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Comparision of the voice over actors who have been the voice of Roll with sound clips and images.
Franchise: Mega Man

Roll is a robot created by Dr. Light. Unlike her "brother" Mega Man, who was built for combat, Roll was built for the purpose of housekeeping. Still, Roll can hold her own when she needs to.

Thanks to forum users Music Meister and pokemastanumba1 for the clips.
Created by NCZ on Mar 20 2012
Mega Man: Upon a Star (1993)
RollAndrea Libman
Andrea Libman
Mega Man (1994)
RollRobyn Ross
Robyn Ross
Mega Man 8 (1997)
RollMichelle Gazepis
Michelle Gazepis
Mega Man NT Warrior (2003)
RollLenore Zann
Lenore Zann
Mega Man: Powered Up (2006)
RollAngie Beers
Angie Beers


All the performances here are good in their own way. I would say that Michelle is the weakest of the bunch, and while Kathleen's is a good performance, the cartoon incarnation of Roll is much older than her game counterpart. My favourites here are Andrea, Lenore, and Angie.



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said at 12:48 PM on Tue Nov 21 2017
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Andrea is very cute, and for being so incredibly young in the role (8 or 9) she does a pretty good job with her delivery. There are a couple lines where it sounds a bit awkward but she's very fitting for the role and does it very well.

Robyn plays an older version and she does a pretty okay job. Her delivery sounds a bit funny at times, and some of her dialogue is pretty laughable, but overall she did a decent job.

Michelle is one of the better performances in 8...though that's not saying much. For the little dialogue she has her delivery is passable if a little awkward at the end. She also sounds like she's trying to sound youthful but can't.

Lenorre is a lot of fun. She's playing a different version of Roll but she works very well with what she had. She was sarcastic, funny, and I like the more teenage like portrayal that Lenore did for her. A fun performance in a show with a lot of fun performances.

Angie is a bit too old for me, given this is more of the young girl depiction, but her delivery overall is fine. Nothing all that standout but nothing bad either. A very servicable portrayal.

1. Lenore Zann
2. Andrea Libman
3. Robyn Ross
4. Angie Beers
5. Michelle Gazepis

I'd say for a future VA

American: Ashley Johnson
Canadian: Claire Corlett
said at 3:10 AM on Tue Apr 14 2015
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1) Lenore Zann
2) Andrea Libman
3) Angie Beers
4) Robyn Ross
5) Michelle Gazepis
said at 2:25 PM on Mon Apr 13 2015
So uh, why is this not in the main MM section? It's not listed, but it's still here.
NCZ (Admin)
said at 2:28 PM on Mon Apr 13 2015
@BlazeHeatnix It's hidden while Roll.exe gets her own VC set up.
said at 5:54 AM on Sun Feb 15 2015
1. Andrea Libman: When it comes to child Roll, Andrea is certainly the best. She sounds adorable, and the fact that she was actually a little girl when recording for Roll makes is genuine!

2. Lenore Zann: While Roll.EXE is a completely different character than Roll the robot girl, I'd say she's the best at doing a teen Roll. I quite dig that spunky attitude she uses in her performance.

3. Angie Beers: Her acting isn't bad and she sounds suitably bossy when it comes to scolding the Robot Masters, but her voice can be a bit much at times as it can get really shrill.

4. Robyn Ross: Maybe this isn't a good clip, but I really can't help but feel that the way she delivers her lines is incredibly awkward at times.

5. Michelle Gazepis: Just a crappy performance all around, though it's par for the course for the eight game. That being said, it could certainly be worse.
said at 1:40 PM on Mon Aug 4 2014
#1. Andrea Libman
Her performance is absolutely adorable, and she was about 9 years old when she did this, so of course she's going to naturally sound really cute. You have to remember, in MM Classic, both Rock and Roll are supposed to be kids. And of all the actresses here, Andrea sounds the most like a child, because well, she was one.

And given how she's as big as Tara Strong now, and voices characters like Pinkie Pie and Fluttershy, she could easily pull off an even better performance today.

#2. Lenore Zann
She sounds really good, and she has the right balance of cute and tough. She gives the impression of a strong female character, and I really like that. I think if she tried to do Roll Classic, she could pull it off if she sounded a little younger. But as for her performance here, I just don't think it suits Roll Classic, even though I absolutely think it's perfect for Roll.EXE.

