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Comparision of the voice over actors who have been the voice of Barrel with sound clips and images.
Franchise: Nightmare Before Christmas

Barrel is a member of a trio of mischievous trick-or-treaters that includes himself, Lock and Shock. He dresses as a ghoul and bears a strong physical resemblance to his own mask. He's a bit on the slow side and is sometimes the object of Lock and Shock's pranks and practical jokes.
Created by CatsTuxedo on Nov 7 2010
The Nightmare Before Christmas (1993)
BarrelDanny Elfman
Danny Elfman
The Nightmare Before Christmas: Oogie's Revenge (2005)
BarrelDee Bradley Baker
Dee Bradley Baker
Kingdom Hearts II (2006)
BarrelJeff Bennett
Jeff Bennett


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said at 7:36 PM on Sat Dec 16 2017
1. Danny Elfman- He definitely fits the role for Barrel. It sounds like a meaning and mischievous kid.
2. Dee Bradley Baker- He sounds natural in the role and close to Danny's take on the character.
3. Jeff Bennett- His take on the character sounds obnoxious.
said at 4:04 PM on Mon Dec 26 2016
1Danny elfman
2Dee Bradley baker
3jeff Bennett
BONUS: I think tom Kenny or bill west would be pretty good.
said at 7:09 AM on Wed May 11 2016
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1. Danny Elfman: Elfman sounds the most mischievous and menacing at the same time playful and childish.
2. Dee Bradley Baker: Baker's portrayal is close to Elfman, plus his tone is fitting and it suits Barrel's personality in the game.
3. Jeff Glenn Bennett: Bennett is the weakest of the trio here. He sounds like Sampson from "Camp Lazlo".
said at 3:34 PM on Tue Sep 23 2014
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Danny Elfman nailed it, he just sounds so mischievous and sneaky as Barrel. True he does sound a bit wheezy, which I guess I could see why it would make him sound unnatural, but I think it fits the character perfectly, it makes him fit perfectly in the setting of Halloween Town and I couldn't imagine him without it.

I'm actually surprised at how well Dee Bradley Baker is as a replacement. I know I probably shouldn't be, since this is Dee we're talking about, but sometimes his range still pleasantly surprises me. He captures the mischievous sound that Danny brought to the role while distinctly bringing his own unique sound as well. I do sort of miss the wheeze that Danny brought in his voice, but that's just a minor nitpick. Dee is easily my second favourite.

Jeff Bennett...well on one hand it sounds like he's at least trying, and he almost has the voice down fairly well, but on the other hand he does sound like he's really forcing it. While the wheeze really worked for Danny, here it just makes Jeff sound too old and worn out. He also sounds a bit nasally at least in this role and it makes him sound fairly irritating, he's a fantastic actor otherwise and I have a feeling it was the direction that brought him down. If he can find a more natural way to do the voice I'd love to see him return to the role, but as of now he's definitely the weakest as Barrel.

So overall I'm voting for Danny Elfman, with Dee Bradley Baker as a very close second and Jeff Bennett at a somewhat distant third.
said at 4:01 AM on Sun Dec 1 2013
This is the only one of the three kids I prefer one of the games over the original movie
I'm picking Dee for this
Oh god Jeff... he's a great Johnny Bravo but this is not one of his best works

Matter of fact all three kids sounds bad in Kingdom Hearts actually
said at 11:18 AM on Sun Oct 6 2013
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I'm going with Dee Bradley Baker here. He actually sounds more natural than Elfman, whom he's imitating. Jeff Bennett's take was just all wrong.
said at 11:20 AM on Mon Sep 30 2013
Danny vs Dee because they were both really good but i'm going for Danny cause he created Barrel for what he is.

Jeff doesn't fit but KH was made before Oogie's Revenge so why did Dee voice him instead of Jeff?
said at 11:58 PM on Thu Aug 2 2012
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Dee would have made a decent Lock voice in Kingdom Hearts
said at 9:02 PM on Thu Aug 18 2011
1. Danny Elfman
2. Dee Bradley Baker
3. Jeff Bennett (he's using his Samson voice from Camp Lazlo)
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Danny Elfman
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