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Comparision of the voice over actors who have been the voice of Iris with sound clips and images.
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The leader of Opelucid City's gym in Pokémon White, by the time of Black 2 and White 2, she has grown greatly and become Champion of the Unova region. One of the youngest Gym Leaders, Iris has an unfadingly sunny disposition and outlook on life, always eager to discover new people and Pokemon - especially Dragon types, her specialty. In the anime she's one of Ash's travelling partners during the Best Wishes saga.
Created by NCZ on Mar 26 2017
Pokemon the Movie: Kyurem VS. The Sword of Justice (2012)
IrisEileen Stevens
Eileen Stevens
Pokemon Generations
IrisCherami Leigh
Cherami Leigh


Both actresses actually sound kinda similar in some respects. Cherami plays Iris in the heat of an intense battle against Team Plasma, and infuses her with some intensely youthful passion. There's the elephant in the room of the gulf of material between the two actresses of course though. But beyond that, while I overall prefer Eileen's voice, Cherami's a decent casting choice here. Compared to Caeda earlier in this spotlight, I think she feels a bit more at home here.



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said at 12:52 PM on Tue Apr 17 2018
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Agreed with many comments below - Leigh probably would have surpassed Stevens if she played Iris for a longer period of time. But as it stands, Stevens edges out.
said at 8:34 PM on Fri Jun 2 2017
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Eileen had way more to work with. But honestly I think if Cherami had played Iris as long she would've done better.
said at 11:16 AM on Mon Apr 3 2017
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As much as I despised Iris's anime personality Eileen Stevens did really good in the role. Cherami Leigh also fits in the role so both were good.
said at 7:54 PM on Thu Mar 30 2017
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I feel like Cherami MIGHT have been better than Eileen if she was in a bigger production (like the main anime) and given more room to fine-tune her performance. As it stands, though, I think Eileen edges out here.
said at 2:33 PM on Thu Mar 30 2017
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Definitely Stevens of course. She's spot on with the role!
said at 2:56 AM on Mon Mar 27 2017
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This character meh... I didn't like her, she is a bit better than Cilan but of all the girls in the enemy I think I like her the least

Of the two... Eileen is better
said at 3:32 AM on Mon Mar 27 2017
@HienFan in the anime
said at 10:11 PM on Sun Mar 26 2017
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1. Eileen Stevens
2. Cherami Leigh

Eileen Stevens has more of an actual characterization in her performance: while she can be a bit shrill at times, admittedly, at least she gives Iris the wild, often tomboyish flare in her personality, the character often has in general.

Cherami Leigh...her voice fits for the character, but something in her delivery here is a bit slow at times (ex. "We are gonna stop 'em"), and a tad strained. It's not a bad performance, per se, but the inflections could've used a bit of polish.
said at 9:49 PM on Sun Mar 26 2017
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They definitely do sound rather similar that's for sure haha. But yeah I have to give this one to Eileen Stevens here for sounding very energetic and endearing as Iris. Cherami Leigh's a good fit for Iris as well, and she works for the context of the Generations episode she appears in. So gotta give her credit for that really!
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Eileen Stevens
Cherami Leigh