I don't like any of the other 3, so I won't say much. Kathleen sounds boring, Angie makes my ears bleed, and Michelle isn't even worth a comment.
said at 10:57 PM on Wed Jul 30 2014
1 Lenore
2 Andrea
3 Kathleen
4 Angie
5 Michelle
said at 1:35 PM on Thu Nov 14 2013
i like angie beers... altho i did like Andrea ((i litterally just finished watching upon a star)) but as weird as it sounds i think andrea sounded a teeny tiny bit to young XD and thats EXTREAMLY hard to say.. i think she would have sounded better if she was just a year or 2 older XD
said at 8:42 PM on Fri Oct 4 2013
Andrea Libman is perfect for young Roll, Lenore Zann is perfect for older Roll. Kathleen Barr is good, but it's a variant of her Dot Matrix voice. Angie Beers is way too shrill, and Michelle is really weak.
said at 1:41 AM on Wed May 23 2012
i dont think roll exe should count, because it would be like putting the roll from megaman legends here. they did the same thing with protoman as well, but not for megaman
NCZ (Admin)
said at 6:34 AM on Wed May 23 2012
@Bombermanp I actually agree, especially since she apparently has another VA. Unfortunately, I only found that out literally right after I made this VC.
Music Meister (Moderator)
said at 4:44 PM on Thu Mar 22 2012
Young Roll
Angie has the personality and cuteness down but Andrea was a child at the time of her performance and thus the cuteness is natural while still having a personality down right.
Michelle...get acting lesson and then we'll talk.

Older Roll
Kathleen is alright but a somewhat forgetable performance (though the cartoon wasn't the most flatering to roll or several characters in the show) however Lenore showed she was though, smart and still be able to go cute.

So my listing is
Younger Roll: Andrea
Older Roll: Lenore
said at 7:58 PM on Wed Mar 21 2012
I'm going with Zann, since Megaman NT Warrior is the only Megaman I'm most familiar with...
said at 5:31 PM on Wed Mar 21 2012
I vote for Andrea Libman since she was a kid when she voiced Roll
said at 6:30 PM on Fri May 17 2013
@NachoElephant Nice reasoning... :P
Music Meister (Moderator)
said at 3:49 PM on Wed Mar 21 2012
I think there's a problem with Lenore's clip, it seems to cut off after 2 seconds, at least for me anyways
said at 4:06 PM on Wed Mar 21 2012
@Music Meister Might be your computer it's happend to me a few times and I thought it was the clip or site.
NCZ (Admin)
said at 4:17 PM on Wed Mar 21 2012
@Music Meister It works for me.
Music Meister (Moderator)
said at 4:18 PM on Wed Mar 21 2012
@NCZ Must be my computer then
Music Meister (Moderator)
said at 11:10 PM on Thu Mar 22 2012
Fixed now :D
said at 5:55 AM on Wed Mar 21 2012
Also, Roll from Marvel vs. Capcom 1 & 2
NCZ (Admin)
said at 10:40 AM on Wed Mar 21 2012
@SMMM Roll didn't speak English in those games.
said at 1:56 PM on Tue Oct 30 2012
@NCZ Wh wouldn't they seems a bit odd.
said at 5:54 AM on Wed Mar 21 2012
May I suggest adding Roll from Mega Man Legends? It's a different incarnation of the character, but so is Roll.EXE
NCZ (Admin)
said at 10:41 AM on Wed Mar 21 2012
@SMMM The only reason I included the NT Warrior version is because others in the Mega Man VC request thread said she should be included. If I'd known that she had a different VA in Axess, I'd have given her a separate compare. With that in mind, I won't include Roll Caskett because she is a different character much like MegaMan Volnutt.
said at 11:48 AM on Sat May 24 2014
The reasoning for them being the same character and thus comparable is because they are parallels of the same exact entity. As robots or as programs, they embody the same character, regardless of any significant changes in appearance or personality. Roll and Proto Man are no exception, and given that all these other compares exist, it'd be pretty inconsistent to separate to single out Roll.

Having played the games, there is a very definitive reason why MegaMan.EXE would not be the same person as Mega Man under this logic: he has a soul. Proto Man and Roll do not, and no amount of characterization will ever change them as being anything more than an anti-hero and aide, respectively.
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Robyn Ross
Andrea Libman
Michelle Gazepis
Lenore Zann
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