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Comparision of the voice over actors who have been the voice of Petrie with sound clips and images.
Franchise: Land Before Time

Petrie is the brown 'Pteranodon', sometimes referred to as a 'flyer' from the Land Before Time franchise. He rarely uses linking verbs and often will say 'me' instead of 'I', speaking in the third person. This makes his speech often come across as 'broken English'.

Petrie was voiced by Will Ryan in the original Land Before Time Movie but has been voiced by Jeff Bennett in every Land Before Time movie since as well as the television series.
Created by OptimusSolo on Mar 26 2010
Special thanks to Foxwolf, CatsTuxedo for additional sound clips.
The Land Before Time (1988)
PetrieWill Ryan
Will Ryan
The Land Before Time II: The Great Valley Adventure (1994)
PetrieJeff Bennett
Jeff Bennett
The Land Before Time: Return to the Great Valley (2000)
PetrieLani Minella
Lani Minella


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said at 12:59 PM on Sat Jun 11 2016
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My vote is on the Bennett.
said at 5:23 PM on Thu Jun 18 2015
Hearing Lani's clip...aaand this is why it's usually best to not have just one person voice the entire cast.
said at 9:47 AM on Sun Feb 9 2014
I spite of the poor quality of his clip im voting for Jeff Bennet,hes a lot better in the followup movies,and this role shows his range really well

Will Ryans voice i always found annoying as hell,no wonder everyone hated Petries character in th original movie
said at 4:57 PM on Thu Jun 18 2015
@DVJ I actually find Jeff's take more annoying than Will's, actually. Will's rendition just sounds smoother and more natural to me, whereas Jeff's is a variation of the voice he uses for Mr. Smee.
said at 4:58 PM on Mon Oct 14 2013
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The clip of Jeff Bennett really doesn't do much justice. IIRC, he did a much better job on the later sequels. Having said that, I say Will Ryan owns this role. He makes Petrie a lot of fun to listen to and never annoying; even his broken English is fun to listen to.
said at 12:42 PM on Fri Oct 4 2013
I never really liked Jeff Bennett's take on him. Will Ryan was just funnier and less irritating.
said at 11:00 AM on Sat Aug 3 2013
Hm, despite i'm huge fan of Jeff Bennett a i usually vote for him, now i have to vote for Will, because Jeff sounds weird here... he did other roles better!
said at 4:31 AM on Sat Aug 4 2012
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1. Will Ryan - While I think he's performed some weird characters, I will say his Petrie voice is his best work yet.
2. Jeff Bennett - Good imitation of Will's voice, but the vocal delivery seems kinda off
said at 12:43 PM on Fri Oct 4 2013
@MatthewC17 Jeff sounds a little like his Mr. Smee voice, really.
said at 5:12 PM on Tue Mar 20 2012
They should of kept Will
TylerMirage (Admin)
said at 10:37 PM on Tue Mar 6 2012
My vote's for Jeff.
said at 5:04 PM on Tue Jan 10 2012
Will. He was the original Small Annoying Pterodactyl that everyone remembers.
said at 11:20 AM on Sun Mar 30 2014
@BlankSlate Petries a Pteranodon
said at 2:35 PM on Wed Apr 2 2014
@DVJ My mistake.
Blue Paratroopa
said at 1:09 AM on Mon Aug 15 2011
Will Ryan was so much better. Over time, Jeff's voice got higher and shriller, and made Petrie sound unappealing, IMHO.
OptimusSolo (Admin)
said at 11:42 PM on Mon Mar 29 2010
Yeah, but that defeats the integrity of the polls especially when so many people abuse it (ie the Pokemon poll)
OptimusSolo (Admin)
said at 7:41 PM on Mon Mar 29 2010
hmmm, Not sure if thats possible but maybe Fox can help
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