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Comparision of the voice over actors who have been the voice of Kento with sound clips and images.
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Created by Pokejedservo on Oct 4 2010
Ronin Warriors: Legend of the Inferno Armor (2003)
Kento of the HardrockAndrew Francis
Andrew Francis
Ronin Warriors (1995)
Kento / Rei Fuan Shuu of the HardrockWard Perry
Ward Perry
Ronin Warriors (1995)
Kento / Rei Fuan Shuu of the HardrockJason Gray Stanford
Jason Gray Stanford


Yes folks as for the Ronin Warriors' VC section we shall finally do a VC for one of the Ronin Warriors themselves and this time its for the slightly stout (well he only seems fat compared to the others) orange armored young man by the name of KENTO! Yes Kento of the Hardrock will be the first one to have a VC for the Ronin Warriors' VC section. In the English dub of the TV series for the mass majority of the series Kento was voiced by former VA Jason Gray Stanford. While yes Jason's Kento voice is pretty much the same as those such as Joe Higashi but it still does work nevertheless. Oh yes and Jason's performance does work as while Kento is by all means capable of taking things seriously he is a jolly young fellow and Jason's performance did work with that well.

While it wasn't the only episode that had temporary cast changes a good portion of the cast was very temporarily replaced for the dubbing of the 2nd episode (supposedly due to some flu bug that was going around in Vancouver Canada at the time) and Ward Perry got to take over the role here. Now some of you may notice on how Ward's Kento voice is a bit lower but to be honest I actually think that makes it work a bit more since Kento is a fairly big guy. While Ward only got to voice Kento for like one episode he did make good work with what material he had and as much as I like Jason's work Ward was a rather suitable alternative choice here.

In the early 2000's Bandai did English dubs of the 3 OVA made for Ronin Warriors however by around that time Jason Gray Stanford moved away from Canada to focus on his Screen Acting Career in which he for the most part spent it on being Lt. Randall Fisher from USA's hit TV series Monk. So to make a long story short Andrew Francis ended up being the one to take over the role as Kento here. While Bandai was most likely trying to find someone who could sound like Jason Gray Stanford to be honest he sounded a little more like Matt Hill's Ryo Sanada (there were even times in which for a moment I thought that was Matt Hill) but to be fair it wasn't always like that and its not a bad voice for Kento though even if it does seem rather familiar. However while his voice was a little something to get use to at first I had no problem with his performance though as it does work with the role pretty well. So its not one of Andrew's best work but its by no means a bad one though. Overall I think I like Jason and Ward the most with Andrew at second place...   



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2 Jason
3 Ward
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