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Comparision of the voice over actors who have been the voice of Dais with sound clips and images.
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Created by Pokejedservo on Oct 7 2010
Ronin Warriors (1995)
Dais / RajuraPeter Wilds
Peter Wilds
Ronin Warriors (1995)
Dais / RajuraMatt Smith
Matt Smith


Well folks this shall be the second of Talpa's Warlords that will have a VC (and so far last since Sekhmet and Anubis have been a bit more consistent in that regard). Tonight here is a VC on Dais the Dark Warloud of Illusion, yes that silvery-haired "pretty boy" is the subject of this VC. In the English dub of the TV series Matt "Tien" Smith is the voice of Dais for the mass majority of the series. Matt's voice for Dais does work for the role pretty well, its not perfect but its not horribly unfitting either. However Matt's performance as Dais is pretty good as he did give a pretty good sense of energy as while it sounds villainous but not too over the top. So basically its not one of the better performances in that dub but its not a bad one nevertheless.

While Matt Smith did voice Dais for the majority of the series he was affected by the very temporary cast changes in episode 2 (which was supposedly due to illness) in which Peter Wilds briefly took over the role. I will say this much on how Peter's work as Dais is a rather bit of a mixed bag, on one hand his Dais is barely any different from his Kale voice. (I mean yes both Kale and Dais had barely anything to say this episode but still.) However in retrospection I do believe that Peter Wilds does suit Dais a bit more than Kale though and his performance for what little he got wasn't that bad though. Overall I am not sure who to pick as Matt Smith did do a pretty good performance and was obviously able to voice the role more but I admit I liked Peter Wilds' Dais voice a bit more but both have done pretty well for this role.  



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said at 8:33 PM on Wed May 23 2018
I am happy that you like my Dais, it was my first time doing any voice over work and it still stands out to me as my best. It's very similar to Tien but darker. I'm more of the nice guy voice like Travis and Hayato naturally, so doing the tough warrior guys was a blast for me!
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Matt Smith II
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