 1 2016
@Dr.Who Indeed Cindy sounds most appropriate.
said at 11:34 AM on Sun Jan 24 2016
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Cindy Robinson's performance I feel breathes a lot of new life into Queen Beryl. She doesn't over do the witchy type of voice, she sounds like an evil mature sounding Queen plus she can still sound somewhat sympathetic despite how wicked she is. It's interesting how Cindy sounds far closer to Misa Watanabe (the new Japanese voice for Beryl) than Keiko Han (the original seiyuu). Cindy emulates Misa Watanabe and a bit of Keiko Han and Naz Edwards yet still manages to make Beryl her very own.

Naz Edwards was good in the role all things considered (censorship, dub name changes and what not) she really hammed it up though I think she kinda overdid it a bit, plus I think she's way too high pitch and nasally. It was good performance for its day but I didn't really grow up with the original dub so her performance doesn't leave that much of an impression on me.

Jill Frappier is a fill-in voice and nothing more.

Cindy Robinson gets my vote.
Queen of Horror
said at 7:22 PM on Tue Mar 1 2016
@Autovolt Ditto. I was a little skeptical when I heard she was going to do Beryl in the new dub. But when I heard her voicing the character I was like MIND BLOWN! Did she take a page from Keiko Han? Because she did great!
said at 1:48 AM on Mon Nov 28 2016
@Autovolt Viz seemed to cast the redub with Crystal's incarnations in mind. I think Cristina Vee's Rei is the most obvious example of this - with how her take on Rei started off a lot deeper and more mature compared to the 90s actresses.
said at 12:04 PM on Fri Mar 16 2018
@Queen of Horror No, not from Keiko Han, from Misa Watanabe (who, IMO, is better.)
said at 3:25 AM on Tue Jun 16 2015
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Cindy Robinson's probably my fav out of this bunch. It's also interesting to hear her as Berthier.
said at 10:31 PM on Fri Apr 17 2015
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I think Cindy Robinson is the best voice Beryl's ever had, aside from maybe her new Japanese VA for Crystal.

Naz Edwards certainly has presence and is a fun listen, but her voice felt a bit too over-the-top for me at times. (the script also didn't help at times) I'm not sure how fitting Jill is for the part, but she worked fine as a one-episode stand-in.
said at 10:08 PM on Tue Mar 17 2015
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I'd say Cindy Robinson, I'll admit she does the role perfectly & sound pretty close to Keiko Han's Queen Beryl.
said at 7:49 PM on Sat Mar 7 2015
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Arrgh, so hard to choose between Naz and Cindy. Both have subtle but striking similarities and differences to their performances. Overall I'm sticking with Nax as my favorite based on memorability and presence, but damn, Cindy comes very, very close.
said at 8:43 AM on Thu Mar 5 2015
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Well that was pretty obvious on who I want to vote from my previous comment
Cindy sounds more sympathetic, she is after all broken by jealousy from the manga origin yet she still sound evil but not as obvious as Naz
Naz sounds like Maleficent and is a little too evil for me
Jill sounds a bit like Cruella DeVille
said at 1:00 AM on Thu Mar 5 2015
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Now that Cindy is actually an option, I'm torn between her and Naz. While having a similar voice, Cindy is much more reserved and sinister. However, I'm always up for hammy villains, and Naz more than accomplishes that; overall, both are very fun to listen to, in their own ways.

And Jill's not bad or anything; she just didn't have as much to work with, so she doesn't really leave as much of an impression.
said at 11:19 PM on Wed Mar 4 2015
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I'm gonna go with Cindy Robinson.
said at 8:19 PM on Wed Mar 4 2015
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I still enjoy listening to Naz chew the scenery, but I think Cindy Robinson captures the mysterious and subtle wickedness of the character a bit more. She's even a little sympathetic and sexy at times.
said at 6:52 PM on Tue Nov 25 2014
I think Nazz Edwards does better being more evil. Just like the comment below, it does sound like she has more power.
said at 2:10 PM on Fri Nov 14 2014
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Nazz Edwards seems to have more power, more gusto, to her voice. I think she made the better Queen Beryl.
said at 1:12 PM on Fri Nov 14 2014
Nazz Edwards was just awesome in the role. She really gets into the character when necessary.

Cindy Robinson is also good in the role. She somewhat reminds me of Dalbello's Nehelenia at times.

Jill sadly pales to the other two. She was better as Luna (character age aside).
said at 9:26 PM on Tue Jul 22 2014
Both annoys me but I prefer Jill a bit more

But I will wait until Cindy appears
said at 4:13 PM on Thu Jul 10 2014
Nazz Edwards is probably THE bar setter for Sailor Moon dub voices, so Cindy Robinson has a lot to live up to. That said, I have faith.
said at 6:07 PM on Wed Dec 25 2013
Meh, both were pretty bad.
said at 4:11 PM on Thu Jul 10 2014
@MicroPhoneBass I wouldn't call Nazz Edwards's rendition bad at all. It's actually the best voice for Queen Beryl so far. Both Keiko Han (her original voice) and Jill Frappier play the role way too stereotypical witchy. With Nazz, I actually get the sense that this is an evil woman in power. Granted, the voice clips here really could have chose better examples of her work as the character.
said at 10:23 PM on Mon Aug 6 2012
I didn't know Beryl had a different voice actress? When was this? Anyways, Ms. Edwards is Queen Beryl. She made that role hers. Can definitely hear Edwards portrayal in the second half of the clip her jealousy towards Sailor Moon.
said at 12:44 AM on Sat Sep 15 2012
@akiha Jill Frappier briefly filled in for a flashback in Episode 82. Naz Edwards voiced the character in all other appearances.
said at 11:49 AM on Fri May 11 2012
Naz was perfect as her voice. She sounded evil in the right way without being overboard. I actually can't recall Jill voicing Beryl at all. What episode was it? She sounds far too sweet to me. Naz had a lot of power with her voice
said at 4:12 PM on Thu Jul 10 2014
@dreamer "Follow The Leader", the last episode of the R season. We see the fight with Beryl in flashback and in the dub, her voice is done by Jill.
said at 12:11 AM on Thu Mar 1 2012
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Naz Edward's even better than Beryl's Japanese voice. Jill Frapier, by contrast, sounds like a HUGE step down. Thank goodness she was just for one episode.
said at 12:55 PM on Tue Jul 3 2012
@Galactic_Cyrus I agree. If there's one voice in the English dub of Sailor Moon that most definitely surpassed the Japanese, it's Beryl. I do like Keiko Han's voice a lot, but it got a tad ackward at times, and it's obvious that her register was being physically lowered (she was much better as Luna). Naz' voice was very enertaining, and fun to listen to. She really sunk her teeth into the role. Her performance was nearly flawless.
said at 8:44 PM on Sun Oct 6 2013
@PurpleWarrior13 WORD!
MewVenus (AYVO S1 Semi-Finalist)
said at 8:13 PM on Fri Sep 16 2011
To be totally honest, I love them both a lot, but I liked that Jill made her voice a little bit higher. It gave her a bit of a witch-like sound that I imagine when seeing pictures of Beryl without any sound.
said at 6:30 PM on Mon Sep 12 2011
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I just realized it, but Naz kinda looks like Beryl a little! lol
said at 11:45 AM on Fri May 11 2012
@PurpleWarrior13 lol! I prefer Naz better. I don't think the lady voicing Luna was right to do Luna it sounds strange to me
said at 10:32 PM on Sat Mar 19 2011
Nazz Edwards was indeed excellent as Beryl.
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