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Comparision of the voice over actors who have been the voice of Kowalski with sound clips and images.
Kowalski is one of the four penguins from the Madagascar films, TV specials and TV series.

He is the tallest of the penguins and is the most intelligent. He tends to over-analyze missions and is acting leader when Skipper is unavailable.

Created by Jackson_H on Sun Feb 14 2010, 22 Comments, Add Comment
Madagascar (2005)
KowalskiChris Miller
Chris Miller
The Penguins of Madagascar (2008)
KowalskiJeff Bennett
Jeff Bennett


Although Chris Miller was the first voice I personally prefer Jeff Bennett's performance. IMO Jeff Bennett's Kowalski sounds more intelligent than Chris Miller's voice.


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said at 4:36 PM on Sat Dec 13 2014
Miller did a lot better in the Penguins movie than ever before.
said at 6:28 PM on Mon Jun 23 2014
Ironically, if Jeff Bennett used his Kyle Katarn voice, it would've been a lot closer to Miller's Kowalski voice.
said at 9:21 AM on Wed Sep 4 2013
Jeff Bennet is the definitive Kowalski,he nails the characters personality and his delivery is pretty funny
Theres nothing to say about Chris Miller,his Kowalski is nothing but an extra in the movie(as are Private and Rico),and thus has no personality.
said at 3:48 PM on Mon Jul 15 2013
Jeff sounds smarter & Chris sounds like he's in a war zone half the time.
said at 10:23 AM on Sat Aug 3 2013
@Ross123 Yes! My words!
said at 1:25 PM on Tue Apr 30 2013
CM: Too deep and rasping. It gives him miliartary look, but i still think that it isnt good.
JB: More free and higher. It gives him smart guy look and i like smart guys. I also like when sings. Jeff all the way!
said at 6:43 PM on Sun Apr 7 2013
One of the rare cases where the original voice is less popular than the second/impersonating voice.
TylerMirage (Admin)
said at 11:23 AM on Sat Apr 6 2013
I prefer Chris Miller, but Jeff does a great job too.
said at 11:02 PM on Sat Mar 16 2013
Jeff seems better.
said at 8:26 PM on Sat Mar 2 2013
Chris Miller, i'm just more use to him
said at 5:24 PM on Mon Oct 29 2012
 1 Shout Out! [?]
I like both but Jeff adds a bit more to his personality so I'll go with him.
said at 1:17 AM on Mon Jan 21 2013
@Cartoon_fan87 To be fair it was the writers that added more personality.
Dark Kuja
said at 3:32 PM on Mon Oct 29 2012
Go9in' with Jeff on this one.
said at 12:26 PM on Mon Oct 29 2012
Chris Miller's adds the military aspect to Kowalski's voice. And they are supposed to be like a military troop.
But Jeff Bennett's using his usual smart guy voice, and Kowalski is nothing if not the smart guy.
said at 6:46 AM on Sun Feb 19 2012
In this case, I vote Jeff.
said at 6:45 AM on Sun Feb 19 2012
Can't decide between Jeff Bennett and Oliver Feld.
said at 2:37 AM on Wed Dec 21 2011
Jeff Bennet all the way! Though Chris Miller was still pretty good!
lavend3r97 (Guest)
said at 8:17 AM on Thu Oct 21 2010
whatever his voice he's still my favorite penguin!
pomfangirlprivatego (Guest)
said at 7:39 PM on Wed Jul 21 2010
Jeff Bennet is MUCH better than Chris Miller! I like all the new voices better! AND I like their new looks too! 'Specially Private, with his new sweet li'l voice! And new look!
voicelistenter (Guest)
said at 8:34 PM on Sun Jul 11 2010
Dewed: I just watched "Clash of Triton," the latest Spongebob special. I thought King Neptune's voice was Jeff Bennett. It was John O'Hurley! Very similar qualities in those two.
dewed (Guest)
said at 11:20 PM on Sat May 15 2010
I always thought Jeff Bennett's sounds like John O'Hurley. In fact, that's who I thought it was.
pomgirl (Guest)
said at 8:28 PM on Sat Apr 3 2010
I for one like jeff bennet's better, for some reason I just don't like the ruffness of Chirs Miller's but I like the smoothness of Jeff's, plus, I don't think anyone could do the "See ya later, Science Haters" hiss like Jeff.

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"I simply think Kowalski is a great character. Favorite of all time as he's so intellectual hehe."

- Bennett_Ferrari
Who do you think has been the best from these Kowalski voice actors?
Chris Miller
Jeff Bennett