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Comparision of the voice over actors who have been the voice of Martin the Warrior with sound clips and images.
Martin the Warrior was one of the co-founders of Redwall Abbey. Son of Luke the Warrior, Martin was exposed to a warrior's life at a young age. Even after death his spirit still helps and protects the citizens of Redwall and those who require guidance. His legendary sword was originally given to him by his father Luke but then reforged by the badger lord Boar the Fighter. He was also hailed by many as one of the bravest, most courageous and strongest creatures that ever lived. He freed the north lands when he defeated Badrang the Tyrant and freed Mossflower when he defeated Tsarmina Greeneyes.

In the cartoon series based on the Redwall books by Brian Jacques, Martin the Warrior was voiced by three different voice actors. In the Redwall and Mattimeo sagas he was voiced by Ben Campbell as the spirit of Martin the Warrior. In the Martin the Warrior saga, Martin was voiced by Amos Crawley. A young Martin in the first episode of this series was voiced by Marc Donato.
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Redwall (1999)
Spirit of Martin the WarriorBen Campbell
Ben Campbell
Redwall (1999)
MartinAmos Crawley
Amos Crawley
Redwall (1999)
Martin (Young)Marc Donato
Marc Donato


Ben Campbell was great as an older version of the character (even if in Spirit Form). Marc Donato was a pretty good as a young Martin. I think Amos Crawley overall had the best voice but I think all the voice actors did well playing the character for specific ages.


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Ben Campbell
Amos Crawley
Marc Donato