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Comparision of the voice over actors who have been the voice of Myoga with sound clips and images.
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Created by Pokejedservo on Sep 5 2010
InuYasha (2002)
MyogaRussell Wait
Russell Wait
InuYasha (2002)
MyogaPaul Dobson
Paul Dobson


Alright folks for the 2nd Inuyasha upon this very date it shall be another round of Paul Dobson Vs. Russell Wait and this time it shall be for this little demonic flea... MYOGA! In Viz's English dub of the series that was released in North America Myoga was voiced by Paul Dobson. Paul Dobson may be more known for lower voices but he does have a decent history with higher voices that are usually used for elderly roles like this and this is a pretty good example why. In fact its been often said that Paul Dobson's voice and performance for Myoga is rather inspired by his work as Happosai in Ranma 1/2 but a bit more somber (while Happosai is by no means a prude he is a considerably tamer character than Happosai). But still Paul's performance in this role certainly worked for the role well as he can play the role straight pretty well but his performance still does fit on how Myoga is still at heart a Comic relief character in the show.

In the Hong Kong-made Animax dub made for the SE Asia Market he was voicing by American Hong Kong VA Russell Wait and he was pretty good in this role. (Heck Russell actually even sounds similar to Paul Dobson's Myoga voice here, granted not quite as high but close.) But still Russell's work as Myoga is also pretty good for the role as well as his performance also works pretty well in Myoga's serious and goofy moments in the series as well. Overall I liked them both but like Naraku I am going with Paul Dobson here (but unlike Naraku, Russell is considerably closer this time around).



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said at 10:05 AM on Sun Feb 14 2016
Paul Dobson definitely makes Myoga. He does a really great old sounding voice that just fits this flea well, and definitely nails his somewhat helpful yet mostly cowardly personality for sure.

Russell Wait sounds more like a typical old man, than an old flea. He also sounds a bit like James Hong at times.

Definitely going with Paul Dobson here.
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Paul Dobson
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