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Comparision of the voice over actors who have been the voice of Leina Ashta with sound clips and images.
Franchise: Mobile Suit Gundam

Leina Ashta is one of the protagonists of the Mobile Suit Gundam ZZ series and the younger sister of aforementioned series' hero Judau Ashta. Leina is a 10 year old girl whom was born and raised in the Space Colony that is Shangri-La as she lived there with her older brother Judau as she went to school while Judau would try to salvage spare parts for cash. Leina is well known for being a lot more mature and reasonable than her older brother (but is capable of showing a rebellious side as well). But while Leina is capable of showing a more rebellious side she is more likely to obey authority figures than her older brother Judau which does sometimes give them a sense of conflict here.
Created by Pokejedservo on Aug 3 2011
Mobile Suit ZZ Gundam (1986)
Leina AshtaAndrea Kwan
Andrea Kwan
Dynasty Warriors Gundam 2 (2009)
Leina AshtaNicole Bouma
Nicole Bouma


Today on the Gundam VC section we have a little something for this little lady whom is Judau's little sister... LEINA ASHTA! We shall actually begin with the Animax dub of Mobile Suit Gundam ZZ in which Andrea Kwan voiced Leina here. Andrea's voice and performance for the role was fairly decent but I did like her voice more when its a bit higher as she does sound cute and age appropriate but when its not as high she does sound mature but she also makes Leina sound a bit older than she is. (Granted I know that Leina is a good old fashioned example of a "Mature beyond her years" kid character but still.) But still Andrea's work as Leina is decent, inconsistent but it is decent and is an okay example of the voice work in this dub.

Now for the Dynasty Warriors Gundam 2 (and 3) Nicole Bouma gets to take over the role here. I will say this much right now that Nicole was a very natural alternative for the role here. While I admit I have been a little iffy of Nicole's work in doing cutesy high-pitched little girl voices in the past but Nicole was quite a natural here as she does sound cute and age-appropriate but her performance also suited Leina's personality as well. Granted since Leina is a NPC in this series she doesn't get that many lines but for what little she has in this series Nicole has done some very good work here. Overall neither one of these ladies are bad for the role but I do like Nicole Bouma a bit more here.



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Andrea Kwan
Nicole Bouma