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Yura of the Hair

Comparision of the voice over actors who have been the voice of Yura of the Hair with sound clips and images.
Franchise: InuYasha

Created by Pokejedservo on Sep 3 2010
InuYasha (2002)
Yura of the HairSarah Hauser
Sarah Hauser
InuYasha (2002)
Yura of the HairChiara Zanni
Chiara Zanni


Ah yes Yura of the Hair, a lovely little demonic lady from Inuyasha whom despite only appearing for about a couple of episodes or so in really early in the series she is considered to be a rather bit of a fan favorite and has fairly often been deemed the earliest example of "Evil is Sexy" in the series. In the English dub from Viz that has been released in North America she is voiced by Chiara "Hamtaro" Zanni in which I will say right now is probably my favorite performance from hers. Is that a bit much? Perhaps but still I have always been quite fond of Ms. Zanni's performance here as she delivers a great example of a "playful sultry female villain" performance (and is a perfect example on how you can do that with a somewhat higher voice). But still despite only being in a couple of episodes or so its one of my favorite performances in that dub for sure.

In the Animax Asia dub that was made in Hong Kong and shown in the South East Asia market, while I admit to you right now that no I do not like it as much as Chiara's work but I was pleasantly surprised on how its not bad though. I will also admit that as of now unlike Chiara's work this is all I have been able to hear of Yura's Animax Dub voice so far but under its own merits its not bad. Sure it doesn't quite have the same energy as Chiara did but Yura's voice in the dub is also a pretty good attempt at a "playfully sexy sinister female villain". Overall both are good but I am definitely going with Chiara Zanni here.



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said at 9:56 AM on Sun Feb 14 2016
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Yura was a nice change of pace for Chiara Zanni, for her to play an evil is sexy kind of villain. She was really fun in this role.

Sarah Hauser just lacks the charm that Chiara brought to the role.

Definitely going with Chiara on this one.
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Chiara Zanni
Sarah Hauser