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Comparision of the voice over actors who have been the voice of Ren Hoek with sound clips and images.

Created by CatsTuxedo on Thu Sep 23 2010, 12 Comments, Add Comment
Special thanks to NCZ for additional sound clips.
The Ren & Stimpy Show (1991)
Ren HoekJohn Kricfalusi
John Kricfalusi
The Ren & Stimpy Show (1991)
Ren HoekBilly West
Billy West
Nicktoons MLB (2011)
Ren HoekChris Edgerly
Chris Edgerly

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said at 4:42 PM on Thu Oct 23 2014
1 Kricfalusi
2 West
3 Edgerly
said at 7:16 PM on Mon Dec 23 2013
I'm going with a tie for Billy and John.

Chris was bleh.
said at 7:05 AM on Sat Nov 2 2013
I actually think that John and Billy are pretty much tied because they brought something to the character; and out of all the voices I've seen, national and international, Santiago Ziesmer comes at a VERY close second.
said at 7:15 PM on Sun Oct 6 2013
 1 Shout Out! [?]
As much as I detest John K., he played the best Ren.
said at 11:37 AM on Mon Jul 22 2013
They are all good, but I would say Billy West is surprisingly my least favorite. But only by a slight margin, he's still epic in the role.
said at 4:03 PM on Tue Apr 23 2013
Billy is the best for me
said at 3:46 PM on Sat May 26 2012
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Billy West actually wasn't bad. He technically gave a superior performance, and the only reason someone would have to complain would be because it's so different from John Kricfalusi's Ren, and the voice change was a little jarring. John's Ren sounded a little like an old man at times, and while it wasn't amateur-sounding, it didn't sound as polished as Billy West. Both voices were very good though.
said at 7:05 AM on Tue Nov 29 2011
y was john fired
said at 6:51 AM on Sat Dec 10 2011
@voiceactorfan Countless disagreements over content and deadlines.
said at 9:38 AM on Tue Oct 25 2011
Both had their own wild takes on the character. John gave a great delivery, but Billy was clearly the funnier one, delivering his lines with perfect comic timing and somewhat giving a better performance as well.
said at 3:29 PM on Tue Nov 1 2011
@BlankSlate Well, blame it on the writers for later seasons for making Ren more of a jerk after John Kricfalusi was fired, but I think that despite the bad characterisation Billy gave the better comedic performance.

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"It's a rather fun comparison to make because I don't think either one was better than the other. They were just different."

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Who do you think has been the best from these Ren Hoek voice actors?
John Kricfalusi
Billy West
Chris Edgerly