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Comparision of the voice over actors who have been the voice of Kentaro Ichinose with sound clips and images.
Franchise: Maison Ikkoku

Created by Pokejedservo on Aug 17 2010
Maison Ikkoku (1996)
Kentaro IchinoseSharon Alexander
Sharon Alexander
Maison Ikkoku (1996)
Kentaro IchinoseSaffron Henderson
Saffron Henderson


Well folks on the last Maison Ikkoku VC we did one for that jolly loud middle-aged drunkard Hanae Ichinose so today we shall do one with her son KENTARO ICHINOSE! Basically one of the earlier examples of the "kid who acts more mature than the majority/entirety of the adult cast" gag whom lets just say ends up having a history similar to Godai when it comes to dealing with other people over time. When Viz started their dub of the show in the 90's Kentaro was voiced by Saffron Henderson whom well to be honest has spent a good portion of her career voicing cutesy little boys and is known for doing it well in which this is no exception. Saffron's performance definitely worked for Kentaro whether he is being a normal friendly little boy or when he tries so hard to be one of the only sane persons in Maison Ikkoku its another good example of Saffron's handiwork.

For those whom haven't already read the previous Maison Ikkoku VC reviews for some reason Viz had to put their dub of the show on hiatus and it didn't continue it until the early to mid 2000's and while Viz still used Ocean Studios for the voicework a good portion of the cast was replaced. And Kentaro was one of the characters affected by the cast changes as he was voiced by Sharon Alexander. And I was pleasantly surprised on how I couldn't even tell the difference... at first... Granted the differences do become a little bit more noticeable the more you hear Sharon's Kentaro voice but still Sharon Alexander did do pretty well in trying to be a good stand-in to Saffron Henderson and her performance worked out as well. (Which is impressive considering on how unlike Saffron, Sharon doesn't normally voice young boys all that much.) Overall while I suppose I still prefer Saffron a bit more both did well for this role. 



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said at 9:54 PM on Tue Feb 16 2016
Saffron sounded more natural and I didn't even know that Sharon could do little boys until I watched this show.
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Saffron Henderson
Sharon Alexander