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Comparision of the voice over actors who have been the voice of Kaku Bunwa with sound clips and images.
Kaku Bunwa is an intelligent, seductive and manipulative person who had others do her dirty work since she was an average fighter. She was once Toutaku's second-in-command at Rakuyou High. When he was defeated she switched sides to Kyosho Academy and joined Moutoku Sousou. In the first anime series Ikki Tousen: Battle Vixens, Kaku was trustworthy and not yet cunning and seductive.

In the second anime series Ikki Tousen: Dragon Destiny Kaku is a lot more manipulative, seductive and cunning than she was before.

For the first anime series Ikki Tousen: Battle Vixens, Kaku was voiced by Hunter MacKenzie Austin. Battle Vixens was licensed by Geneon Entertainment and the English dub was produced by New Generation Pictures. Funimation Entertainment currently has the license for distribution.

For the second anime series Ikki Tousen: Dragon Destiny, Kaku was voiced by Lisa Ortiz. Dragon Destiny was licensed by Media Blasters and the English dub was produced by Headline. Media Blasters choose not to rehire the New Generation Pictures cast and created a new English dub with local New York City talent.

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Ikki Tousen: Battle Vixens (2004)
Kaku BunwaHunter MacKenzie Austin
Hunter MacKenzie Austin
Ikki Tousen: Dragon Destiny (2009)
Kaku BunwaLisa Ortiz
Lisa Ortiz


Both voice actors do a good job portraying the intelligence of this character. There was a small personality change between the two shows where Kaku became "friendlier" in Dragon Destiny so I guess Lisa Ortiz has a small advantage of being able to express a bit more range. I slightly prefer Lisa Ortiz's voice overall but I like Hunter MacKenzie Austin's voice too.


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said at 1:13 AM on Fri Sep 5 2014
Hunter sounds a bit like Gina DeVitori's Ayane

Lisa sounds like her Sabrina(surprise surprise) I will go with Lisa for that voice
said at 1:11 PM on Wed Jul 2 2014
I know I've said this several times already, but THAT'S LISA ORTIZ???!!! I've just been so used to her Amy Rose(as well as Chopper), I never knew she was capable of anything else. Well listening to this and re watching her episodes as Sabrina certainly proved me wrong. While neither of them are bad, I feel Lisa brings more to the role so I'm going with her.
said at 4:34 PM on Sat Sep 14 2013
Lisa sounds more sexy, and has more of an edge. Hunter isn't bad though, but this is definitely case where I prefer the Dragon Destiny cast.
Belial Edge
said at 7:38 PM on Tue Nov 1 2011
How the HELL can Amy Rose/fanpicked Hatate Himekaidou SOUND LIKE THAT?! THAT'S CRAZY! XD

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