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Comparision of the voice over actors who have been the voice of Brad with sound clips and images.
Franchise: My Life as a Teenage Robot

Brad is Jenny's best and first friend. Brad is a self proclaim ladies man despite having no luck with them. Brad may not be the smartest or the most athletic but he has risked his life to protect others.

In the original pilot, Melissa was the voice of Brad. When the show was green lit, Chad took over the role.
Created by Music Meister on Oct 9 2017
My Life as a Teenage Robot (2003)
BradChad Doreck
Chad Doreck
My Life as a Teenage Robot (2003)
BradMelissa Denton
Melissa Denton


Melissa does a fine job with what she's give but her version doesn't have a lot of characteristics beyond "teen" and even then sounds a little young for Brad's age.

Chad, on top of getting more of a character to work with, perfectly matches Brad's age and has a likable "boy next door " charm to him.

He has my vote.

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said at 8:28 PM on Thu Jan 18 2018
1. Chad Doreck- His voice sounds closer to Brad's age and it fits his unpopular, yet self-confident character better.
2. Melissa Denton- Not a bad voice, but it sounds more like a generic 10 year old.
said at 2:05 AM on Fri Nov 17 2017
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Melissa sounds way too young as Brad, and the voice doesn't mesh with his design at all.

Chad made...well, Brad, sound really cool and intelligent, also more like a teenager as well: he effortlessly takes this one for me.
said at 2:06 AM on Fri Nov 17 2017
Sorry, cool and laid back is what I meant: Brad is definitely not intelligent very often in this show haha. xD.
said at 8:09 AM on Mon Oct 23 2017
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Melissa err sounds like a generic kid
said at 6:56 PM on Mon Oct 16 2017
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Chad of course! he's the one that's most memorable of the role. Melissa makes him sound a little too girlyish.
said at 8:41 AM on Tue Oct 10 2017
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Chad has the more believable voice. With that said, I remember him sounding pretty cool in the show.. dude should have way more roles (maybe as Mikey from TMNT).

Melissa sounds good, but the voice sounds completely wrong on that design.
said at 4:56 AM on Tue Oct 10 2017
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Definitely have to go with Chad really. Very believable and fun voice IMO!
Shaun Ince
said at 6:56 PM on Mon Oct 9 2017
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Now I was definitely not expecting a voice compare for this show that's for sure.

Anyway I'm voting for Chad Doreck for this one. He got way more to work with. And he sounds more like a teenage boy. Melissa sounds like a young boy that's around 7 to 10 years old. It's distracting.
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Melissa Denton
Chad Doreck
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