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Comparision of the voice over actors who have been the voice of Slagar the Cruel / Chickenhound with sound clips and images.
Slagar the Cruel is a fox who was once known as Chickenhound; son of Sela the the healer. During the war between Cluny the Scourge and the Redwallers, Sela and Chickenhound were double dealers of information. Eventually they were caught and Cluny killed Sela but Chickenhound survived and was taken in by the Redwallers. Chickenhound betrayed their kindness and during one of the battles started to loot everything of value he could find. He was stopped by brother Methuselah but Chickenhound killed him and ran. In Mossflower woods he hid only to encounter the giant adder Asmodeus. Chickenhound miraculously survived but was disfigured from the attack.

Chickenhound adopted a silken harlequin colored head mask to cover his disfigurement, renamed himself Slagar, and became a slave trader for the kingdom of Malkariss. Slagar blames the Redwallers for his disfigurement and vowed revenge.

In the cartoon series based on the books by Brian Jacques the character was voiced by two different voice actors. In the Redwall saga Chickenhound was voiced by Jonathan Wilson. In the Mattimeo saga Slagar was voiced by Tim Curry.
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Redwall (1999)
ChickenhoundJonathan Wilson
Jonathan Wilson
Redwall (1999)
Slagar the CruelTim Curry
Tim Curry


Jonathan Wilson does a good job playing Chickenhound when he was a young and overconfident, but I prefer Tim Curry's voice as Slagar more. IMO Tim Curry's voice for Slagar is probably one of the strongest and most memorable voices in the entire Redwall cartoon series.


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